Why You Need to Book a Space in UCLA Hostels

UCLA Hostels

The University of California, Los Angeles has an undergraduate student population of about 20,000. With such a high population, meeting the student needs, such as accommodation, is difficult for the institution to manage on its own. Consequently, some of the facilities students live in are not built by the university. Entrepreneurs invest in constructing UCLA housing facilities within the institution, where students can rent. However, this does not mean that you will readily find a space once the semester kicks off. If you have to reside on-campus, then making arrangements for a room ought to happen in time.

But Why the Rush in Booking?

Why the Rush in Booking
In most cases, the freshmen occupy the on-campus hostels as the administration gives priority to them. However, they are not entirely for the freshmen. Therefore, there is a limited number of spaces available for the continuing students, which means you may be competing for the same rooms with a large group. Facilities such as the online booking systems can help you book early enough even before the reporting dates.

Are There Benefits of Residing On-Campus?

Although individual taste and preferences matter, living in the UCLA housing facilities has a wide range of advantages. Here are some of them:

1. You Do Not Have to Buy Beds and other Furniture

You Do Not Have to Buy Beds and other Furniture
Some times when you look for a hostel off-campus, you may have to obtain a lot of furniture to stock the room. A bed is among the basics you will need. However, the facilities on campus have a bed and study tables. Therefore, you do not have to spend on buying these necessities. It is a considerable saving which one can channel to other pressing concerns.

2. You are Never Lonely

You are Never Lonely
Although it is possible to secure a private room, it is rare to find a person living alone in the campus hostels. Most probably, you will share a room with someone. Therefore, you will not spend the evenings and weekend bored all alone in your room. Besides, you find students with whom you can engage in discussions or sports while off the classes.

3. You Easily Attend Lectures

You Easily Attend Lectures
You will be staying inside the university compound, and the lecture halls are only a few meters away. Therefssore, attending classes becomes possible even on that particular day when you wake up late. Off-campus students find it challenging to get ready within a short time and attend a lecture on such days.

4. Have More Time to Study

Have More Time to Study
Did you know that walking up from campus to the off-campus hostels consumes not only your time but also energy? Well, it turns out that these two are what you need the most for personal studies. Consequently, staying in UCLA housing reserves the time and energy used to walk, and in turn, you can use them for private studies. Besides, you also have access to the library and fellow students or the faculty members for consultations.

How Can You Make Sure to Always Secure a Place on the Campus Hostels?

Securing space in the on-campus housing facilities is no guarantee. However, it is possible for those who are keen on fulfilling the requirements and booking on time.

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