13 Different Ways to Keep Your Home Warm During Every Winter

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Winter is approaching soon which means days will get shorter and colder. With the drops in temperature, it will certainly get colder outside as well as inside the home. It is important to keep your home warm and stay protected against a drop in temperature. Cold can affect your body’s ability to fight off viruses and infections making you vulnerable to diseases. Cold and damp homes are linked to poor health, especially for babies and small children, people who are ill and older people. Hence, it is essential for your family’s health that your house is warm and dry every winter. Let us look at some ways to keep your home warm and stay well every winter.

{ 1 } Sunlight During Daytime Throw Curtain

Transitional Dining Room Sunlight Curtain
Transitional Dining Room By Tobi Fairley Interior Design
Sunlight is the easiest and natural way to warm up your home during winters. We often use curtains to keep the sun out during summers, but in winters letting in the sunlight can warm up your room nicely and naturally. So, the best way to do this is to keep the curtains open during the day and closed during the night. You can use some throw curtains or light filtering curtains that reduce the sun’s glare but still let in ample light into the room and also offer privacy. We have some tips and ideas for How To Decorate Your Home Window Curtain Properly.

{ 2 } Electric Toe-Kick Heaters

Transitional Home Bar Mirror Subway Tile Backsplash
Mirror Subway Tile Backsplash By ML Interior Designs
Every house has some areas that are colder than the rest of the house. The kitchen is one such place. Toe-kick Heaters are discreet heaters that provide comfort in places where space is limited such as underneath kitchen cabinets, bathroom vanities and stairways. They provide economical heat to cold floor areas and are a really good way of heating up the kitchen during winters.

{ 3 } Move Sofa Near Fireplace

Sofa Near Fireplace Decoration Home Warm
Living Room with Fireplace Architecture By Weber Design Group, Interior By SOCO Interiors | Photo By Giovanni
This is a no-brainer! Placing your furniture near the fireplace or away from the doors will definitely help you keep the home warm. The warmth from the fire can spread through a room and help warm it up. But, placing your furniture near the fireplace helps you to keep warmer and cozy especially during winters. Although, you should make sure there is an appropriate distance between the fireplace and flammable items.

{ 4 } Don’t Use Carpet or Rug

Contemporary Kitchen Vintage Winter Floral Medallion Pink Border Rug
White Contemporary Kitchen Winter Rug By Melton Design Build | Photo By Studio Q
If your doors and windows stay open most of the day or night during winters, it may be a good idea to avoid using carpets or rugs during the winters. Carpets or rugs tend to get very dirty in sand and salt especially during the winter season. Not only that, but the cold draft in a chilly winter can make them cold and wet and lower the room’s temperature considerably. Using rugs and carpets may not be a good idea in places where there is a lot of cold draft in winters.

{ 5 } Decorate Mini Bar

Home Mini Bar Design
Home of Jon and Nina Via Design Sponge | Photo By Casey Curry
Winters are the time of the year when you use your mini bar the most. Home bars are a fixture in parties in winters. They are also a good way of avoiding the winter chill. So, go ahead and decorate your mini bar. After all, is there a better way to keep warm in winters than a glass of drink near a cozy fireplace?

{ 6 } Make Small Workout Space

Contemporary Home Balcony Gym
Natural and Industrial Tones Interior By CM Natural Designs | Photo By Chipper Hatter
Winters are that time of the year when we can exercise the most and get the maximum benefit out of it. Exercises help in blood circulation which helps keep us warmer. So, make a small space in your home for you to work out every day. This is a nice way of warming up in winters.

{ 7 } Thermostatic Shower

Bathroom Stone Wall Thermostatic Shower
Open Bathroom Stone Wall By ART Design Build
A thermostatic shower maintains an exact water temperature for the duration of your shower. It protects you from any sudden changes in the water supply to the shower. So, using a thermostat shower for winters is a good idea to keep warm and not get scalded by hot water in the shower!

{ 8 } Install Electric Floor Heat

Contemporary Bedroom Concrete Electric Floor Heat
Bedroom Concrete Floor Freestyle Joinery P/L
In an electric floor heating system, a series of electric wires are installed beneath or within the flooring as a means for heating an area or room. A thermostat on the wall usually controls the temperature room by room. after installing this complete heating system you won’t need any other sources of heat. Compared to other systems, this is a simple, cheap, quick and insulated solution to keep your home warm every winter.

{ 9 } Fireplace in Every Room

Mid-Sized Wood Brown Floor Home Office
Wood Brown Floor Home Office By P. Scinta Designs | Photo By Jim K Decker
If installing electric floor heating is not an option for you, you can also install fireplaces in all the rooms. Fireplaces can keep a room pretty warm and they also add a rustic charm to their surroundings. They make any room look instantly cozy and welcoming.

{ 10 } Move to Small Space Room

Guest Eclectic Bedroom Vintage Chandelier and Mirror
Vintage Chandelier, Mirror and Floral Mural By Anna Forkum | Photo By Anthony Masterson
Compared to a large room, A Small Room is Always Warmer. It is much easier to stay warm in a small space or a small room as the room once heated stays warmer for a longer time. As space is less, it also gets heated up faster. Hence, moving to a small space room during a chilly day or night is a better and more feasible option.

{ 11 } Ventilation Between Rooms

Brick Wall Dining Room High Ceiling Home
Reclaimed Fir Timber Beams and Wood Staircase By Wood Anchor | Photo By Chan
The right type of ventilation between rooms can help in keeping the home warm. It is possible to circulate warm air throughout the home with proper ventilation to keep it warm. You can use vent fans, room-to-room ventilators or heat transferring kits to achieve this. This is a good way of keeping your whole home warm.

{ 12 } Candle Decoration Ideas

Shabby Chic Style Hall Wall Mirror and Candle Decoration
Inner Upstairs Hallway Candle Decoration By Colin Cadle
Decorate your home with candles to get that warm winter feeling. Candles may not produce enough heat to warm up your entire home, but they can warm up a small space in your home. They can also be a great decoration. You can make candle terrariums or candle lanterns. You can also use candelabras, glass candles, glass trifle arrangement or mason jars filled with candles for your home decor. Candle decorations can bring a warm and cozy feeling to any room.

{ 13 } Electric Blankets

Dark Bedroom Interior Design
An electric blanket is a good way of keeping your bed warm and comfortable during winters. It is easy to use and washable and can warm up your bed nicely. It is a good alternative to other ideas that are costlier or difficult to carry out. Electric blankets are cheaper, comfortable and hassle-free solution to keep your home warm.

TIP: A much more reliable and efficient way to heat your home also can be a central heating system. Modern households are using the latest central heating system to be smart. It allows you complete control of when to heat your home and how warm to have it. First time central heating grants are available from the government under ECO home scheme.

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