21 Turquoise Bedroom Design Ideas To Make It A Calming Retreat

Glamorous Decor Turquoise Bedroom

It is a well-accepted fact that picking out colors for bedroom decor is a daunting and exhausting task. Especially if you’re sharing your bedroom with another person, choosing the right colors that both like becomes twice as difficult. As everyone would agree, a bedroom is a personal space, a retreat from the rest of the world. Hence, it is essential that your bedroom is relaxing as well as refreshing. It comes as no surprise then that blue is quite a popular color when it comes to bedroom decor. However, the current trends show that turquoise, a shade of blue, is even more popular for bedrooms than other colors. Turquoise bedroom design is one of the hottest bedroom trends, especially for those who love soothing coastal vibes in their decor.

Turquoise is certainly a unique combination of blue and green. It has the soothing calm of blue and the refreshing liveliness of green. When incorporated in any interior, this color brings the same cool and fresh vibes to the decor. However, bringing turquoise into the bedroom is not as easy as it sounds. Not many colors can pair well with this color. Hence, adding it to any room requires an expert eye and attention to detail. But that does not mean you should forget about it completely. Take a peek at our collection of some really great turquoise bedroom design ideas to successfully integrate turquoise in your bedroom decor. Take inspiration from these designs to get the full effect of the vivacious turquoise color in your bedroom.

{ 1 } Bold Colors Turquoise Bedroom Design

Bold Colors Turquoise Bedroom Design
Stenciled Accent Wall In Modern Design Bedroom By Yveline & Associates Ltd. | Photo By Yveline Reisner
This darker shade of turquoise certainly makes all the white in the room pop! Painting the walls and ceiling in this dark and soothing color brings a calmness to the decor. But more than that, it makes the walls and ceiling feel like a blank canvas which you can use as a base for adding more color and fun to the room. Take this stenciled accent wall for example. The white stenciled design brings both pattern and color to the decor. The bright pink bed, hanging bubble chair, and pink accents really stand out against the dark turquoise decor. The beautiful chandelier and ceiling trim along with the turquoise curtains in the same shade as the walls, give the decor a finishing touch.

{ 2 } Turquoise And White Bedroom Decor

Turquoise And White Bedroom Decor
Beachy Blue Grasscloth And Shiplap Ceilings In Brooks Farm Residence By Hanley Development
Turquoise walls and shiplap ceiling certainly give this bedroom a dreamy look! Grasscloth walls in shiny turquoise make the room look elegant and sophisticated. Shiplap ceilings and hardwood floors give the room a beach cottage feel. The combination of turquoise shades in walls, headboard, and bedsheets and white accents in the ceiling, wall trim, nightstands, table lamps, and bedcover further adds to the beachy look of the room. All in all, the bedroom is soft, soothing and elegantly designed.

{ 3 } Eclectic Bedroom Turquoise Wallpaper

Eclectic Bedroom With Turquoise Wallpaper
A Burst Of Happy Colors In Colorful Bedroom By Melissa Rodgers | Photo By Jessica Cain
Full of happy colors and fresh vibes, this eclectic bedroom is certainly a cheerful place to begin your day with! The beautifully patterned wallpaper brings a unique eclectic touch to the decor. The bright turquoise shade of the wallpaper brightens the room and adds fun to the room’s decor. The pink accents in the bed covers and curtain trims bring fun and cheerfulness to the room. Add to that the gold details of the armchair and floor lamp which bring a touch of grandeur to the design. The fresh green of the potted plant brings freshness and liveliness to the already vibrant decor.

{ 4 } Pastel Shades In Bedroom Decor

Light Pastel Shades Bedroom Decor
Elegant Pastel Turquoise Bedroom In Bleecker Street By Katie Lydon Interiors | Photo By Jonny Valiant
The simplicity of this bedroom gives it an elegant and sophisticated look. Pastel colors have a soft and elegant appeal. Add to that the cooling effect of light turquoise with soft grey and you have a soothing color palette that is rich as well as simple. The pastel turquoise walls and curtains give the room a cool and collected look. Similarly, the soft grey accents of the headboard and duvet add a soft and calming feel to the decor. The rich fabric of the curtains and the lampshade brings elegance to the decor. fresh flowers bring a vibrant appeal to this calm design.

{ 5 } Bold Turquoise Accent Wall Decor

Bold Turquoise Accent Wall Decor
Turquoise Green Accent Wall With White Grey Decor By Diego Alejandro Design, LLC
Accent walls are also a great way of bringing color or pattern to any decor. Take this bedroom for example. The turquoise green silk wallpaper on the wall behind the bed brings focus to the bed and highlights the beautiful wall art. The bold shade of turquoise also goes well with the dark grey tones of the bed, bedcover, and carpet. The soft tones of the grey complement the bold tones of the wall. Dark pink accents bring color to the room and give the room a vibrant feel.

{ 6 } Coastal Shades And Accents In Bedroom

Coastal Shades And Accents In Bedroom
Elegant, Coastal Chic Girl’s Bedroom By WFD Furniture And Design | Photo By Ryan Garvin
This bright bedroom certainly has a soothing and feminine appeal. The light turquoise and white decor is light and cheerful. It makes the room look bright and airy. The soft tones of turquoise give a soothing feel and at the same time lift the mood. The turquoise is beautifully complemented by white in the ceiling, bed frame, area rug, floor lamp, desk, etc. It brings a sense of simplicity and peace to the decor. On the other hand, the turquoise accents in the walls, bed sheets, the bedcover, pillows, window treatments, and table lamp bring a coastal chic look to the decor. The beautiful pendant lamp in bright turquoise gives a finishing touch to the decor.

{ 7 } Glamorous Decor Turquoise Bedroom

Glamorous Decor Turquoise Bedroom
Many Shades Of Blue In Glamorous Bedroom In Daniel Island By Margaret Donaldson Interiors
Surprisingly enough, the main focal point of this bedroom is the duvet cover on the bed! All the accents and hues are pulled from the duvet cover. In fact, even the pattern on the ceiling is taken from the abstracted version of the duvet’s pattern. The light turquoise on the walls and curtains forms a base for the darker accents throughout the room. The mirror work bed frame and headboard details give the room a glamorous and sophisticated look. The beautiful chandelier and stunning table lamps further add to this glam look.

{ 8 } Pastel Shades Soothing Bedroom Design

Pastel Shades In Turquoise Bedroom
Seaside Elegance In Soft Turquoise Bedroom, Aberdeen Creek By Purple Cherry Architects
Soft pastel shades of turquoise give this seaside bedroom an elegant and soft look. When using a light color for bedroom it is important to offset the light shade with some dark colors. The dark hardwood floors, brown accents in the pillows and the nightstands maintain this balance. The turquoise faux silk curtains bring another shade of the color to the room. The beautiful wall art and stylish nightstands and table lamps bring style to the decor. Moreover, the shag area rug and simple chair give the minimal room a cozy and welcoming feel.

{ 9 } Light Turquoise And Red Bedroom

Light Turquoise And Red Bedroom
Red Accents In Turquoise Bedroom Design By Charmean Neithart Interiors | Photo By Erika Bierman
Turquoise is a hard color to pair with. Not many colors can carry off the vibrant yet calm appeal of this color. However, the red accents in this turquoise bedroom design give the bedroom a cheerful and upbeat mood. The walls colored in Turquoise Mist 695 by Benjamin Moore gives the room a light and fresh feel. The roman shades on the window and the Peshawar rug bring pattern and color to the decor. Bed covers and pillows from Serena & Lily further enhance the fun and fresh appeal of the room. The white colors of the beautiful Adele bed, nightstands, and table lamp shades add to the brightness of the room. The vintage hanging lamp adds a finishing touch to the design.

{ 10 } Dark Walls Asian Style Bedroom

Asian Style Bedroom Turquoise Walls
Bohemian Bedroom In Rich Colors By Inspired Spaces Inc. | Photo By Meredith Gilardoni
Everything in this bedroom from the Beautiful headboard and stunning pendant lights to the richly patterned bed sheets and pillows gives it a bohemian look. The bold colors of the turquoise walls further add to the colorful look of the room. The bright golden accent lights bathe the room in a golden glow. Beautiful Asian style design accents add an Asian touch to the room. The soft colors and cozy fabrics make the room feel warm and welcoming.

{ 11 } Contemporary Bedroom In Pastel Colors

Contemporary Bedroom In Pastel Colors
Soothing Colors In Elegant Bedroom Decor In Locust Valley II By Sherrill Canet Interiors
A soft soothing color palette of light turquoise and beige makes this bedroom feel like a calming and relaxing retreat. The turquoise accents in the walls, bed sheets, pillows, and ottoman give the room a peaceful and relaxing look. The dark tones of the four poster bed frame offer a nice contrast to the light colors of the decor. The tufted ottoman and brown bed cover bring some glamour to the design. However, the beautiful pendant light and table lamp give the room the finishing touch.

{ 12 } Modern Turquoise And White Bedroom

Modern Turquoise And White Bedroom
Modern Style Bedroom With Bright Color Palette By In Two Design | Photo By Stephanie Faust
This two-toned bedroom looks like a cloudy summer sky! The bright turquoise walls remind us of light summer mornings full of fun and cheer. The same shade is also reflected in the pillows, throw, and curtains. In contrast, the rest of the decor is a warm fluffy white that is reminiscent of white clouds on a clear day. The modern design of the white bed, tufted ottoman, and cube stool give the room a modern look. The cozy sheepskin area rug and comfortable bed bring warmth to the design. However, the pendant lamps from IKEA really give this room a whimsical appeal!

{ 13 } Beach Colors Cottage-Style Bedroom

Beach Colors Cottage Style Bedroom
Light, Pastel, And Peachy Turquoise Bedroom Design By Donna Elle Design
Light, pastel, and peachy, this bedroom is certainly a cheerful and optimistic place! The white and yellow stripes on the wall stand out and make it an interesting affair. The ceiling colored in the lightest shade of turquoise compliments the light beachy colors of the walls. The white and turquoise bed cover with coastal prints and the window treatments bring coastal touch to this decor. The bright yellow desk and chair break the monotony of the light white and blue decor and also bring some color and fun to the room.

{ 14 } Different Shades Of Turquoise Bedroom

Different Shades Of Turquoise Bedroom
Bold Turquoise And White Bedroom Decor By Cantoni Interiors | Photo By Michael Hunter
This boldly colorful bedroom uses many different shades of turquoise and blue to bring together a playful yet cohesive bedroom which is fun to be in. The color softens the starkness of the white leather bed and nightstands and warms the room. Similarly, the turquoise printed bed sheets and pillows reflect the movement of water. They bring a sense of calm and peace to the room. The various shades of blue in the beautiful wall art are also reflected in the walls, bedding, and pillows. The stunning table lamp with drop pendant light brings finishing touches to the elegant design.

{ 15 } Simple Bedroom With Colorful Headboard

Simple Bedroom With Turquoise Headboard
Colorful Turquoise Accents In Modern Brownstone By Motivo Home | Photo By AO Fotos
Turquoise as an accent color also has a great impact on your decor. The soothing calm of this coastal color instills the same in any decor. However, you don’t need to add turquoise as a primary color in your palette to get this effect. You can simply add it as an accent color and it will still bring lightness and peace to your decor. Take this bedroom for example. The stunning turquoise headboard paired with turquoise and blue pillows still give the room a calming and soothing appeal.

{ 16 } Beautiful Turquoise Wallpaper For Accent Walls

Beautiful Turquoise Wallpaper For Accent Walls
Traditional Touch With Zen Appeal By Tilton Fenwick | Photo By Patrick Cline
The soothing quality of turquoise shades can bring a zen-like appeal to any decor. This contemporary bedroom with an Asian-inspired wallpaper accent wall certainly proves the point! The beautiful Chinoiserie printed wallpaper gives the room a traditional touch. The turquoise color of the wallpaper brings a calming feel to the room. Moreover, the turquoise accents in the pillows, area rug and nightstands further enhance the soothing appeal of the room. The traditional style headboard and stylish table lamp bring a touch of sophistication to the design. All in all, this bedroom design looks like a peaceful oasis with a relaxing feel!

{ 17 } Kids Bedroom With Coastal Colors

Kids Bedroom With Coastal Colors
Colors Of The Sea In Kids’ Bedroom Decor By Orange Moon Interiors | Photo By Tone Images
This beautiful kids bedroom certainly looks like a beach cabin with its bunk beds, rope banisters, and hammock chair. The bright blue and sea green color palette gives the room a fresh and colorful look. Similarly, the coastal decor and colors give the room a beach cottage type feel. The printed bed sheets and pillows and the striped area rug and pillows bring some pattern to the decor.

{ 18 } Bright Accents Cheerful Bedroom Design

Bright Accents Cheerful Bedroom Design
Lively, Modern & Humble Interiors By Barrett Studio Architects | Photo By Daniel O’Connor
This beautiful bedroom is the perfect example of a colorful, modern, yet simple bedroom design. This small space bedroom design is full of vibrant colors and bright whites. The white walls and ceilings lighten the interior and make the room look bright and spacious. The bright blue accent wall behind the alcove bed also doubles as a headboard and brings color to the decor. The multicolored printed quilt and pillows give the room a playful and cheerful feel.

{ 19 } Contemporary Turquoise And Grey Bedroom

Contemporary Turquoise And Grey Bedroom
Simple And Serene Master Bedroom In Huntington Beach, CA By Urban Safari Design
This simple and serene master bedroom is certainly a great place to unwind. The light turquoise walls, ceiling, and pillows bring a sense of calm and peace to the design. Similarly, the soft grey tones of the Barbara Barry bed cover and matching pillows also enhance the serene atmosphere of the room. The wooden floors and wood furnishings give the room a natural touch which further adds to the zen appeal of this room. A simple bench ottoman, stylish table lamps and beautiful wall art bring some elegance to the design.

{ 20 } Mediterranean Style Turquoise Bedroom Design

Mediterranean Style Turquoise Bedroom Design
Colorful Motif Wallpaper For Accent Wall By Grace Home Furnishings | Photo By Lance Gerber
This Mediterranean motif wallpaper certainly makes turquoise bedroom design look desirable and beautiful. The stunning motif wallpaper behind the headboard draws the eye and brings color to the stark white decor. Similarly, the silk patterned pillows and bed cover in dark turquoise shades brings contrast and pattern to the design. The custom upholstered chair further adds to the vibrant decor. Modern style nightstand and gold detail table lamp bring a touch of glamour and elegance to the design. The combination of white and blue has a soothing and relaxing effect. It makes the room feel bright, serene and fresh.

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