Home Project: Unique and Modern Farmhouse Interior Design in Utah

modern farmhouse main entry feature

There is something very homely and inviting about farmhouses. They make you feel instantly comfortable and right at home. Featured here, is a unique and modern farmhouse project in Utah which successfully captures the homely appeal of a farmhouse with great style. This stunning and modern farmhouse was built by Artisan Construction. This home project was designed by House of Jade Interiors. Lindsey Orton has beautifully captured this modern farmhouse in all its glory. This home project has modern interior design style with a touch of eclectic which makes it feel sophisticated and warm at the same time.

The colors used for walls and floors are neutral and understated. The creatively used decor elements bring splashes of color throughout the house. The entryway has a traditional feel but the rest of the house is done in modern design style. It is open and spacious. The classic combination of white and wood with touches of black gives a country vibe to the place. White walls and windows make space look brighter and airier. The kids’ rooms are designed according to their age groups and tastes with brighter shades and fun elements that may interest them.

The owners wanted to retain their old collection of furniture and save on the budget. Hence, most of the furniture is used stuff from the owners. It gives the house a traditional and lived-in vibe.

Modern Farmhouse White Exterior Design

modern farmhouse main entry
This modern farmhouse has the symmetrical appeal of old-world houses with the systematically placed equal number of windows and doors on both sides. It also has a beautiful driveway landscaped to perfection, which leads up to the main entry.

Staircase Near Entrway

entryway old floor

entryway stairs
The floor tile is black and white and when combined with the wooden stairway and wall moldings, gives a traditional look to the place.

stairway decoration
The black entry table and the art are from the owners. The stylish lamp gives a rich look to the simple interior design.

industrial chandelier

stairway upper level
The gold and white entry chandelier and the entry wall sconces add some grandeur to the place. The entry foyer leads to the office on one side and the dining room on the other. It also has a staircase leading to the upper level. We have Beautiful and Unique Stair Design Ideas.

Wooden Floor Dining Room

dining room interior design
The dining room is also located just off the entryway. The large windows and doors let in a lot of natural light. The white walls reflect the light and make the place look even bigger. The simple minimal decor gives the room an airy and spacious feel. The hardwood floors are Garrison Dubois Chrishell. Since the entryway tile is a busy pattern, the designers decided to not have any rugs in the dining area.

dining table lucite chairs
The wooden dining table and the ghost chairs give a modern touch to the room without taking up too much space. The tufted chairs also bring some necessary softness to the white and wood interior design.

dining room

dining room wall art
The pendant lights and the vintage Buffet (again by the owners) add a touch of elegance to the super functional room. The clear jars from Hobby Lobby and the wall art bring some much-needed ornamentation to the simple setting.

dining table plant
The olive branch arrangement on the table enlivens the atmosphere.

Black and White Home Office

modern farmhouse office
Once a rarity, The Home Office is a Landmark of Our Evolving Culture. The office is also just off the entryway. Hence, it was designed to make a statement. The decor in this room is masculine without losing its modern farmhouse feel. The large wooden desk is part of the retained furniture pieces. It is kept clutter-free with minimal decor.

1930s waterfall chair black
The pair of 1930s waterfall chair gives a modern look and enhances the masculine feel of the decor.

brass peace sign and kenneth lamp
Similarly, the wall sconces, the many bookshelf sconces, and the industrial table lamp add to the modern and masculine appeal.

bookshelf sconces
The bookshelf is the focal point of the decor. Hence it is highlighted by the many sconces attached.

The bookshelf is decorated sparingly to keep a balance between books and accessories without unnecessary clutter. A lot of white space is left empty to highlight the shelf so it draws the viewer’s eye.

office interior design art

wall sconce and medallion rug
The medallion area rug and the potted plants bring some color and texture to the decor.

Warm and Inviting Living Room

floor mirror comfy grey sofa
Even though this room is the formal living space of the house, it still manages to be warm and inviting. The dramatically high ceilings and large windows give the room a spacious and airy feel.

living room interior design
The wall art from Alice Lane and the Large Mirror from Restoration Hardware make a rather bold style statement.

jute and oriental rugs
The vintage jute and oriental rugs define the area of the furniture, consequently making the room look bigger.

linen sofa and pillows
The grey sofa (DownEast Home) and the linen sofa adorned with a number of pillows make the room look warm and inviting.

comfy couturiers chairs
On the other hand, the pair of French couturier’s chair adds a touch of elegance to the decor.

marble apothecary jars
The coffee table adorned with the Marble Apothecary Jars certainly adds some old-world glamour.

stylish floor lamp
Every Living Room Becomes Cozier with Decorate Some Indoor Plant. The industrial floor lamp and the fig tree plant in the corner also enhance the homely appeal of the room.

The Kitchen and Breakfast Nook

This stunningly beautiful kitchen follows the black, white and wood theme of the entire home project to perfection.

home project kitchen
The walls, windows, trims and moldings, and kitchen cabinetry are all colored white. This certainly makes the kitchen feel bigger and airier.

open shelf kitchen counter

indutrial style chairs
The wooden floors, island stools, and open shelving also provide a good contrast to the all-white room.

modern farmhouse kitchen interior
Similarly, the faucets and pendant lights are pops of black that add interest and style to counterbalance the lightness of the room.

industrial ceiling lamps kitchen
The countertop is also white marble with subtle grey undertones.

kitchen island brass fixtures

kitchen glass plan
The gold-toned drawer pulls add color to the all-white cabinetry. An assortment of plants and a vintage rug runner soften the look and give a homey feel to the room.

modern kitchen interior design
Finally, the small command station in the kitchen helps keep things organized.

round breakfast table
The breakfast nook is also just adjacent to the kitchen. It is a rather small casual dining place which is well-lit and cozy. The large windows let in natural light.

breakfast nook decor

eames chair breakfast
The wooden round table and hardwood floors go well with the white Eames chairs.

breakfast nook chandelier
The industrial chandelier enhances the modern farmhouse look.

Entertaining Space White Interior

den interior design
The den in the modern farmhouse is located just off the breakfast nook and kitchen. It is a casual place for informal gathering and entertaining. So, the room’s interior design is pretty simple and understated.

den fireplace
The fireplace and TV and the built-in shelves are the main focus of the room. Various traditional art and other embellishments make the shelves visually interesting. Large windows bathe the room in a lot of natural light.

living room wall decor

wall decor baskets
The wall opposite the windows is decorated with various baskets forming an interesting basket gallery.

linen sofa den

accent throw pillows
The leather sofa and linen sofa make for a comfortable seating space. Also, the brown and black accents of the furnishings go well with the white walls.

pattern rug layers

stylish shelf decorations

functional chairs den
Furthermore, the area rug and jute rug along with the various artwork and embellishments bring color into the room.

Master Bedroom and Bathroom

master bedroom interior design

isabella small chest

grey walls antique terrace nightstand
Creating a Dream Master Bedroom is easier to accomplish than most individuals assume. This bedroom is the most unique room of the modern farmhouse. The designers wanted it to be a show stopper. So, unlike the rest of the house, they decided to paint it a soft grey. The room has large windows so there’s enough natural light.

mia faceted crystal chandelier
For nighttime lighting a beautiful crystal chandelier and table lamps are used. The four poster bed is a pop of black in the room. The various multicolored pillows bring some color to the room.

fez fabric accent pillows

black four poster bed

redford trunk nightstand and lamp
Antique chests that were retained by the owner are used as side tables near the bed.

antique chest loop mirror

chest decor glass display
The small dresser table is antique and gives the room an old-world feel. It holds beautiful glass jars for decoration.

isabella armoire bedroom
The antique armoire give ample storage space and at the same time gives a traditional country look to the room.

larkin club chair
The small seating area near the bed is a small cozy retreat for the couple. It is well-lit and spacious. The industrial hanging light brings a modern touch to the place.

master closet white

vintage closet rug
The master closet has enough storage for both the owners’ needs. A vintage rug runner in the closet gives a farmhouse feel to the place.

chandelier bathroom
The bathroom follows a theme of black and white. The sunlight reflects off the white walls and makes the room look larger than it really is. The vintage black bathtub adds accents to the comparatively stark white walls. The star pendant light adds a touch of elegance to the room. A glass door separates the shower from the bathtub.

vintage bathtub

vanity dresser black
This beautiful black vanity serves as a rather good storage place for bathroom supplies. Two separate sinks and mirrors allow for ease of access and also save time. Moreover, the gold frame on the mirror and the gold-toned fixtures on the vanity add a touch of glamour to the simple bathroom.

Green Wallpaper Girls’ Bedroom

blue birds wallpaper
The blue and green bird pattern wallpaper from hygge and west gives the room a whimsical and playful vibe. The interior design of this room creates a good balance between soft and bright colors to create a unique, fun place appropriate for growing girls.

girls bedroom interior
The white window draperies and the white beds seem to blend in with the surroundings giving a surprisingly spacious look to the room.

girls bed wall art

teal rug wooden stool
The wall art also gives some character to the room. The teal rug contrasts with the spa blue duvet and colorful ikat pillows.

white and blue room decor

white mirror blue armoire

rabbit vase decor
The antique blue dresser belonged to the owners and goes really well with the decor. The stylish wall mirror adds a touch of modern design to the room. The unusual vases and table art also make for an interesting table decor.

pink baskets wall gallery
Similarly, the pink baskets bring some color contrast to the room. The wall opposite the bed displays a small gallery of art prints. There is also a door just the right size for the kids which opens to a hidden play space.

hidden playroom books
This playroom has a bookshelf along the walls, play table and chairs and an area to dress up at the end. It is a surprisingly fun, light-filled area that is great for the kids.

Bohemian Teenage Girl Bedroom

rope pendant iron bedframe
The first bedroom is a simple and sophisticated place with high ceilings and lots of natural light. The room also has a classic black-and-white theme with pops of color coming from various elements.

black and white patterned rug
The stunning rope pendant light is a stylish and modern touch. The black-and-white patterned area rug contrasts nicely with the white walls.

pink knit blanket
The chunky knit blanket and the sheepskin stools add texture and warmth to the stark room.

swing chair white

accent pillows zigzag pattern
The hanging chair gives an inviting appeal to the room.

wall mirror

accent pillows multicolor
The wall mirror and multicolored pillows bring accents to the white and black decor. The plant in the corner enlivens the place.

second teen bedroom interior
The second bedroom’s layout and architecture provided some challenge for the designers.

window bed pillows
The bed is built-in and tucked in the dorm. It is comfortable space stacked with pillows and placed below the window. This left a lot of space in the room. The designers utilized this space by creating a seating area and study place. The area rug defines the seating area and also adds color to the room.

modern chair moroccan pouf

knit pillow
The sheepskin rug gives the room a warm and comfortable feel. The modern chairs belong to the owner. The Moroccan pouf and knit pillows by Alice Lane also add color to the room.

open shelf decor

study corner wall art
A small shelf provides a good storage area. The wall art and desk lamp give the room a sophisticated look.

World Map Wallpaper Boys’ Bedroom

white and blue interior decor
The boys’ bedroom in the modern farmhouse is a vibrant and youthful place. The world map forms a good backdrop for the beds.

ceiling chandelier

colorful bulb lights
Colorful bulb lights make the map more visually interesting. The red bed frames and blue bed covers go well with the blue accents of the map.

red bedframe and green drum

plaid pillow

layered area rugs
The layered area rugs add color and texture to the room. Ceiling Lighting from West Elm is also an interesting addition.

knit woven baskets camera print
The tall wooden dresser and the antique airplanes belonged to the owner. They add a youthful appeal to the room.

bathroom patterned tiles

dual mirror and sink
The bathroom has black-and-white patterned tiles which draw attention. The twin sinks and mirrors provide balance as well as ease of access.

iron animal hooks

animal hooks black
The various iron animal hooks certainly add a touch of whimsy to the simple room.

Loft Small Space Decor

modern farmhouse loft
The owners wanted the loft to be a comfortable space for their kids to lounge and spend some time together. The room needed to be warm, inviting, youthful and fun. The shiplap complements the roofline and gives the room a rustic charm.

custom green sofa
The custom-made green velvet sofa, the leather ottoman, and lounge chairs make up a comfortable place to sit and watch TV. The various pillows also make the place look inviting.

bookshelf and globes

zig zag baskets
Similarly, the bookshelves on either side of the window add visual appeal to the room. The patterned area rug brings color contrast and enlivens the room. The bug canvas posters and zigzag baskets too add visual interest to the room.

modern loft interior design

stylish tufted bench

loft entry

window reading nook
The designers placed two reading nooks by the side windows for a comfortable reading place. The Buffalo check fabric upholstery of these nooks provides a cheerful contrast to the white walls.

tassel pillow
The tassel pillow too adds an eclectic touch to the monochromatic space. The star pendant lights are certainly a stylish touch.

Laundry and Mudroom

modern farmhouse bathroom
More often than not, these rooms are the most used rooms in any house. It is most important that these rooms are designed according to how the owners use the space. In this home project, the laundry room and mudroom are designed to be functional and at the same time give the maximum use.

dark tiles interior decor
The mudroom is a contrast of white walls and dark tiles. The light shiplap contrasts very well with the dark tiles and also adds interest to the long wall. There is a small washing station, most probably. for cleaning dirty feet and for pets.

wall art bathroom

closed storage bathroom

star pendant light
A closed storage area helps conceal the clutter of coats, shoes, and equipment. Semi-flush mount lights provide ample lighting. The wall art and pendant light add visual interest to the room.

laundry room interior design
A laundry room is a bright place with white walls and wooden and marble countertops. There is enough counter space for folding and organizing clothes.

laundry room wall art

wall storage wooden hangers
Pull out hampers are added to contain and organize dirty clothes. Open shelves can be used for storage purposes. There is even a place for hangers to organize clothing.

blue stool laundry table

industrial steel sink and faucet
The blue and black stools add color to the room. The black rug runner adds texture and color to the room. There is also a sink for washing purposes.

laundry table decor
The potted plant brings liveliness to the place. The wall art is a stylish touch which adds interest to the plain walls.

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