Amazing Holiday Decoration Ideas To Make Your Kids Room Look Like A Fairytale

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Children love fairy tales and it is hard to find a kid who does not have their favorite once-upon-a-time story and most beloved character. Needless to say, the majority of children dream about tapping into the fantasy world of brave heroes, beautiful princesses, and exciting adventures – they are constantly looking for that magic wand able to take them right in the middle of the fairy tale.

No prizes for guessing, “normal” parents usually do not have the magic wand or superpowers to transform the room of their son or daughter into the enchanted forest full of animals able to speak or spooky creatures that have arrived from a faraway galaxy located somewhere in the vastness of the universe. Or do they? Well, the great news is, with goodwill and just a little bit of creativity, every parent can make their child’s bedroom look like a fairy tale, especially during the holiday season. Here you have it: amazing decoration ideas to make the dreams of your kids a wondrous reality. 

Wonder Walls

Do not think of walls as the borders that keep your child inside a safe and secure area. Think out of the box – walls are the perfect canvases for the creation of all sorts of enigmatic backdrops. Feel free to unleash your inner child and decide how you want to paint the walls to bring to life the favorite story and heroes of your daughter or son. Depending on how far your imagination goes, it can be everything from talking and smiling trees and mushroom huts to unique tiny houses and mystical animals.

Alternatively, you can paint a magnificent castle with windows that face a fabulous garden, a beautiful green hill, or a tiny path that actually leads to several directions, letting your child choose the next destination for having fun. Even though you are free to opt for virtually any theme, avoid painting the walls to match Christmas, Halloween, or similar themes because holidays come and go, and nobody likes to live among candy canes and wintery landscapes all year round, especially during hot summer days. Just stick to the favorite fairy tale of your kid, decorating it accordingly to match the holidays with the help of contact paper and the usual elements of decor you otherwise use to adorn your house for seasonal celebrations.

Use Fairy Toys & Various Designs

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Even though there’s a myriad of DIY solutions on how to make your own decorations, chances are you do not have that much free time as a busy parent. Truth to be said, it is much easier and cheaper to buy all those little sweet things, all the more so, the great bulk of online and offline shops offer hefty discounts in the anticipation of the holidays. Wise parents who do not want to spend a fortune on pleasing their kids, never wait for the last minute. They look for coupons and promo codes that help save up on a wide range of products. They would rather go now and shop for Christmas décor, toys, and other items they need for a perfect holiday. If you are planning to buy a big toy fairy house or a glamorous castle, it is the right time to do it – you will hardly get a better price at another time of the year.

Fantastic Windows & Ceiling

Do not forget about windows because they are the second main element in the whole story of creating a fairy tale after the walls. Think of an appropriate color to match the theme, bright hues are a great fit but if you do not like the idea of golden or yellow windows, simply make them snow-white – colorful curtains can always do the trick. 

As for the ceiling, you can plaster it to complete the look and create an authentic environment, of course, if your budget is okay with the pretty high costs of plastering. Alternatively, you can also add some décor or even paint a small part of the ceiling but just leaving it white is also an option. Anyway, if you take advantage of a smart DIY tip you have found on the internet, be careful and do not overpaint – too much color may spoil the look of the room and make it too dark and uncomfortable.

Play With The Flooring

Again, use your imagination or scenes from fairy tale movies to choose the right flooring able to give that sought-after touch of magic to the room. For instance, a soft grass rug is a great option for creating an enchanted garden or a meadow near the house. It can be easily decorated withKids Room3

flowers for a bright summer look or covered with spray snowflakes to enjoy Christmas time. In case your son is dreaming of being a pirate, an old map with hidden seas and treasures can literally work miracles. If you cannot find the design you need in the stores, you always have an option to order a custom-made carpet – simple printed versions are not expensive and can become real game-changers for the look of the room.

Traditional Holiday Decor

Children do love fairytales but they also love Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving, Halloween, and all other widely celebrated holidays. Fortunately, making a Christmas fairy tale is really easy – you can use all the traditional decorations to add thrills and excitement to every story. From garlands and wreaths to famous red stockings chock-full of sweets – the classic red and green combination that leaves no one untouched. Naturally, a Christmas tree is also a great fit if there is enough place in your kid’s room. In addition to that, gift wrap can be used to decorate the room’s door while white pool noodles can serve as candy canes, just wrap them with red tape. Do not forget about walls and windows that can be nicely dressed up with wintery details.

Childhood is arguably the best and happiest time of our life but it is so much better when kids can be a part of their favorite adventure. Use these simple yet amazing ideas to make your child’s room look like a fairytale.

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