50 Tribal Tattoo Ideas – Style Yourself The Tribal Way

Tribal Face Tattoo

Most of us would have heard the term tribal tattoos whenever we are participating in or listening to a conversation about tattoos. On hearing the term, we conceive that these must be the tattoo designs created and worn by tribes, which is absolutely right and precise. Though There are a Wide Variety of Tattoo Designs Available, tribal tattoos have a special place in the hearts of tattoo enthusiasts as these designs are raw, solid, and eye-catching.

The tribal designs used nowadays are evolved versions of tattoos from ancient tribes of India, Samoa, Borneo, Polynesia, and the Maori tribal group of New Zealand. Tattooing was a part of their culture, and they practiced it for specific reasons such as family and group identification, religious rites, and medicinal purposes. These designs are still employed in modern age tattooing and let us have a look at some of the most familiar tribal tattoo designs.

{ 1 } Hawaiian Tribe

Hawaiian Tribal Tattoo
These designs are the traditional tattoo designs from Hawaii before the western colonization. The Hawaiian tribal theme mostly incorporates geometric figures with the sun, ocean, flowers, and starts as the most used images. The tattoos are predominantly inked in black and have minute detailing.

{ 2 } Filipino Tribe

Filipino Tribal Tattoo
Its visitors once dubbed the Philippines as the island of the painted as most of its people wore tattoos all over the body. Their tattoo designs contain elements such as trees, sun, snakes, and other geometric figures. The Filipinos follow the tapping style of tattooing which is said to be very painful.

{ 3 } Celtic Tribal Tattoo

Celtic Tribal Tattoo
The Celtic tribes were the tribal people from Ireland, Scotland, and Wales whose tattoos mainly include birds, animals, butterfly, flowers, and Celtic cross. Another famous design of Celtic tribal tattoos is the Celtic Knots which is also known as magical knots.

{ 4 } Native American Tribe

Native American Tribal Tattoo
The Tattoos of the Native American tribal people mostly depicts their spiritual culture, history, and ideas. Their tattoos contain images of a feather, animals, sun, moon, and other natural elements. Images of native red Indians are also a prominent design used in this variety of tattoos.

{ 5 } Polynesian Tribe

Polynesian Tribal Tattoo
The Polynesian tribal tattoos are based on the five basic elements of the earth namely sky, wind, earth, fire, and water. They are complicated in design and have minute detailing. Men who are looking for a tattoo design to fill up their whole arm from shoulders can surely opt for this type of tattoo.

{ 6 } Tribal Sleeve Tattoo

Tribal Sleeve Tattoo
Tribal tattoos are the best when it comes to decoration of your sleeve as these designs are very rich in the artwork. There are a lot of tribal tattoo designs available for covering up your sleeves among which most of the themes are listed here.

{ 7 } Tribal Warrior Tattoo

Tribal Warrior Tattoo
As the name suggests, these design of tattoos were worn by the warriors in a tribal group. These designs mainly include images of weapons, animals, and other geometric shapes. Warrior tattoos are the best if you are looking for a design to cover your chest to shoulder.

{ 8 } African tribal Tattoo

African tribal Tattoo
As the name suggests, these tattoo designs hail from Africa, and they reflect the culture of African tribes. These tattoo designs were considered to be alternatives for ornaments at that time, and the designs are often found very decorative.

{ 9 } Aztec Tribal Tattoo

Aztec Tribal Tattoo
The Aztecs were nomadic tribes in northern Mexico who are known for their tattoos which were drawn in vibrant colors with much detailing. Their tattoo mostly depicts their spiritual beliefs and culture. The Aztec Eagle Tattoo is one of the famous designs under this category.

{ 10 } Maori Tribe

Maori Tribal Tattoo
This type of tattoo originated from the Maori tribes of New Zealand which were named by them as moko. Most of these tattoo designs are quite large and can be the best option for sleeve and chest tattoos.

{ 11 } Samoan Tribal Tattoo

Samoan Tribal Tattoo
The Samoan tattoos are large in size and are mostly preferred by men and rarely by women. These tattoo designs represent peace, power, and protection and have a very complicated structure.

{ 12 } Dragon Tribal Tattoo

Dragon Tribal Tattoo
The dragon design is one of the famous designs in the tribal genre and can be inked in many different styles. These tattoos will look majestic when wore on shoulders and is mostly preferred by men as they find it more powerful.

{ 13 } Small Tribal Tattoo

Small Tribal Tattoo
Though most of the tribal tattoo designs are large in size, there are also certain small designs which can be concealed on wrist, fingers and back neck. Tribal designs contain many small yet creative symbols which will suit people who are looking for a small tattoo design.

{ 14 } Tribal Forearm Tattoo

Tribal Forearm Tattoo
The forearm is the best place for having a tattoo as it is most visible and muscular enough to showcase the detailing of a tattoo. A tribal tattoo on forearm will appear more appealing than any other type of tattoo as are specifically designed to suit the forearm.

{ 15 } On Shoulder

Tribal Shoulder Tattoo
Tribal Tattoo designs for shoulder mainly consists of sharp as well as twisted geometrical designs and flames with ancient tribal symbols. These tattoos are mostly made in dark black ink and are popular among men who are muscular.

{ 16 } Tribal Wolf Tattoo

Tribal Wolf Tattoo
The wolf is an animal that represents instinct, independence, and uniqueness. The incorporation of a wolf in tribal tattoo designs simply looks fabulous, and there are a lot of wolf tribal tattoo designs available. Both men and women prefer these tattoos.

{ 17 } Leg Tattoo

Tribal Leg Tattoo
There are specific designs in the tribal theme for tattoos on legs. These designs are large enough to cover the whole leg as well as parts of legs. Leg tattoos are preferred by both men and women, and tribal leg tattoos are designed in such a way to suit the different parts of legs such as the knee, thigh, and the calf muscles.

{ 18 } Tribal Cover up Tattoo

Tribal Cover up Tattoo
Choosing a tribal tattoo as a cover-up for your old tattoo is the best choice as tribal tattoos are generally very complicated in design and can easily cover up your older tattoo. They are also very dark which will over-shadow the traces of your previous tattoo.

{ 19 } Chest Tattoo

Tribal Chest Tattoo
Tribal chest tattoos mostly extend from one side of the chest to its arm, and the design is basically dynamic in nature. These designs look very creative and include geometric shapes, flames, spears, and other small symbols.

{ 20 } Bear

Bear Tribal Tattoo
Bear tribal tattoos are very attractive and can be concealed or extended to suit any part of the body. Some of the famous designs of tribal tattoos incorporating bear are the bear claws, bear face, and the screaming bear. These designs are simple yet beautiful which will surely catch the attention of your circle.

{ 21 } Tribal Lion

Lion Tribal Tattoo
The tribal lion tattoo is preferred mostly by people who are of the sign Leo. The design of a roaring lion is one of the predominantly used lion tribal tattoos, and it can be the perfect design for covering your shoulders and chest.

{ 22 } Geometric Tribal Tattoo

Geometric Tribal Tattoo
The Geometric Tattoos are Truly Creative and Fabulous Designs which would suit both men and women. These designs include geometric shapes which are best suited for sleeve, arms, chest, and legs. These tattoos contain symbols that denote spirituality and religious significance.

{ 23 } Irish Tribe

Irish Tribal Tattoo
The Irish tribal tattoos are very much similar to the Celtic tribal tattoos. These designs incorporated complicated knots and curves and include symbols of trees, animals, and butterflies. These designs are suitable for inking your shoulders and sleeves.

{ 24 } Turtle Tribal Tattoo

Turtle Tribal Tattoo
The image of a turtle when incorporated into the tribal theme looks truly fascinating. Turtles are a symbol of strength and perseverance, and it also represents immortality. There are many varieties of turtle tattoos in tribal version, and it is most suited for decorating the shoulders.

{ 25 } Tribal Band Tattoo

Tribal Band Tattoo
One of the simplest and coolest designs in the tribal genre is the band tattoos. These type of tattoos are generally inked on the forearm and the biceps and is preferred mostly by people who are looking for a small yet appealing tribal tattoo. There is a wide range of band tattoos available in different sizes and designs.

{ 26 } Tiger Tattoo

Tribal Tiger Tattoo
The design of a tiger in the tribal genre is absolutely astonishing and is one of the best animal designs available in this genre. The image of a tiger face would look staggering when inked on the shoulder or the chest.

{ 27 } Tribal Sun Tattoo

Tribal Sun Tattoo
The tribal sun tattoo is the best choice for people who are looking for a small and ancient tribal tattoo design. There are numerous designs of sun available within the tribal genre which will appear appealing on the chest, back, and shoulder. Women on their wrists can host a small image of a tribal sun.

{ 28 } Tribal Moon Tattoo

Tribal Moon Tattoo
The tribal moon tattoo is another simple and small design which is preferred by people who are in love with nature and those who want small tattoos. There are a lot of designs depicting the different phases of the moon which can be manipulated to suit any part of the body.

{ 29 } Tattoo on Arm

Tribal Tattoo on Arm
Tribal tattoos on the arm are preferred largely by both men and women as they look more appealing on this part of the body. A large variety of tattoos are available in the tribal genre to cover the arms that are highly attractive and creative.

{ 30 } Tribal Phoenix

Tribal Phoenix Tattoo
The mythical phoenix bird is always an attractive creature, and it looks even more attractive when it is incorporated into a tribal design. The bird represents rebirth and perseverance and is chosen by both men and women. This idea can also be altered to suit any part of the body.

{ 31 } Tribal Face

Tribal Face Tattoo
Having a tattoo on the face is not encouraged by most people nowadays, but it was a normal practice among the people of ancient times. There are many tribal designs to cover up the whole face as well as decorate some regions of the face. The most famous person to host a tribal face tattoo is Mike Tyson.

{ 32 } Mexican Tribes

Tribal Mexican Tattoo
The Mexican tribal tattoos are designs much similar to the Aztec tattoos. These designs have symbols of ancient deities and their beliefs along with the symbols of animals, fire, and trees. The tattoos depict the culture of the Mexican tribes and are mostly preferred by South Americans.

{ 33 } Tribal Rose Tattoo

Tribal Rose Tattoo
The rose is one of the most favorite flowers of both men and women. It is a symbol of love and beauty which is opted in abundance when it comes to tattoo designs. The tribal form of a rose does not appear as soft as it appears in its regular form, but rather appears to be more sharp and dynamic.

{ 34 } Tribal Arrow Tattoo

Tribal Arrow Tattoo
The specialty of a tribal tattoo is that it adds more detail and creativity to any simple object that is being drawn in the tribal version. The arrow symbol is no expulsion to that, and its tribal version looks even more powerful and artistic than its normal form. This design is very well suited for tattoos on the forearm.

{ 35 } Tribal Cross

Tribal Cross Tattoo
The holy cross is one of the most sought symbols by tattoo enthusiasts, and its tribal form is much more attractive. There are numerous tribal cross designs available on the Internet to suit different body parts from neck to toe. This design is preferred by both men and women who are more into Christianity.

{ 36 } Foot Tattoo

Tribal Foot Tattoo
Most people do not prefer tattoos on foot by there are some who love to decorate their feet with beautiful and artistic designs. From cultural to spiritual themes there are a wide variety of foot tattoo designs available in the tribal category which would surely look more appealing than other tattoo styles.

{ 37 } Tribal Neck Tattoo

Tribal Neck Tattoo
Having a tattoo on neck is preferred by both Men and Women, and there cannot be a better design of tattoo to suit your neck other than a tribal tattoo. These designs are purely fabulous and attractive. But you have a bare a lot of pain to have them on your neck.

{ 38 } Tribal Armband Tattoo

Tribal Armband Tattoo
The tribal armband tattoos are a simple design to decorate your forearm. They may look simple at a glance, but the creativity and the detailing in these designs can only be witnessed by having a close look at the tattoo. The armband tattoos are suitable for both men and women.

{ 39 } Tribal Back Tattoo

Tribal Back Tattoo
The ancient tribes used to have tattoos covering their whole body, and they have left us enough designs to decorate ours as well. Tattoos covering the whole back are preferred nowadays by both men and women, and if you are one among them, you can blindly opt for a tribal design.

{ 40 } Cherokee Tribe Tattoo

Cherokee Tribal Tattoo
These are tattoo designs created by the Cherokee Indian tribes, and it generally depicts the cultural style and the religious beliefs of these people. These designs mostly include feathers and symbols those people used to denote various elements and star signs.

{ 41 } Wrist Tattoo

Wrist Tribal Tattoo
Tattoos on the wrist are worn by both men and women, and they prefer tribal tattoos the most to decorate their wrists. The main reason for this is the abundance of eye-catching designs and detailing. Wrist tattoos come in various densities in the tribal theme which would suit all genders.

{ 42 } Indian Tribe

Indian Tribal Tattoo
The Indian tribes have been practicing the art of tattooing for many centuries, and their designs mainly emphasize their long-standing culture and religious ideas. Their tattoos are comprised of symbols of nature, snakes, tiger, and the sun.

{ 43 } Feminine Tribal Tattoo

Feminine Tribal Tattoo
Females wear tattoos on various parts of their body from head to toe. All tribal cultures have separate designs for females with their own significant features. Most of the tattoo designs for women have a curvy structure to suit their body types.

{ 44 } Ankle Tattoo

Ankle Tribal Tattoo
Ankle tribal tattoos are mostly band type tattoos which are drawn around the ankle with several layers. These bands may sometime extend up to the calf, and there are also simple single band designs just to decorate the ankle. Ankle tattoos are worn predominantly by women than men.

{ 45 } Thigh Tribal Tattoo

Thigh Tribal Tattoo
Tribal tattoos can also be worn on thighs as there are so many specific designs created to suit the part. The tattoos inscribed on thighs are mostly larger in size, and they mainly contain spears, flames, and geometric symbols.

{ 46 } Flower Tattoo

Flower Tribal Tattoo
Tribal tattoos that carry designs of flowers are mostly from the Celtic tribal background. Tribal flower designs are available both for men and women, and they mostly have sharp finishing and curvy lines around the flower.

{ 47 } Elephant Tribal Tattoo

Elephant Tribal Tattoo
The symbols of elephants in tattoo designs mostly hail from the African tribal tattoos. The face of an elephant is one of the most famous designs which can be worn on the chest, arms, or calf muscles. Women generally wear elephant tattoos on their back.

{ 48 } Matching Tattoo

Matching Tribal Tattoo
Matching tattoos are worn either by couples or by the same person on both of their arms or legs. These types of tattoos are mostly designed in such a way that they become complete when both the tattoos are brought together. Tribal designs have a huge variety of matching tattoos that can be worn on arms and legs.

{ 49 } Tribal Tattoo for Couples

Tribal Tattoo for Couples
Couples Generally a wear Tattoo to Express Their Love for each other which are mostly matching tattoos. These types of tattoos are mostly worn on their forearms as the design would appear complete when the couple holds their hands. Tribal tattoos have both simple and complicated designs for couples.

{ 50 } Flame Tribal Tattoo

Flame Tribal Tattoo
Most of the tribal tattoo designs will comprise the symbol of flame at least in one of its section. The flame design is one of the simple yet creative designs which are preferred by men mostly. Any image can be drawn under the flame theme, and it can be incorporated within any part of the body.

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