20 Appealing Mid-Century Modern Bedroom Decor Ideas

Grey Bedroom With Yellow Accents

Mid-century modern design is casual, simple, and unpretentious. The term most commonly refers to the styles that became popular after the Second World War. Most people agree that this period lasted from the mid-1930s to mid-1960s, despite some dissent regarding its starting. However, this style refers to more than just interior design. It also describes any architecture, furnishings, accessories, materials, and technologies that became popular at that time. Its timeless design and endless resonance across generations make it a standout among all other design styles. This design style is based on the belief that form follows function and design should bring comfort and practicality. Hence, it is one of the most popular and loved styles in interior design. Whether you go for a living room or a mid-century modern bedroom decor, this style can help you get a comfortable and stylish aesthetic.

The key features of this design are clean lines, gentle curves, uncluttered design, and the use of different materials. The interior in this style is fresh and vibrant with functional furniture and minimal ornamentation. When designing in Mid-century Modern style, look for furniture with simple lines and multiple uses. Stick to decor items with modern or geometric aesthetics. However, you can bring visual interest to your decor with bold pops of color and small ornate touches. This design style harbors a strong connection with nature. Hence, choose items made from natural materials such as wood, metal, and leather or cotton textiles. Another way to bring the outside in is by adding greenery to accent your design. Mid-century modern design combines yesterday’s style with today’s design to give the best of both worlds. Take a look at these inspiring bedroom decor ideas to bring this aesthetic into your interiors with style!

{ 1 } Simple Mid-century Modern Bedroom Decor

Simple Midcentury Modern Bedroom Decor
Soft Colors Simple Bedroom Layout In Orchid Remodel By Lindye Galloway Interiors | Photo By Jasmine Star
Cool whites and soft blues give this bedroom a serene and calm look. Large windows and glass doors open the bedroom to the view beyond while letting in ample sunlight. Warm brown wooden floors and bed bring warmth and color to the pristine decor. The wooden mid-century bed and glass nightstands are the only pieces of furniture in the room giving it a minimal, functional appeal. Their leggy design gives the room a spacious and airy feel. It is a typical feature of Mid-century Modern furniture. The cozy bedding, pillows, and area rug bring comfort to the design. A beautiful modern chandelier from Pottery barn adds a touch of style to the design. It also draws the eye toward the vaulted ceilings, another feature of Modern designs.

{ 2 } Bohemian Touch Mid-century Bedroom

Bohemian Touch Midcentury Bedroom
Colorful Bohemian Influences In Mid-century Modern Bedroom By Mary Hannah Interiors
Bold, bright colors and simple, uncluttered design make this mid-century bedroom a perfect retreat! White walls form a nice backdrop for the colorful accents. An arched headboard with nailhead trim brings elegance and style to the design. You can also add Bohemian influence to your plain bedroom with embroidered or tasseled curtains, bedsheets, colorful pillows, and patterned rugs. A stylish ceiling fan, table lamps, abstract art, and mirror complete the look.

{ 3 } Interesting Patterns Mid-century Modern Design

Interesting Patterns Midcentury Modern Design
Patterned Wallpaper Accent Wall Decor By Bohler Builders Group | Photo By Jana Bishop
The mid-century modern decor is also known for its use of patterns and textures in a design. To get this look in your bedroom you don’t need to work very hard. An interesting geometric or patterned wallpaper on the accent wall behind the bed is a good place to start. Then you can take inspiration from the wallpaper colors and decorate accordingly too. Leggy modern design furniture, patterned area rugs or carpet, colorful pillows, stylish lighting, and abstract art is all you need to complete the look. Don’t think too hard on what to buy or use. Simple changes and minimal decor are key to getting this look right!

{ 4 } Elegant Design Simple Modern Bedroom

Elegant Design Simple Modern Bedroom
Plaid Curtains Sophisticated Mid-century Modern Bedroom By Lindye Galloway Interiors
Simple and sophisticated, this bedroom is the epitome of contemporary mid-century modern design. The simple layout and sleek, modern style furniture give the room a modern look. Tufted headboard and ornate table lamps bring style to the decor. Carpeted floors, cozy bedding, and patterned area rug give the room a warm and welcoming vibe. However, the plaid curtains and pillow certainly bring the design together. The dark blue shade of the curtains is also reflected in the dark blue throw and pillows giving the room a uniform look. similarly, the wall art too reflects the pattern of the curtains. The gold finish on the art along with the golden pillows brings color and elegance to the design.

{ 5 } Tiled Floors Simple Bedroom Decor

Tiled Floors Simple Bedroom Decor
Minimalist And Simple Mid-century Modern Bedroom Decor By Tammara Stroud Design
Warm wood, white walls, and grey tiled floors are the standard in mid-century modern design. And that is also the color scheme of this small, minimalist bedroom! White bedsheets and stylish wall lamps act as a base for the design. Warm brown wood tones of the bed, bench, and nightstands bring warmth and natural look to the decor. The gray striped throw and pillow also reflect the gray color of the tiles! The wall art adds some visual interest to the design. Fresh greenery enlivens the room and gives the decor a fresh and vibrant look!

{ 6 } Fresh Orange Accents Mid-century Bedroom

Fresh Orange Accents Midcentury Bedroom
Vibrant And Bright Mid-century Modern Bedroom In Butterfly Alexander By Joel Dessaules | Photo By Michael Graham
Bright orange tones and innovative headboard design set apart this bedroom from all others! Bold orange walls, comforter, and pillows give the room a fresh and lively appeal. A creative grey headboard style design on the wall behind the bed balances the decor. The rest of the room including walls, vaulted ceilings, and tiled floors is all-white. Even the modern style nightstands and cabinets are white! Set against this plain white decor, the bright orange color pops and brightens the entire room!

{ 7 } Natural Materials Soothing Bedroom Design

Natural Materials Soothing Bedroom Design
Organic And Sustainable Bedroom Decor By Finne Architects | Photo By Benjamin Benschneider
One of the features of Mid-century modern design is the prominent use of different materials, natural and otherwise. Take this stunning bedroom for example. The consistent use of wood in the ceilings, walls, bed, and nightstands is a nod to the natural character of Modern design. It also helps that these materials are organic and promote sustainable living. However, the glass doors and concrete flooring offer a nice contrast to the natural design. The juxtaposition of the natural and artificial brings visual interest and contemporary touch to the decor. The modern style furnishings like the Hans Wegner armchair and wall lamps and warm wooden tones give the room a comfortable and cozy look.

{ 8 } Yellow Accents Bright Bedroom Design

Yellow Accents Bright Bedroom Design
Open Layout In Vibrant Mid-century Modern Bedroom Decor By U7 Architecture Inc
The Mid-century modern look is all about stripping the elements down to their barest form and letting their function be the star of the design. This decor is also free of tons of ornate decorations. This bedroom, for example, is uncluttered, sleek and minimal in its design. The neutral colors of the furniture, walls, and ceiling complement the simplicity of the decor. However, the pop of bold yellow color adds a layer of visual interest. The colorful patterns and abstract prints on the area rug, pillows, and bedsheets certainly give the room a Mid-century vibe without looking dated.

{ 9 } Earthy Colors Simple Bedroom Design

Earthy Colors Simple Bedroom Design
Earthy Tones Natural Mid-century Modern Bedroom Decor By Alice Cottrell Interior Design | Photo By Stephen Karlisch
Warm earthy tones paired with cool contemporary white give this bedroom a very modern look. In contrast, the use of wood for accents and the bare brick wall add a rough edge to the decor. Glass doors, modern style low bed, and nightstands further add to the mid-century look of the bedroom. The tufted headboard, extending to the end of the wall certainly makes a bold statement. However, the cozy throw and area rug add character to the design and give it a mid-century touch.

{ 10 } Bold Mid-century Modern Bedroom Decor

Bold Midcentury Modern Bedroom Decor
Fresh Blue Accents In Neutral Mid-century Modern Bedroom By Brown Design Group | Photo By Matt Weir
The bold and fresh look of this bedroom is certainly very inspiring! Neutral color scheme with bold color accents is typical in many mid-century modern designs. This bedroom takes the same approach. The white walls and shiplap ceilings make the room look brighter and larger. The oak wood flooring brings warmth to the design. Black window frames, bed, and nightstands bring some stark contrast to the room. The gold details on the nightstands and stylish table lamps add a touch of luxury to the decor. A stunning pentagram pendant light gives the room a mid-century feel. However, the bold chevron pattern of the bright blue area rug is certainly the star of this design! It wakes up the simple decor and adds depth and visual interest.

{ 11 } Dark Walls Simple Bedroom Design

Dark Walls Simple Bedroom Design
Blue Accent Wall Mid-century Modern Bedroom Design By Colin Miller Photography LLC
Dark colors and cozy lights give this bedroom a warm and intimate look. A simple layout with a low bed, nightstands and lounge chair is minimal and functional. However, despite the lack of ornamentation, this bedroom is elegant and just plain classy! Modern style furniture and wooden flooring give the room a mid-century look. The blue accent wall is certainly the star of this design. The single wall art adds style to the design. The rest of the decor reflects the colors of the art with a grey bed, white area rug, and white bedsheets.

{ 12 } Alcove Bed And Functional Bookshelf Decor

Alcove Bed And Functional Bookshelf Decor
Simple Layout Functional Bedroom By Lucy Interior Design | Photo By Spacecrafting
Bright colors, functional furniture, and simple layout make this room the perfect example of mid-century modern design. A murphy bed and adjoining bookshelf give the room its functional appeal. Designing a bookshelf and alcove bed design in a small space is a very functional and practical approach. The bright blue color of the bed and bookshelf alcove brightens the entire room and also brings visual interest. Colorful area rugs, throws, and pillows add an element of fun to the decor. Moreover, the white coin pattern ceramic nightstand beside the bed certainly gives the room a dated mid-century modern appeal.

{ 13 } Eclectic Colorful Mid-century Modern Decor

Eclectic Colorful Midcentury Modern Decor
Warm and Intimate Mid-century Modern Bedroom In Avenue 63 By The Here Company
Blue is certainly the color of the season! However, it’s not a blue accent wall that makes this bedroom stand out. Rather, it’s the combination of colorful and soft bohemian style decor elements that make this bedroom a warm and intimate retreat. The various prints and multiple colors add variation and visual interest to the otherwise staid decor. The classic wall mirror, modern-style nightstand, and other accessories give an eclectic yet mid-century modern look to the bedroom. The pop of green from the plant enlivens the place!

{ 14 } Bright Accents Colorful Bedroom Decor

Bright Accents Colorful Bedroom Decor
Vibrant Bedroom With Bright Colors And Fresh Look By Sarah Stacey Design
There’s no need to do a lot of changes to get this mid-century modern look in your bedroom. You will need some modern style furniture, colorful printed area rug, throw, and pillows. Now, you can start by coloring the walls and ceiling a bright white. Add some sheer white curtains to let in the light liberally. Wooden floors are an added bonus as they give the room a natural and period look. Get a bright and large area rug with some bold colors and prints. Placing the rug under the bed allows the rug to center the room and also prevents it from overpowering the decor. Bright pops of color like the orange throw or lounge chair here can add visual interest to an otherwise boring decor. Finish the look with some stylish table lamps and a stunning modern chandelier!

{ 15 } White And Wood Modern Bedroom

White And Wood Modern Bedroom
Neutral Colors And Uniform Design In Modern Bedroom By The Artisans Group, Inc
One thing you won’t see in a mid-century design is unnecessary excess. It works on the principle of ‘less is more’ and ‘form follows function’, just like the Scandinavian design! Hence, the furniture is practical in design and multi-functional if possible. Take this bedroom for example. The decor is minimal and layout is also simple. A simple bed with a bench at the end, nightstands, and a drawer are the only pieces of furniture in the room. Although, wall art and some stylish table lamps add some ornamentation to the decor. Wooden tones and white walls give the bedroom a neutral look. However, a printed throw, dark blue rug, and colorful pillows bring pops of color to the decor.

{ 16 } Beach Colors Casual Bedroom Decor

Beach Colors Casual Bedroom Decor
Beach Style Mid-century Modern Bedroom Decor By Michelle Turchini Interior Design
As this master bedroom is so bright with windows on two walls and skylights in the ceiling, the owners used a bold blue color for the walls. The dark tones of the walls balance out the brightness of the ample sunlight. The bright white furniture and bedding also go well with the brightness of the room. The refurbished white nightstands, accessories, and modern bed give the room a mid-century look. Cozy bedding with blue details, jute area rug, and beige cowhide rug bring in the warmth and color to the decor. The gold details on the nightstands, table lamps, the sunburst mirror, and the 3 pendant light also bring color and visual interest to the room.

{ 17 } Functional Design Mid-century Modern Bedroom

Functional Design Midcentury Modern Bedroom
Cozy Textures And Calming Colors In Modern Bedroom By Oh Beauty Interiors | Photo By Bethany Nauert
This bedroom is certainly a perfect example of classic mid-century design elements infused with a bohemian flair! A modern wooden bed anchors the simple tones of the bedroom. The wooden bed and matching nightstands have a prominently mid-century look to them. Paired with the wooden floors, the layered rugs and textured decor add dimension to the place and keep it from feeling boring. Also, layered rugs, a chunky throw, and stacks of mixed pillows make the room feel extra cozy. Moreover, the polished wood ceiling fan combines beauty with function. It also gives the room a finishing touch.

{ 18 } Grey Bedroom With Yellow Accents

Grey Bedroom With Yellow Accents
Elegant Modern Bedroom Design In Oakpass, Beverly Hills By Dressed Design Inc
This bedroom is certainly a beautiful juxtaposition of old and new, dull and bright, and plain and patterned. Pairing modern-style furniture and patterned rug and pillows in bright colors with dull grey bed, ottoman and plain bedding creates a stunning contrast. On the other hand, wooden floors and nightstands paired with contemporary materials like glass doors, windows, stylish table lamps, and wall art also offer a nice contrast. Chevron pattern area rug makes the room feel larger and brings visual interest to the decor.

{ 19 } Patterned Tiles Blue Bedroom Design

Patterned Tiles Blue Bedroom Design
Classic Yet Fun Mid-century Modern Interiors In MIMO Remodel By B Design Interiors
This bedroom combines the style of mid-century with some artistic ‘funky’ vibes. As a result, the interiors are a great mix of classic yet fun decor elements. The patterned tiles of the flooring certainly set the tone for the rest of the decor. The colors of the tiled floors are also reflected in the bedspread and pillows. A comfortable, low, modern style bed in orange contrasts nicely with the blue bedsheets and pillows. The stylish side tables and table lamps further add to the mid-century look of the decor. The walls, covered in Phillip Jeffries Glam Grasscloth wallpaper, act as a neutral base to anchor the design. Finally, a beautiful light fixture finishes the look.

{ 20 } Minimal Decor Mid-century Modern Bedroom

Minimal Decor Midcentury Modern Bedroom
Bright, Cozy, And Organic Bedroom Decor By Luna Grey Interiors | Photo By Kelsey Rose
Mid-century modern decor is casual, functional and elegant. That’s certainly why it is a timeless design style that can suit almost everyone’s tastes. It can be artsy and glamorous as well as neutral and functional. Take this soft and simple bedroom for example. This fuss-free decor and soft neutral color palette give the bedroom a soft and inviting look. Wooden floors and white walls form a nice and neutral backdrop. The walnut and marble nightstands and golden orb sconces bring some style and elegance to the decor. Similarly, John Baldessari silkscreened pillowcases add personality to fresh white bedding. Also, the grey bed with a tufted headboard and a Beni Ourain shag rug from Atlas Weavers bring pattern and softness to the decor. All in all, this bedroom has a very bright, cozy, and organic decor!

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