Wreaths And Reefs- An Essential Christmas Decoration Item

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A Christmas decoration is any of numerous sorts of adornment used during the holiday season, including Christmas. Pine green (evergreen), snow-white, and heart red are the traditional Christmas colors. Gold and silver, as well as other metallic colors are quite popular. 

Baby Jesus, Father Christmas, Santa Claus, and the star of Bethlehem are common images widely used on home décor items. Christmas has its significance because of special Christmas home decorations and evening gatherings. The most important among all is the use of wreaths and reefs as decoration.


A wreath is made up of flowers, leaves, fruits, twigs, or other items that are arranged in a ring. Wreaths are often used as household ornaments in English-speaking nations, most commonly as Advent and Christmas decorations. 

In other parts of the world, they are used in ceremonial ceremonies. They can be worn around the neck as a garland or as a chaplet around the head.

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A reef is a ridge or wave of stone, coral, or other typically resilient material beneath the surface of a natural body of water. Two methods are used for the formation of reefs; natural and inorganic methods. Some of them are:

  • Sand formation
  • Wave erosion
  • Planning down of rock outcrops

However, there are many ways of reefs formation, which is done artificially or naturally. For example, leftover structures under water may also cause the formation of reefs due to favorable environmental conditions, which are naturally created.

Importance Of Wreaths And Reefs In Christmas’ History:

The wreath was a famous symbol of triumph and strength in ancient Greece and Rome before it became associated with Christmas. Christmas wreaths, on the other hand, added a fresh layer of meaning to an old concept. 

Originally, such wreaths and reefs were used as Christmas tree ornaments rather than the stand-alone decorations that we are familiar with today. They were shaped into a wheel-like shape for practical reasons — it was easy to hang a circle from a tree branch — but the shape was also significant as a symbol of heavenly perfection. Because the shape has no end, it symbolizes eternity.

Christmas Party Tree Decorations
Decorative lighted Christmas trees decorate table with lighted garland on stair railing in background.

How To Buy Them?

You can buy them from any store near Christmas and can find them online throughout the year at different websites like Holyart. You can find a variety of Christmas items for homes and commercial spaces. Wreaths and reefs are available at affordable prices to enhance your home décor and give you a pleasant welcoming environment.

The Final Thoughts:

Wreaths and reefs have great significance in the history of Christmas and are commonly available at stores. Such decorative items are now categorized as the major symbols of Christmas and cannot be ignored. Christmas décor is incomplete without a wreath. Considering their importance, HOLYART has introduced its special collection of Christmas home decorations, which have wreaths and reefs. They provide excellent service and fast delivery to make your Christmas season all the more joyous!  

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