Rustic Look Home with Neoclassical Interior Design in France

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Sophisticated as well as luxurious the neoclassical interior design infuses any place with timeless elegance. This style is more modest and muted than the grandeur of its predecessors. It combines the timeless elegance of old western styles with the more modern concepts of clean lines and functional decor. To put it simply, this style of design is all about melding refined luxury with contemporary elements.

This style generally uses mild colors like white, cream, grey, blue, yellow and green. Use of rich shades like black, red, gold and silver highlight the overall style. Another feature of this style is the use of refined furniture. Neoclassical furniture embraced clean lines and geometric shapes while still incorporating the fine carving and detailed patterns of the rococo and baroque styles. The upholstery uses fabrics like damask silk, linen, and brocade in rich colors like red, blue, gold, silver and classic whites. Urns, jugs, Wedgwood china, pottery, and statues are typical in neoclassical interior design. They emphasize a grand appearance. Large mirrors, flowers, artwork and decorative moldings adorn neoclassical walls and ceilings. In essence, the neoclassical aesthetic combines luxury and splendor with a relaxed atmosphere to provide an elegant aura and charm.

The house featured in this post is Designer Tara Shaw‘s New Orleans home. Based in New Orleans, Tara Shaw has old world classicism flowing through her veins. She is well-known for her sophisticated and elegant designs. For this home, Tara Shaw uses her collection of highly curated antiques, rich glamorous textiles and monochrome color palette paired with contemporary elements.

A Grand Statement with Living Room

antique armoire living room
The living room effectively displays Tara’s vast collection of antique items. At the same time, the room manages to be extremely comfortable. Opposite a very cozy sofa rests an armoire, inside which Tara tucked away her massive TV and all the stereo equipment. A statue from Avignon which Tara says is probably from the 16th century stands by the living room windows, which look out on a saltwater pool. Leaning casually along the right-hand wall are 18th-century processional batons, which Tara found in Italy. The daybed keeps the room from feeling closed off.

Refined Furniture in Dining Room

dining room chandelier

The antique table and cabinet along with the floor sculptures give the dining room a refined old-world look. Similarly, antique Swedish chairs and chandelier add grandeur to the room. The large floor-length mirror along with the David Lapin sculpture add to the archaic feel of the room. The white walls and high-gloss white paint on the floors gives the antiques a fresh look.

Breakfast Room with Rustic Appeal

breakfast room with fireplace
The breakfast room has a simple, rustic charm. Particularly, the wooden round table has a homely appeal. Antique wooden armoire along with the large clock add an old-world feel. The textured Merida rug goes well the gold-framed art and golden chandelier. In contrast, the Mario Bellini chairs give a modern feel to the decor.

Luxurious Yet Comfortable Study

home office or study

Tara’s study room is luxurious and at the same time very comfortable. Floor-to-ceiling windows keep the room airy and well-lit. Moreover, the white curtains and plush rug also lighten the dark tones of the study. The Victorian Style table and armchair and antique cabinet go well with the wood tones of the room. The table lamps add a touch of style. The paintings kept on the floor add some charm to the room. The daybed and recliner with a separate ottoman, create a relaxed atmosphere.

Guest Room with Canopy Bed

empire canopy bed guest room

The guest room displays some French influence with a grand canopy bed and a chaise. Lavish white curtains and rug give a dramatic effect. Moreover, the armchair and French chandelier add to the luxurious feel of the room.

Light, Airy and White Bedroom

daybed near windows bedroom
Tara’s bedroom walls and floors follow the classic theme of white and wood. The white curtains, bed linens and upholstery further add to this theme. Additionally, the table lamps and the stylish floor lamp are also white to go with the rest of the decor. The daybed in front of the window adds comfort and style.

empire bed ornate mirror bedroom
Moreover, the canopy bed and Victorian style chairs add an old-world feel to the luxurious room. The gold-framed mirror and paintings add some color to the otherwise white surroundings.

Rustic Look Bathroom

period paneling bathroom

custom sink Venetian mirror bathroom
The bathroom is a grand affair with impressive period paneling and a custom sink. Tara converted an Italian mortar to a sink and then installed it in a white vanity table. A Venetian mirror hangs above it with wall lamps on both sides. The furnishings of this room include a contemporary tub, a chandelier, and an armchair. For the walls, she used three pieces of paneling she’d found in the South of France.

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