Yellow Diamonds: The 5 Best Examples

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Of the many colours that diamonds have, the yellow stone is perhaps the most revered and over the years, famous women have worn stunning jewellery that features yellow diamonds. As you would expect, there have been some amazing jewellery creations over the centuries and with that in mind, here is our list of exquisite jewellery that contain yellow diamonds.

The State Diadem – This is the spectacular tiara that Queen Elizabeth II wears when she opens parliament each year and the centrepiece is a stunning 4-carat yellow diamond that has been in the British Royal Family since 1812. This diamond is probably priceless and should it ever be sold, there would be a long list of people who would bid for this piece.

The Tiffany Diamond – Without a doubt, this is the most famous yellow diamond, which was found in the Kimberley Mine in South Africa. In loose form, the diamond weighed in at a whopping 287 carat and after the cutting process the Tiffany Diamond ended up at 128.54 carat, which is still huge. It is said that only 4 women have ever worn this statement piece, the last being Beyonce. There are fancy yellow diamond rings at The Diamond Jewellery Studio as well as in other jewellers around the world. While the central stone might not match the Tiffany Diamond, you can still acquire a stunning yellow diamond.

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Heidi Klum’s Diamond Engagement Ring – When singer songwriter Seal proposed to Heidi Klum in 2004, he presented her with a massive 10-carat yellow diamond engagement ring. Sadly, the couple are no longer together, which came as a big shock, as people saw them as the perfect couple. It is rumoured that Victoria Beckham has more than one diamond engagement ring and when you consider how wealthy the couple are, this is no surprise.

The Beckham’s – David and Victoria Beckham make an ideal couple; he was a famous football player and she was the lead singer of a rock band. The engagement ring that David presented his soulmate was a yellow diamond engagement ring with a stunning Emerald Cut. If you would like to view stunning bespoke engagement rings in Melbourne or even from a leading custom jeweller in the city where you are currently located, you can simply search with Google and view the many fine images on the jeweller’s website. Having a yellow diamond engagement ring made is no more costly than a regular ring from a jewellery store shelf.

Whoopi Goldberg – The zany movie star wore a stunning 80-carat yellow diamond in a spectacular pendant/necklace to present the 2002 Oscars. The piece was auctioned off and is thought to be valued at more than $5 million, yet its whereabouts is currently unknown. Someone somewhere has this unique pendant tucked away and we can’t wait for it to surface again.

If your partner has a thing for yellow diamonds, you can commission a stunning yellow diamond engagement ring from a leading custom jeweller. When you pop that magic question, the love of your life will be so surprised and happy to receive such a stunning ring.

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