35 Amazing Staircase Lighting Design Ideas and Pictures

Staircase Lighting

Staircases can be so much more than just conduits between different areas of a place. They can play an important role in setting the feel and look of a place. The clever engineering and artful construction of a staircase can bring beauty to a utilitarian feature of your place. A creatively built staircase can be a piece of art inspiring creativity and urging others to push the boundaries. Stairs are a key focal point in the house and can lead your eye from one place to another. Hence, proper staircase lighting is also a necessary part of interior design. Not only does it help show off the staircase design beautifully, it is also needed for safety purposes. Proper lighting can also help navigate the stairs during the night or in low light areas. Using interior lighting in stairs can also enhance its form and beauty.

For safety purposes, it is important to choose correctly which lights to use and where. Try to avoid lights that give off glares or give too little light. You should also consider the maintenance of lights before choosing to install them. The design, position, type, and style can affect the way it would look in lights. Hence, you should consider all of these practicalities as well as the ‘wow’ factor before opting for stairway lightings. Also, involve your lighting designer early in the design process so that the cabling, fixing locations and fixture specifications for your staircase lighting can be incorporated at the correct stages of your build. Stair lighting can be subtle, dramatic or functional. It largely depends on the design, construction, and the desired look. Here are some amazing staircase lighting ideas and pictures that are sure to help you get that perfect look for your stairway.

{ 1 } Wall Recessed Stair Light at Every Step

Wall Recessed Stair Light at Every Step
The first idea is to add wall recessed stair lights at every step of the stairs. These recessed lights give a great effect in all kinds of stairs. You can decide how high or low to keep them according to your need as these lights are recessed in the walls. Their height will also affect the amount of light that washes over the stairs. For more lighting keep it a little high while to have light wash over only the corners, keep it a little low.

{ 2 } Narrow Stair Lighting

Narrow Stair Lighting
Basement Stair Lighting By John Cullen Lighting
For a narrow staircase, it is important to choose a light that is not too bright or too low. Very low lights can make the stairway appear dark and gloomy. Wall recessed lights are also a good option here. Pair them up with two-way lighting wall sconces for landings and you can have a beautifully lit stairway right inside your house.

{ 3 } Recessed Lighting on Alternate Stair Riser

Recessed Lighting on Alternate Stair Riser
A strip of LED lighting By Canal
Recessed lights can also be installed on the stair risers and are in fact better at lighting up the whole treads. If the lights used are not low-voltage, and are installed in the middle of every alternate riser, they can light up the whole staircase without making it too bright.

{ 4 } Floating Stairs Wall Recessed Light

Floating Stairs Wall Recessed Light
Piano Under Staircase By Creative Spaces Architects | Photo By Willem Rethmeier
For floating stairs without any risers, install recessed lights in the walls at regular intervals. Keep the lights high enough to light up the stair treads properly so that the floating design of the stairs is clearly visible.

{ 5 } Classic Stair with Runners

Classic Stair with Runners
The use of stair runners with proper lighting can make your stairs look beautiful and classic. The lights bring out the patterns and textures of the runners. They also uplift the atmosphere.

{ 6 } Lighting on the Back Stairs

Lighting on the Back Stairs
Traditional Style Old Country House By Brilliant Lighting
You can also light up a U-shaped back stairway with a few well placed recessed lights. These lights lift the mood and add character to the stairs.

{ 7 } LED Stair Strip Lighting

LED Stair Strip Lighting
Another great way for staircase lighting is using LED strips. When used on the front of the stair treads, they can enhance the floating look of these stairs. They make the stairs look sleek, modern and at the same time simple. They are a great way to enhance the look of a simple stairway or show off the design features of a stylish one.

{ 8 } Under Step Lighting

Under Step Lighting
It means placing the light strips below the front of the stair treads. This helps in illuminating the entire stair tread. The yellowish lights on the stairs make it look like a glowing pathway.

{ 9 } Classic Golden Light for a Stylish Stairway

Classic Golden Light for a Stylish Stairway
Staircase Handrail Stainless Steel By Cerami Builders, Architect By Gustave Carlson Design | Photo By Paul Dyer
Golden lights look great with wooden floors and stairs. Surrounding the stairs on all sides with soft golden lights makes them appear glowing. Focused downward, the lights do a good job of lighting up the entire stair tread.

{ 10 } Elegant Wooden Stairs Golden Lights

Elegant Wooden Stairs Golden Lights
Decorative Shelves Under Stair By Larson Shores Architects
Wooden stairways and golden lights make a good combination. The design of this winding stairway makes it easy to hide the lights under the stair treads. These focused lightings can light up the stair properly. Installing these lights at regular intervals makes the stairs look simple but elegant.

{ 11 } Basement Stair Lighting

Basement Stair and Strip Lighting
For this floating stairway to the basement, LED strips are a great option. They provide ample light as well as give the stairs a great look. You can also bring some color to your house by using accent lights as shown above.

{ 12 } LED Strip Underneath Stair Treads

LED Strip Underneath Stair Treads
Wooden Spiral Staircase By MWA Inc | Photo By Jon M
This wooden spiral staircase with its unique design is amazing in itself. The accent LED strips not only enhance its beauty but also to keep the focus on the uniqueness of its design.

{ 13 } Stair Riser Base Lighting

Stair Riser Base Lighting
Adding LED lighting to the base of the riser in these straight stairs enhance its look and provides proper lighting to the stair treads. Using yellow accent lights with wooden stairs and white walls make this enclosed stairway look bigger, brighter, and classier.

{ 14 } Lighting Along Winding Stairway

Lighting Along Winding Stairway
U Shaped Wooden Staircase | Poto By Espen Grønli
This winding stairwell is in an enclosed space. Hence to enhance its unique design and put the focus on its enclosed design, designers added light strips to the step corners that faced the wall. This way the wall reflects the light and spreads it in both upper and lower directions.

{ 15 } Single Side Wall LED Rope Lighting

Single Side Wall LED Rope Lighting
Modern Staircase Lighting By Artisans of Devizes
The white walls and floors and the open, spacious location provide this spiral staircase enough light as it is. Hence, the lighting here needed to be understated and not as the focus of the stairway. The LED rope light in the bottom trim of the stair wall lights up the staircase without becoming the focus of the design.

{ 16 } LED Rope Light Strip Under Railing

LED Rope Light Strip Under Railing
Contemporary Staircase By Tiffany Homes Colorado
This grand staircase owes its stunning look to the shimmering wallpaper and the rope light under the staircase railing. The grey-toned runner and the shimmering grey wallpaper make the stairs look designer and stylish. The LED lights enhance this effect and the accented light is bright enough to give it a look of grand opulence.

{ 17 } Spiral Stairs Wall and Railing Light

Spiral Stairs Wall and Railing Light
Brickfields, England Residence By Claudia Afshar Design
The LED rope lights installed under the railing of this spiral staircase enhances the simplicity of the design and also provides ample light. The LED ropes in the wall panels that run along the stairs also help light up the path. The classic white and wood combination, simple designs, and effective lighting make this staircase look absolutely stunning.

{ 18 } Yellow Light on Black Stairs

Yellow Light on Black Stairs
Take Your Staircase to the Next Level By Joachim King For Do Architecture
The brightness of the yellow lights nicely offsets the darkness of the black stairs. Installed in the wall side corner of the steps, these yellow lights highlight the stairs and make it the center of attention.

{ 19 } Stunning Rainbow Stairs Lighting

Stunning Rainbow Stairs Lighting
Rainbow Stairway By Cooley Androse | Photo By Moon Ray Studio
This staircase is truly a creative inspiration for anyone who desires to convert a simple staircase into a piece of art. Using a different colored linoleum glass for each stair in the staircase brings visual interest to the place. The rope lights on either side also give enough light to make it stand out. These stairs make the stark interior instantly cheerful.

{ 20 } Colorful Stair Riser Lighting

Colorful Stair Riser Lighting
This staircase lighting is stunning despite its simplicity. The stair risers are of glass and are colored in all sorts of color. Illuminated from within, they bring some much-needed color and personality to the place. It also adds a touch of mystery to everything.

{ 21 } Wooden Stairs Yellow Riser Lights

Wooden Stairs Yellow Riser Lights
Ultra Modern Stair Design By DIN Interior Design | Photo By Arturo Chavez
This curved staircase is as stunning as it is simple. The glass riser illuminated with yellow accent lights brings a splash of color to the white and wood interior. The lighting is not overly bright or low. It is perfect to illuminate the steps and maintain the visual interest of the room.

{ 22 } Illuminated Staircase Riser

Illuminated Staircase Riser
Unique Stair Design Ideas By SuperHit Ideas | Photo By Steven H Begleiter
This enclosed staircase is elegant as well as understated. The stair treads are of wood and are larger in length than normal steps. The risers are self-illuminated in white light. They are a little too bright in order to provide enough light to properly illuminate the whole step.

{ 23 } Fully Illuminated Tread With No Risers

Fully Illuminated Tread With No Risers
Glass Steps Stairs By CLB Architects | Photo Audrey Hall
This staircase would blend in perfectly with the rest of the walls if not for the illuminated steps. The fully lit stair treads make the stairs stand out in the midst of black and white decor. They provide enough light to become noticeable among the white walls and floors.

{ 24 } Glass Staircase Lighting

Glass Staircase Lighting
Floating Blue Staircase By Architonic
This floating blue staircase looks like something out of a sci-fi movie. Its floating design makes it look interesting. The lights are inside the stair treads which makes them look like they are glowing from within. All in all, this staircase is a style statement.

{ 25 } Two Style Recessed Stair Wall Lights

Two Style Recessed Stair Wall Lights
The Glass Pavillion By Steve Hermann.
This amazing staircase lighting is the result of combining two types of lighting. Wall recessed lights and wall side corner strip light fixtures used on alternative steps on opposite walls create a beautiful ambiance that uplifts the place’s beauty. You can make it even more beautiful by adding beautiful wall art or customized canvas wall prints from https://www.wallpics.com/ to enliven your memories and add some character to your stunning staircase design.

{ 26 } Rustic Staircase Stylish LED Lights

Rustic Staircase Stylish LED Lights
Rustic Stairs Barn Conversion By Landmarks West | Photo By I-Build Utah
This absolutely stunning staircase lighting fits in with the decor so well. The striking chandelier gives ample light and provides visual interest. But the show stealers are the wall recessed lights that are fitted so well in small pouches along the wall that they look like a part of the wall itself.

{ 27 } Stair Wall LED and Wall Lamps

Stair Wall LED and Wall Lamps
Wood Stairs With Carpet Runner By Alan E Brainerd Interiors | Photo By Michael Jacob
Another light design idea that you can use is LED lights. In this picture, medium sized LED lights are installed at the bottom corner of every alternate stair in the staircase. Additional light comes from the wall-mounted lamps placed at regular intervals.

{ 28 } Modern Staircase Wall Sconces

Modern Staircase Wall Sconces
Lighting Hang on Stairway Wall By MK Lighting
These wall sconces are beautiful, functional and easy to maintain. They also look amazing on the walls and give enough light to not need any other light fixture. These wall sconces fit in perfectly with the decor and enhance its farmhouse feel.

{ 29 } Traditional Stair Wall Sconces

Traditional Stair Wall Sconces
American Traditional Staircase By Kisarau Architect Ltd
If you want to go for the traditional or period look for your house, you should most definitely go for wall sconces as your staircase lighting fixture. Wall sconces are available in various designs. They have this old world vibe that looks absolutely amazing when used in the correct setting.

{ 30 } Traditional Candles on Stair Balustrade

Traditional Candles on Stair Banister
Decorate Candle on Staircase By Cordillera RanchStadler Custom Homes and A-design by GA
Elaborate and decorative balustrades emphasize the grandeur of the staircase and the home. Hence, if you have an elaborate Victorian balustrade, try going traditional with candelabras or candle holders installed on the balustrade. Then light up your staircase with candles and see the effect. It’s almost as good as traveling back in time to some old Victorian mansion!

{ 31 } White Stairway Wall Niches with Hanging Lights

White Stairway Wall Niches with Hanging Lights
Contemporary Foyer Lighting By Galilee Lighting
This all-white staircase is bright and beautiful in itself. However, what makes it truly stunning is the splash of red from hanging lights in the wall niches. Recessed lights on stair risers as well as wall recessed lights in the niches provide ample lighting to the staircase. The lights hanging in the niche add warmth, color, and interest to the stark interior.

{ 32 } Open Ceiling and Chandelier Lights

Open Ceiling and Chandelier Lights
New Elliptical Stair By Luigi Rosselli, Interior By Decus | Photo By Justin Alexander
This remarkable stairway uses many methods for staircase lightings. It has wall recessed LED lights on regular intervals all along the stairway. It also has an industrial chandelier that can provide lighting in three directions. However, its most unique feature is the open ceiling above the stair that provides natural staircase lighting during daytime.

{ 33 } Ceiling Hanging Lights For Stairway

Ceiling Hanging Lights For Stairway
Mint Lighting By McGann Architects | Photo By Nic Granleese.
The winding stairway has wall recessed lights at intervals to provide some illumination. Hanging lights on the ceiling along the stair walls add an artistic appeal to the place. They look amazing themselves and also give the staircase lighting a sleek and modern look.

{ 34 } Stairway Ceiling Spiral Hanging Light

Stairway Ceiling Spiral Hanging Light
Spiral Hanging Light By Jill Pfeiffer Design.
This spiral hanging light provides light along the curved staircase. It also creates a visual interest that makes the staircase lighting the center of attention in the room. Moreover, its beautiful spiral design adds a creative touch to the room interiors.

{ 35 } Ceiling Chandelier For Stairway

Ceiling Chandelier For Stairway
Contemporary With Beige Wall Curved By CS Architect | Photo By Peter Fritz Photography
This extraordinary chandelier only adds to the beauty of the equally stunning floating curved staircase. The golden accent light of the chandelier brings out the simple colors and flowing design of the stairs. This combination creates an incredible visual that uplifts the interior of the place.

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