What do Wanda and Danny do for a living

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While scrolling on YouTube, have you come across an elderly couple who grow fruits, vegetables, nuts, and berries on their homestead and do all the farming on their own? If yes, they are Wanda and Danny, the creators of a famous YouTube channel “Deep South Homestead”. 

The couple Wanda and Danny upload videos on raising chickens, and cows and growing all kinds of fruits and vegetables on their off-grid campus. But the main question is, Where is Deep South Homestead located? How is the location ideal for the couple to grow a variety of fruits and vegetables? Let’s find out.

Who are Wanda and Danny King?

Wanda and Danny King are a couple residing in south Mississippi and owning a 10-acre homestead wherein they raise and grow everything that they eat on their own. Be it chicken, Dexter cows, fruits, or vegetables, every item that is of their day-to-day use is being grown by the couple on the farm itself. 

Wanda has studied herbs and knows how to do organic farming well. Once they grow most of the food that they eat, the next thing they are up to is preserving it. The couple owns conventional row gardens, hugelkultur beds, and even raised beds. 

To store the canned items, Wanda and Danny have warehouses. The couple is known for having almost every kind of fruit or berries and you can find the nuts tree growing in their garden as well. Videos on canning and preserving the food items properly are also uploaded on their YouTube channel “Deep South Homestead“.

What is the Aim of Deep South Homestead?

The aim of their YouTube channel Deep South Homestead is to teach people to grow vegetables, nuts, fruits, or berries on their own and then preserve them properly. The couple has also uploaded videos on how to cook the preserved food such that the nutrients remain intact. 

Wanda and Danny give a ray of hope to all those who want to live off-grid but with utmost ease and convenience. The couple makes it possible to simply live off the land. Interestingly, Wanda and Danny also know the methods to raise cows and chickens. 

Wanda has herself given birth to 3 of her kids, so the couple seems to be perfect in what they do. Wanda specifically has another YouTube channel by the name of “Crazy Dazes”,  where she teaches to can and preserve food in an organized and proper manner.

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Where is the Deep South Homestead Located?

Deep South Homestead is located in South Mississippi, United States. It is situated 30 miles off the north of the Mississippi Gulf Coast. The location of the Deep South Homestead is ideal for Wanda and Danny for the reason that there is immense greenery around them. Hence, the couple can conveniently grow fruits, vegetables, or berries on their 10-acre homestead. 

Deep South Homestead Net Worth

Wanda and Danny have 249K subscribers and 2.4K videos on their YouTube channel with an average of about 37-38 million views. Considering all the factors, it can be estimated that Deep South Homestead has a net worth of around $227.01K. This income is what the couple earns via YouTube. 

Deep South Homestead Podcast 

Other than the YouTube channel, Deep South Homestead has a website and several podcasts that are easily available on Deezer, Apple, and other music streaming sites. On the podcast, you will usually find Danny talking about living off-grid with the assistance of a solar panel and other environmental topics. Podcasts are specially for those who want to skip watching a video.

Deep South Homestead Best Videos

No doubt all the videos and content uploaded by the couple on their YouTube channel Deep South Homestead are knowledgeable and impactful, yet we have shortlisted some of the best videos created by Wanda and Danny. They are as follows-

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  • Gardening Tips By Danny


  • Success and Failures When Growing Sweet Potatoes 


  • Growing Seedless Grapes in a High Tunnel


  • Growing Citrus Trees in Containers 



Danny and Wanda might not have gained excessive popularity via their YouTube channel but the content that they upload is very useful for anyone who grows fruits or vegetables on his own. Their channel Deep South Homestead is versatile and deals with fruits, vegetables, fishes, chicks, cows, etc. Wanda and Danny manage horticulture and poultry farming well. 

The couple has immense knowledge of the subject that they create videos on. They have solutions for almost all the problems that a person faces if he or she is into farming at his or her place. Not only are they restricted to growing food or raising cows and chicks, but they also teach you the ways to can and preserve the grown food efficiently.

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