Top Reasons to Live in North Raleigh, NC

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Raleigh, North Carolina, is not only the home to James Beard-nominated chefs but is also the world’s largest high-tech R&D center in the US. It is also one of the most searched places for a fresh start. 

It is on its way to becoming the fastest-growing metro in the United States of America. This southern state does not only provide perfect accommodations at reliable rates but also provides the residents a chance to interact with the diverse cultural experiences. 

Do you need more reasons to choose this place as your following residential location? We have got you covered. 

Cost-effective Accommodations

You must be ecstatic to know that living in North Raleigh comes with many promises. The premium of them all is the living expenditures of this town are just a bit above the national average.

The prices are climbing a bit because of more recent migration. But this rise is nothing compared to the prices of the other regions. Even with a rise in the residential accommodations, the prices are still more affordable than in many other regions in America. Given below are some of the residential costs of living in the other regions of America. 

  • Raleigh, NC- $975
  • Atlanta, GA- $1086
  • Washington, DC- $1469
  • New York City- $1291
  • Denver, CO- $1265
  • Houston, TX- $992
  • San Francisco- $2639
  • Los Angeles- $1545

It has been expected the prices will go up in this region by a 6.7% till the following year. There are two factors for this rise: the increased interest of people in moving to north Raleigh and the second is low mortgage rates. All this points out that the real estate market in this town is witnessing a rise, and it is not expected to slow any time soon.

Affordable residential options are one of the main reasons people choose to move to this location in the south. You do not only get a house worthy of your expenses, but it is also a town full of opportunities. 

Educational Opportunities

Also known as the City of Oaks, North Raleigh offers a bundle of educational opportunities that are tough to beat. Thus living in north Raleigh is one hell of a decision if you have a passion for thriving forward in life. 

This place is home to the three best universities in the world. It has also been ranked as the 2nd most educated city in America. North Raleigh has North Carolina State University, an international leader in veterinary medicine. Then it is also close to the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill; it is also the nation’s first public university. Then it also has the research University of Duke. 

These educational institutes are tough to beat because of their educational reliability and the prestigious opportunities it provides the students with the best standard of education. If we are to discuss the statistics, the three colleges in a trinity bring up a 3 billion dollar revenue in the research and development department every year. NC State pulls funding of 6.5 billion dollars to the economy every year. 

Educational opportunities also indicate that the job quota is open, with over 91,505 new jobs every year. These numbers are pretty dependent if one is looking for a reason to move to north Raleigh. It is the best place for your child’s high education. 

Raleigh North Carolina Skyline

The Diversity of the Culture

A point that has been mentioned above is the diversified culture that is the trademark of this city of oaks. Moving to North Raleigh means opening your heart to one of the sprawling cities that is small but warm at heart. It hosts not only festivals but also sporting events; a person can experience all the hustle thanks to the locals’ efforts and the people who are moving to North Raleigh and are bringing colors of all types with them. 

Here is a sneak peek of the best fun that living in North Raleigh promises for all of its residents:

Hopscotch Music Festival 

It is one of the highlighted function of north Raleigh that brings together and welcome musical diversity from across the globe. It is also the right platform for bringing the musical community together under one roof for one big showdown. All this leads the spectators to the central stage present in the middle of the downtown. 

Those who have secured the tickets get to see the best of the musical performance that is as electric as it can get. This festival stretches for three days and also includes a city-wide celebration that moves across 12 walkable venues. 

North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences

Raleigh is host to one of the largest museums in the southeast, expanding on seven floors, displaying intricate detailing, and spanning over two city blocks- the North Carolina Museum of natural sciences. 

This museum is a place loved and adored by people of all ages. It does not matter if you are a fan of space meteorites or the anatomical structure of prehistoric predators. It also provides aesthetical value thanks to its aquarium. This museum is the perfect place if you want to catch the past, present, and future all in one location. 

Carolina Hurricanes

If you are a sports fan and have been following hockey, you are already aware of this one. Carolina Hurricanes is a Stanley cup winning ice hockey team, and Raleigh is the home of this prestigious trophy. The canes arrived at Raleigh in 1997 and brought all the excitement and zest with them. They played the home games in the immediate 19,000-seat PNC area. 

We believe that the reasons mentioned above are enough to convince you on the subject of moving to north Raleigh. If you need help with all the moving, you can get help from best North Raleigh Movers. They are the best in such regards!

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