15 Utterly Gorgeous Shabby-Chic Living Room Design Ideas

Beach Style Decor With Vintage Touch

The shabby-chic style of design is all about letting the original beauty of an element become the highlight of the design. It evokes a rustic, relaxed look of the 90s era. But it can also be soft, elegant, and glamorous. This design style is versatile and adaptable. Hence, it is quite a popular style in interior designing. This decor style is vibrant but relaxed. The colors are pastels or neutrals and the decor is easy on the eyes with subtle harmony. However, this look isn’t easy to create. When it comes to decorating in this style, living room interior design is where you can let your imagination run free. A shabby-chic living room design should strike the perfect balance between looking relaxed and elegantly pulled together. The decor should look effortlessly casual and put together.

The shabby-chic decor highlights items with an antique or weathered look. Neutral colors with bright pastel accents define the color palette of this style. Although, sometimes this style also features a bold and glamorous color palette. Soft textures, feminine prints, laces, and frills are another feature of this decor. Generally, using weathered or antique furniture gives this look. However, you don’t necessarily require new furniture. In fact, the best way to achieve a shabby-chic look is with refurbished pieces and antiques. And if you don’t have old or antique pieces, you can also use distressed furniture to get that old or weathered look. This makes the shabby-chic design style very budget friendly and easy to incorporate even by a layman. Here are some gorgeous shabby-chic living room design ideas for you to turn your living room into a classy and elegant retreat.

{ 1 } Vintage Shabby-chic Living Room Design

Vintage Shabby Chic Living Room Design
Vintage Furniture And Elegant Design In Avondale Bungalow By Gordon And Johnson Interiors | Photo By Jessie Preza
The main characteristic of shabby-chic style is the use of weathered or antique furniture and mid-century modern style. Take this room for example. The decor certainly fits the mid-century modern style. The antique secretary desk, armoire, and center table are all vintage and give a period look to the decor. The floor lamps with their vintage-style design further add to the shabby-chic look of the room. Moreover, the flower print curtains, upholstered armchair, and cozy setting enhance the chic feel of the room. The soft and floral decor gives the room a feminine touch.

{ 2 } Soft Colors Shabby-chic Room Decor

Soft Colors Shabby-Chic Room Decor
Cozy Beach Style Shabby-Chic Living Room Decor By Natalia Zubizarreta Interiors | Photo By Erlantz Biderbost
The shabby-chic style is often about creating a balance between a casual setting and a pulled-together look. The decor should look casual and put together but in an effortless manner. This living room is a perfect example of the same. The beach vibes of the decor give the room a casual and relaxed feel. White walls and white furniture make the place feel brighter and more spacious. Wooden center table, soft wool rug, and table lamps give a vintage look to the decor. Linen poufs and cozy throws add a cozy feel to the room. The various pillows in different colors and patterns give the room a soft and feminine touch. The pastel tones of the colors is also a nod to the shabby-chic style design.

{ 3 } Clean Sophisticated Living Room Design

Clean Sophisticated Living Room Design
Neutral Tones In Soft Traditional Living Room Design By Abby Suzanne Interiors
Many people would agree that the shabby-chic style is about creating a cluttered yet put-together look that is shabby as well as elegant. Take this beautiful living room for example. Despite a cluster of furniture and accessories, this living room is very clean and clutter-free. Everything in the decor looks effortlessly balanced. Even though there’s a lot of furniture, it is placed in a symmetrical fashion. The all-white upholstery and furniture give the room a uniform and organized look. Also, the patterned mauve area rug brings some softness and color to the decor. Vintage tables, antique wall mirror, table lamps, chandelier, colorful pillows, and frilly upholstery, all give the room a shabby-chic look!

{ 4 } Dark Walls Cozy Living Room

Dark Walls Cozy Living Room
Dark And Glamorous Shabby-chic Living Room Design By Christal Clear Designs
The shabby-chic decor is famous for its soft and bright decor and neutral colors. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t have shabby-chic style interiors with dark walls. This living room is a perfect example. The dark walls of the room have a weathered look to them. Add to that the wooden floors and window blinds and the room looks decidedly more shabby-chic already! However, the modern sectional sofa and glass center table add a modern touch to the decor. The satiny curtains, fuzzy and shiny pillows, and cozy area rug give the room a glamorous look. Moreover, the ceiling light also adds to the glamour of the interiors!

{ 5 } Victorian Touch Shabby-chic Room Decor

Victorian Touch Shabby-Chic Room Decor
A Beautiful Blend Of Fresh And Scruffy In Shabby-chic Living Room By Rachel Ashwell | Photo By Amy Neunsinger
The beautiful juxtaposition of old and new that this decor creates adds character to the living room. The threadbare look of the center table, side table, cupboard, and area rug give the decor an aged and edgy look. On the other hand, the wood-framed windows, gold-colored nightstands, table lamps, vintage chairs, floor lamp, and a stunning crystal chandelier give the room a traditional look. Comfortable sofa, pillows, and colorful flowers give the room a soft and feminine look. The green motif wallpaper brings color and pattern to the decor. It also gives the room a traditional mid-century look favored by shabby-chic styles. All in all, this living room is a beautiful blend of fresh and scruffy decor!

{ 6 } White And Wood Shabby-chic Decor

White And Wood Shabby-Chic Decor
Warm Wood And Cool Whites In Shabby-chic Living Room Design By Dreamy Whites
This white and wood living room is a beautiful mix of sophisticated and shabby-chic. The weathered wooden table, chair, and the door and window frames give the room a shabby-chic look. Similarly, the vintage crystal chandelier adds to the vintage-chic look of the room. The comfortable sectional sofa and the many pillows bring warmth and coziness to the decor. The pastel pink pillows and blue glass jars bring color to the design. A vintage french enamelware pitcher with fresh flowers enlivens the room and brings vibrancy to the decor. Furthermore, the all-white decor makes this small living room design look spacious and bright.

{ 7 } Beach Style Decor With Vintage Touch

Beach Style Decor With Vintage Touch
Farmhouse Style Casual Chic Living Room Design By Styling Spaces | Photo By Kyle Gregory, Elegant Homes Photography
The casual and relaxed feel of the shabby-chic style is reminiscent of the beach style decor. Hence, it’s not very surprising to find some elements or decor pieces of one style in the other. This bedroom is a cool mix of beach style shabby-chic and farmhouse style interiors. Weathered furnishings and soft colors reflect a casual feel of the beach style living room designs. The country look of this living room with soft touches and casual feel is not easy to create. However, you can infuse some shabby-chic in your farmhouse style living room with weathered furniture like the coffee table or the gray lounge chairs with a worn look. You can also add vintage furnishings like the candle holders and chandeliers used here. Just don’t forget to keep the colors neutral and the room spacious and cozy!

{ 8 } Bright Accents Shabby-chic Living Room

Bright Accents Shabby-Chic Living Room
Cozy, Colorful Shabby-chic Living Room Design By Dafne Vijande | Photo By Carlos Arriaga
Shabby-chic decor always boasts of white or neutral color palettes to work as backdrops while the decor takes center stage. Although, colorful accents are added in a subtle and elegant way all through the design. These accents are mostly in pastels and soft colors. However, sometimes you need to use brighter shades to enliven dull decor and give character to the design. This living room uses bold colors in a creative way to make this room look sophisticated yet fun and casual. Rustic furniture, industrial floor lamp, and an abundance of soft pillows and cozy throws give the room a shabby-chic look. Colorful pillows and pouf along with some decor accessories bring color and accents to the decor. You can also bring bright bursts of color in your room with colorful prints and textures.

{ 9 } Farmhouse Style Cozy Chic Decor

Farmhouse Style Cozy Chic Decor
Cozy Comfort And Neutral Style Living Room In New England | Photo By Shelley Zatsky
A soothing color palette and casual seating areas create an inviting atmosphere in this shabby-chic living room. Neutral colors and simple layout gives the room a spacious and airy feel. A comfortable silhouettes M2M sofa and Safavieh Chloe club armchairs by the fireplace further add to the cozy atmosphere! Jute and wool area rug ties the whole decor together while the tan striped lumbar pillows bring some much-needed color to the decor. But you can see the shabby-chic touch in the design from the use of the weathered frame mirror decorating the fireplace mantel. The rustic accessories and the threadbare look of the area rug also give the room a shabby-chic look.

{ 10 } Bold Black And White Room Decor

Bold Black And White Room Decor
Stark Contrasts And Bold Colors In Shabby-chic Living Room Design By Juxtapose Designs
Soft and soothing is admittedly the general style of shabby-chic decor. However, this bold and striking shabby-chic design is also equally impressive! The stark contrast of white and black, light and dark is constant throughout the decor. A striped black-and-white area rug ties in the decor. A black sectional sofa contrasts with the white coffee table and armchair. Traditional style vintage black chair, armchair, floor lamp, and chandeliers give the room a shabby-chic look. Patterned mirrors, glass tables, and printed pillows bring color and style to the decor. When going for dark colors in shabby-chic style, you should go for bold and bright colors that pop against the lighter ones.

{ 11 } Elegantly Stylish Living Room Design

Elegantly Stylish Living Room Design
Grand, Luxurious Living Room In Shabby-chic Style By Fratantoni Interior Designers
Beautiful and grand, this living room is certainly one of the best shabby-chic interiors we’ve seen! Vintage furniture and mid-century style give the living room a shabby-chic look. You can get this look in your living room with minimum effort. Admittedly it is a little expensive if you don’t have antique or vintage furniture and have to buy. But it’s sure worth the expense! Keep the colors neutral and soft. Bring glamour to the decor with rich fabrics like velvet pillows and faux fur rugs. Traditional style antique or vintage furniture will look great with this setting. Add visual interest to the design with some great traditional style chandeliers.

{ 12 } Coastal Colors Shabby-chic Room Design

Coastal Colors Shabby-Chic Room Design
Soothing Colors Elegant Living Room By Natalia Zubizarreta Interiors | Photo By Felipe Schefel Bell
This soft and elegant living room with coastal accents is pretty standard for shabby-chic decor. The sophisticated and feminine feel of this living room is another feature of the shabby-chic decor. Herringbone floors and white walls add a mid-century look to the decor. White upholstery and white furniture make the small living room look brighter and more spacious. Weathered coffee table, side table, table lamp, and dresser further add to the shabby-chic look of the room. The soothing coastal blue and yellow accents bring some color and freshness to the room. A beautiful crystal chandelier draws the eye upwards and finishes the look.

{ 13 } Simple Functional Living Room Decor

Simple Functional Living Room Decor
Light And Bright Living Room In Lakeside Log Cabin | Photo By Jeff Jones Snap It Photography
A log cabin with such light interiors is already surprising. Add to it this elegant and shabby-chic interior and it becomes really unique! The beautifully painted cabin allows the decor to shine despite the small space. The rustic look of the cabin gives the room a shabby-chic feel. Along with the rustic look, the wooden side table and coffee table also give a threadbare feel. Comfortable sofa, Persimmon Armchair, Vanguard Furniture Darby Ottoman and bright red area rug give the room a warm and cozy feel. You can also make your living room look instantly brighter and more inviting. Just lather on some white paint or a light shade of gray to give your room a lighter feel.

{ 14 } Blush Pink Accents Room Decor

Blush Pink Accents Room Decor
Soft Pastel Colors Minimal Living Room Decor By Raymour and Flanigan Furnitures | Photo By Teresa Laucar
Minimalism and sleekness are not the features of shabby-chic design style. However, this minimalist living room decor is certainly shabby-chic despite having lesser decor elements. Bright white walls and simple minimal furnishings give this room a modern minimalist look. The Corliss loveseat, tasseled throw, area rug, and many patterned cushions bring some much-needed warmth to the stark white decor. The blush pink accents of the pillows and accessories in the room bring color and freshness to the decor. The shabby-chic decor is known for its cluttered yet organized look. However, this minimalist living room with its mid-century furniture and accessories and preference for pastels is certainly shabby-chic in decor.

{ 15 } Minimalist Shabby-chic Living Room Design

Minimalist Shabby-Chic Living Room Design
Neutral Minimal Decor With Bright Yellow Accents By Natalia Zubizarreta Interiors | Photo By Felipe Scheffel Bell
You can instantly notice the soft and feminine appeal of this room. The soft and bright colors, flower vase, and bright sunlight bring color and cheerfulness to the decor. The greenery and flowers lift the atmosphere and add freshness to the decor. Neutral wall and floor colors form a nice base for the decor while a simple area rug defines the living space. A comfortable daybed, sofa, and yellow ottomans make the room look warm and inviting. The beautiful modern style coffee table completes the look. All in all, this living room is indeed the perfect example of minimalist shabby-chic living room design. You can also get this look in your living room with some mid-century furniture and neutral color palette. All you need to do is arrange your living room furniture in a sleek and organized manner.

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