Sharing Your Food With Your Dog – Healthy Or Not?

With dogs being liked and surrounded by humans, they also share a lot of things with us. Apart from the shelter, we are used to sharing some of the food with them. Even Though we do have different selective Dog food to offer them, sometimes we share something with them which could be not healthy for them or can harm them.

A lot of these you might have heard of, but here’s the list of few human food you should keep away from them:

  1. Avocado: You might be surprised with it being not good for dogs as it seems to be perfectly healthy for humans, but Avocado contains a toxin named Persin which could be hazardous for the lungs of your dog.


  1. Raisins and Grapes : These being one of the most hazardous human foods for dogs have a history of dogs getting into trouble or facing serious medical conditions after eating raisins as it affects their kidneys.
  2. Chocolates: You might have noticed your dog being tempted for the chocolate as soon as you open it, they actually love the sweetness of it, but studies have proven that chocolates can be harmful to them and we should avoid feeding chocolates to them, especially dark chocolate.
  3. Alcohol: No, we didn’t mean having beers with dogs, there are a few products that contain alcohol like Perfumes & Deodorant, Mouthwash, Paint and some cleaning products which could also make the dog suffer with seizures, vomiting and breathing issues.
  4. Sweet candies/chewing gum or toothpaste: Although there are the least chances of dogs eating these but as they contain some alcohol-based sugar which can affect their liver. If you want to keep your dog’s teeth healthy, you can use toothpaste specially made for dogs or plaque preventive dog chews.


  1. Caffeine : Tea, Coffee or any other drink that might have caffeine in it should be kept away from the reach of your dogs as they could result in excessive thirst and lack of control.

There are other few food/food items that may harm your pet and should be avoided such as

    • –  items containing yeast such as raw yeast dough, as it may raise bloating issues.
    • –  Anything containing salt as it might lead to salt poisoning, tremors or other illness.
    • –  Any food containing Onion or Garlic.
    • –  Rotten fruits as they can result in alcohol poisoning
    • –  Cheese

If your dog wants some of your food you can give them some Carrots, Eggs, Tomatoes, Green Peas, Chicken, Beef, Pork.

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