A Day Before Wedding: Ultimate Wedding Fashion Checklist

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Wedding checklists are the perfect way of making sure you don’t forget anything. You can keep your to-do list organized by creating different wedding checklists for the planning of deadlines leading up to your big day, the decorations that you need for the ceremony, your guests’ prospective special needs, and even for your own fashion and attire.

This can be especially essential the day before your wedding when you have hundreds of thoughts swirling through your mind. You’ve spent months, or even years, dedicated to planning your big day, so it’s important to make sure you get it right, and a wedding checklist can help.

We’ve put together the ultimate wedding checklist on wedding fashion for you to remember the day before your wedding!

For the Groom

While it’s true that your guests will be focused on the bride, you still want to make sure that you’re looking sharp. After all, you’ll be the one that she’s focused on at the end of the aisle. This wedding checklist may change based on the formality of your wedding, however, it’s good to keep all of your bases covered.

A tip to keep in mind regarding grooms’ attire: if you’re looking to rent a fashionable tuxedo, remember to reserve one several weeks before the wedding. This way, when your tux arrives, you’ll have time to make any needed corrections or alterations.

Keep these essential accessories and attire in mind for your groom’s wedding checklist:

{ 1 } Suit/Tuxedo

Groom In Black Wedding Tuxedo
Whether you’re wearing a Suit or a Tuxedo, it is important to make sure your attire is fully ready a day before the wedding. Make sure everything fits you perfectly. If you’re renting the tux or suit, it is advisable to collect it a day before the wedding and try it on to make sure everything is in order.

{ 2 } Dress Shirt

Wedding Dress Shirt For Groom
If you’re opting for a dress shirt, make sure you are comfortable with the fabric, color, and style of your shirt. Also, if you have an away wedding make sure to pack up your attire a day before you leave for the wedding.

{ 3 } Tie/Bow-Tie

Wedding Groom Attire Butterfly Bowtie
A tie or a bow-tie can be a simple but effective way to complete the look. Ties are a popular choice as they give you a smart, sleek look. Your neck-wear can match the rest of your outfit or even be a centerpiece on its own. Be sure to pack one extra just in case you need backup.

{ 4 } Watch

Elegant Groom Wearing Watch
You will definitely need a wristwatch. Not only because time is of the essence but also because they can tie your look together. It can add a special touch to your attire or be a quirky addition that brings out your personality. Either way, make sure you pack up your watch for the big day!

{ 5 } Belt

Groom Wedding Suit Belt
For any attire, accessories make all the difference. While a belt may look unimportant in the grand scheme of things, pick a wrong one and you may ruin your entire look. Select a belt that coordinates with your watch if possible. Avoid flashy colors and loud belts that can overshadow the rest of your attire.

{ 6 } Pocket Handkerchief

Pocket Square Groom Wedding Accessories
Pocket square and handkerchiefs are a timeless classic which bring refinement to your attire. They also add an instant splash of color to an otherwise plain outfit. They can be as sleek or as flamboyant as you wish in terms of fabric, color, and pattern.

For the Bride

As the bride, it’s all eyes on you. Your wedding day isn’t just a celebration of love and commitment to your partner, it’s also your moment to fulfill the fantasy you’ve had about this day since you were a girl. Depending on your personality, you might have had a running wedding checklist throughout your dreams and fantasies for the occasion.

A tip to remember on make-up: unless you have a makeup artist that will be there with you for your ceremony and the reception afterward, it’s a good idea to bring some of your own products for touch-ups later in the day.

Here are the essential accessories and attire for your bridal wedding checklist to ensure your big day is everything you’ve fantasized about:

{ 1 } Gown

Bride In Classic White Wedding Gown
Bride In A Classic White Wedding Gown By yourweddingteam1997/Shutterstock
It is essential to test drive your Wedding Gown, in fact, your full look before the wedding to make sure it fits and there are no alterations needed. Also, hang the gown high and cover it with a cloth bag or sheet instead of a plastic bag.

{ 2 } Makeup

Gorgeous Wedding Makeup
Make sure to pack up some makeup essentials with you for the wedding day as a backup. and don’t forget to pack a heavy duty makeup remover. Oil based ones are great for lifting layers of makeup. Also, pack a button down shirt to wear when getting your hair and makeup done.

{ 3 } Veil, Headpiece

Beautiful Bride In Wedding Veil
Beautiful Bride In The Wedding Veil By Irbis Pictures/Shutterstock
Pack up your veil or headpiece properly in your bag. If you are wearing any other accessories in your hair make sure everything is packed and easy to find. If possible, wash your hair the day before the wedding. Also, don’t forget to pack some extra pins in case you need them for a quick fix of your hairdo.

{ 4 } Clutch, Bag

Colorful Bling Bridal Clutch Purse
Pack your wedding day emergency bag, put together your reception clutch and your post-reception bag which includes bobby pins, hairspray, face powder, lip gloss and lipstick, hemming tape for last-minute repairs, traction pads for heels, stain remover, tissues and backup copies of your music choices should something happen to the originals. Also, make sure it’s waiting for you in the bridal suite or in your hotel room.

{ 5 } Jacket, Shrug or Cardigan

Bridal Shrug For Winter Wedding
Silver Wedding Bridal Fur Shawl By Sissily Designs
It is advisable to pack a shrug, jacket, or cardigan to cover the shoulders in case it gets colder. You may need these if the weather turns a little chilly or rainy. If you’re having a winter wedding, you might want to pack a shawl to keep away the chill.

{ 6 } Jewelry

Wedding Jewelry For The Bride
Bridal jewelry adds that extra sparkle to your wedding look. Take some time to organize the jewelry you will be wearing on your wedding day. Keep it all together in one safe place. This will eliminate the possibility of misplacing or forgetting something that’s essential to your bridal look.

For Both Bride And Groom:

There are some accessories that you’ll both need to remember for your respective wedding checklists. While remembering your engagement ring may seem like a no-brainer, the reminder definitely doesn’t hurt!

The three essential accessories and attire recommendations for both the bride and grooms’ wedding checklists:

{ 1 } The Ring

Wedding Bands Bride And Groom
It is necessary to make sure your ring is cleaned properly before the wedding. If not, head to your jeweler to get your engagement ring professionally clean so it’s extra sparkly on your wedding day. Also, don’t forget to pack the rings or hand them over to whoever will be keeping them safe for you.

{ 2 } Shoes

Wedding Shoes For Bride And Groom
Your shoes are likely to brand new and you’ll be wearing them for a while on the big day. So, make sure you are comfortable wearing them. While you’re at it, practice walking a straight line in them. Also, grab a pair of flip-flops. You may want to change into them anytime throughout your wedding day to give your feet a timeout.

{ 3 } Hairstyle

Elegant Wedding Hairstyle With Flowers
Beautiful Greek Wedding Hairstyle With Decoration Of Flowers By Nelia L/Shutterstock
You have most probably already picked out Your Wedding Hairstyles a while ago. However, it wouldn’t hurt to go over it once more. If possible, wash your hair the day before the wedding. Make sure you have all the accessories you need for your hairdo in a separate bag so that it’s easier to find.

Also, a tip on your shoes: make sure you spend time before the day of your wedding to break them in so that you’re comfortable for your ceremony!

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