20 Trendiest Stacked Bob Haircuts of 2019

Stacked Bob Haircuts

It won’t be much time from now that your mailboxes fill up with chocolates, party invites and people singing carols door to door.

And definitely, you would love to bash them all!? Oh wait wow; we need to get this here, Disclaimer: people are not expected to become kangaroos with red boxing gloves through the literal meaning of the lines.

Well I mean probably you want to bash and rock the trendiest and the most suitable hairstyle on you, right? Well, obviously do I even have to say what fills up space immediately when talked of the hottest hairstyles in 2019, it has to be the amazing, confident yet sexy and what not hairstyle, the Stacked Bob Haircuts. Who aren’t very sure of what stacked bobs are, then frankly this imply to be any sort of a bob haircut wherein the hair is chopped into very detailed layers and each layer is very short and is shaped according to the hairstyle of the bob. And if we are talking about a bob then it consists of any hairstyle which has been shortened than the lengths considered as long or medium hair.

Alright if that’s enough for all the information we had to gather if not a very regular hairstyle enthusiasts, let’s snip into our parlour amazing hairstyles we bring to you today.

Here is the list of all the amazing Stacked Bob Haircuts you must try to get a sassy confident look.

{ 1 } Burgundy Waves Bob Haircut

Stacked Bob Haircuts
Wow! That something absolutely well suited for a Christmas or new-year party added to the factor that amazing burgundy color has its elegance and resembles the color of the reddish purple hue of red wine and similar beverages. This haircut is an absolute hit considering the uneven look it has to its ending part which gives it the very natural messy look without much trouble. This Look is further completed with an additional touch of the wavy curves above the ears, and this haircut ends a bit above the ending of the neck.

{ 2 } Platinum Pink Blonde Bob Cut

Stacked Bob Haircuts
Did you people just look at the image of this beautiful haircut, (yup, the girl looks beautiful as well.)

How this hairstyle has all the fantastic colors incorporated into one which was very trendy this year, especially the good blending has made the look even better. The best part about this haircut is how the locks have not been simply dyed silver platinum, but also it has been changed into pink platinum with a hint of being a rose gold shade as well.

And if moving on from how well the colors have been chosen, blended and incorporated, let’s talk of another thing that catches our attention right after we see this picture, the way how the cut has been done, it’s diagonal!

Yes, it’s a diagonal cut which means it’s an asymmetrical bob wherein the lengths of the hair strand increase as they go further down towards the face whereas they are shorter on the top and middle parts of the head. This particular in the picture is a few are diagonal which goes on increasing the length of the hair strands towards the face.

This job haircut features an intense and slanted slope cut in comparison checkout the one below this.

{ 3 } Blonde Curls Bob

Stacked Bob Haircuts
This is the style which suits a lot of people majorly due to how natural the look appeals first-person standing in front of you because of the curls that the style flaunts. Also, the color of the hair makes it very appealing along with the fact this bob cut is a very slight slope when compares to the picture mentioned above this. The haircut has a clean chopped look to its ending and this sort of a hairstyle suits for a wedding and fairy-tale stories or like wedding profile days and meetups.
Look closer, that’s just not it, we have amazing different thick streaks of the color of blondes, a mix of platinum and gold along with brownish black might be one of the natural colors of the person.

{ 4 } Simply a True Asymmetrical Bob Cut

Stacked Bob Haircuts
This picture depicts how a simple and a very classic asymmetrical bob haircut looks like. This haircut does not feature any extra textures that have been added to the simple hair and hence the picture remains very true to how it would look without any additional textures or spray bottles. The length of the front part of the bob is very long and goes around a bit more than the shoulder length of the person. The ending bits of the hair is not very looked up in and have been made into a specific pointed hair strand group wherein the ends have very less amount of hair coming.

{ 5 } Blue Vibes Summer Mary Quant

Stacked Bob Haircuts
Oh, this very look reminds me directly of Mary Quant who in the year 1964 cut her hair into a very short bob which had a pixie crop sort of look and ended around the ear region along with a few strands acting as the front forehead fringes. This Look in the picture is probably an inspiration front the same wherein the inspiration has been modified by adding curled up effect and the hues of funky matching colors like platinum locks and bright blue colors. The curled hair is decidedly less wavy and has a natural wavy look throughout the haircut and the best way I can probably think of flaunting it is by creating a middle partition.

{ 6 } Simple Shiny Brown Gold Bob Cut

Stacked Bob Haircuts
The hair bob which had been shown in the picture is very silky in its outlook due to spraying a shine gloss spray which gives it a very clean sleek smooth hair feel.

This particular picture shows the length of the longest hair strands in the entire bob cut and goes a bit beyond the ear region mark.

{ 7 } Smooth Silky Chocolare Brown and Gold Look With Bob Cut

Stacked Bob Haircuts
This chocolate might be an inspiration to those who‘re always trying to create and form new styles which might trend through their posts on social media overnight. The overall look is adorable definitely and using a few strands that can be used blonde. The look gives us the vibes of dried combed washed hair due to its light curves and slightly messy outlook. This style has been experimented by keeping the hair only a bit lower than the ear and ending just nearly above the shoulder.

{ 8 } Natural Fade Yellow Blonde Bob Cut

Stacked Bob Haircuts
This Look depicted in the picture has an exquisite type of charm to it. The curls simply give beach vibes, and the hair color had been taken care of as being a bit darker than the front portion of the hair. The overlook at the end becomes the messiest with looks of a rough cut, 5his hairstyle is a cool version since it is very empowering and liberating sort of a hairstyle. The hair is divided in two parts wherein the partition is a bit aligned towards one of the sides of the head.

{ 9 } Power Pink and Peaches Jaw With a Bob Cut

Stacked Bob Haircuts)
This is simply one of the most expressive feminine look in the overall article wherein the hair strands have been hues in the b3ts shades of protesting feminine tones which includes a streak of pink, a strong platinum pink, thick brown strand and lastly some highlighting platinum rose gold streak on the middle portion of the side view.

The look on the overall is spotless and is not at all messy, the texture is good and is not accompanied by any messy or any rough cut areas. The hair has been cut in a way that the ends end up around the jaws, and hence it makes it the jasmine bob cut.

Also, the slope of the diagonal cut is not very high, looks natural and not a very over hype, and of course the last is again beautiful with that innocent, pure smile.

{ 10 } All Rolls Parted Asymmetrical Bob Cut

Stacked Bob Haircuts
If rolls are your styles, then do not forget to try out this sort of a style next summer or whatever season you think it would suit the best. This style reminds me of the judge would always be delivered these very heavy ROLLED up hair in the American or Western movies.

This particular picture depicts how the hair has been left on its very natural form, and texture except the fact it has been hair rolled and the front of the hair had been long as compared to the back parts, and hence it is a very slight asymmetrical sort of the bob cut. The hair had been side-parted in the picture.

{ 11 } Messy Blonde Bob

Stacked Bob Haircuts
This hairstyle is for those who have this sort of a mixed blonde of the champagne and pale bond. The picture depicts the bob cut to be around the ear, and the hair is given a tangled sort of wavy light curls to compliment.

{ 12 } Brown Black Layered Stack Bob

Stacked Bob Haircuts
If you notice very carefully in the given picture then you would notice how the crown part of the head had been given very short strands of hair along with a decent overall look. This style is very minimalistic and does not add any overboard element to it.

{ 13 } Candy Floss Asymmetrical Bob

Stacked Bob Haircuts
Have you ever seen a candy floss? How it is so kinky and sweet. The same is the case with the hair in the picture given. It flaunts some amazing straight asymmetrical hair that goes about 3 inches below the jawline cut.

The look here does not have any type of curls or waves and is plain throughout.

{ 14 } Rugged Serious Blonde Bob

Stacked Bob Haircuts
OH! Well if you are going to be all dapper with the leather jackets and boots and flaunt the dapper style which is no less than the boys out there, then it’s absolutely recommended to go for this look which has slight curls here and there which are pretty much visible and are placed around with messy hairy bits. The front portion strand had been kept longer and thick with a light blonde highlight and the part shorter before it crosses the ear length and has a straight cut without any much visible slope or diagonal.

{ 15 } Natural Brown Fluffy Bob

Stacked Bob Haircuts
This picture depicts the bob cut to be made in very natural hues of the hair color and does not have any highlights or additional contrast colors to it. It has a feature of a volume lift giving especially around the crown region of the head. This lofty peak volume is majorly due to the short layering being done at the top that helps to lift the overall hair outlook.

{ 16 } Burned Brown Blonde Bob

Stacked Bob Haircuts
The picture illustrates and depicts the lady having full neck length hob haircut with shades of gold, blonde and brown spread throughout her hair. This bob cut also had wavy and messed look. The main attraction of the overall look is how beautifully the 9 had been presented and given volumetric lift curls and messy look. Perfect for dining out or a movie.

{ 17 } Clean Zinc Blonde Straight Hair Bob

Stacked Bob Haircuts
This haircut is very sleek and does not have much curl element to it as it goes straight throughout and has a length to the jawline which makes it a bad line bob cut. The depicted picture had only one highlighted streak to give it an elegant wine look.

{ 18 } Natural Sleek Black Bob

Stacked Bob Haircuts
As shown in the picture, the haircut does not have any sort of curls element and is straight throughout as well, just like the few haircuts shown above. This haircut flaunts a slope from the back of the head to a bit above the neck.

{ 19 } Luxurious Purple, Red, Black Bob

Stacked Bob Haircuts
Well, this is definitely one of the sexiest style hues on the list. The purple and reddish tint along with black gives a lovely mulberry vibe and goes well with the winter season. The one shown in the picture depicts.

A layer of curled hair strand can be seen in the front part of the bob haircut.

The back cut is more like a regular boys style or a funky daring boys haircut.

This hairstyle hue resembles the first one of the list which also had a similar tone of colors.

{ 20 } Jet Black, No Highlights, Straight Bob Cut

Stacked Bob Haircuts
As you would have probably seen in the picture, it shows up a very natural jet black hair cut without any curls and is straight throughout.

Well, that was it for today’s article.

Was that enough to make you choose one of your styles for this season, good luck picking your best go.

And don’t forget that bob cuts also depend upon the face type, the skin tone, the way your hair has texture and obviously how you want to look.

You probably would like to consult your hair stylist before you decide on going with one of those hairstyles because even though this hairstyle can be the prettiest, most daring and confident, it can also be the worst since you make it or either break it.

So until the next time, SNIP SNIP!

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