10 Proven Health benefits of Ketogenic Diet

Health Benefits of ketogenic diet

There is constant debate about low carb meals and ketogenic diet. There were accusations that low carb meals are likely to cause heart condition or even raise cholesterol levels in the body. Medical and scientific studies have stepped up and showcased the health benefits linked to low carb diets. These ketogenic diets assist people shed off some unwanted weight. They also reduce the possibility of contracting some heart conditions such as heart diseases. Below are some proven benefits of Ketogenic diets and low carb meals:

It is a therapy for numerous brain disorders

Our brain needs glucose for proper functioning. This is the liver produces glucoses for people who don’t consume carbs. Consequently, a section of the brain burns ketones when a person takes low carb or starves. This is the principle concept applied in Ketogenic diet. Ketogenic diet has been used for ages to assist people deal with several brain disorders. It is mostly applied to people suffering from epilepsy and don’t respond positively to the prescribed medication. Ketogenic diet has proven capable of reducing epilepsy seizures by a big margin. Parkinson and Alzheimer are other conditions that can be managed through intake of ketogenic diet.

It helps lower bad cholesterol levels in the Body

People with bad cholesterol levels in the body are prone to serious health conditions such as heart attacks and high blood pressure. Therefore, bad cholesterol levels should be reduced at all levels. The size of cholesterol is very essential. Medical studies have revealed that small cholesterol levels in the body are more likely to cause heart attack. Large cholesterol particles in the body are likely to reduce the likelihood of suffering a heart attack. Well; low carb meals are capable of increasing the size of your bad cholesterol. This reduces the number of cholesterol particles in your blood. Therefore, consider low carb meals if you want to improve the health of your heart.

Ketogenic diet can be used to control appetite

Some people have uncontrolled or untamed eating habits. They tend to feel hungry throughout the day, despite the meals they consume. This can be frustrating because it has some side effects such as weight gain and feeling drained throughout the day. Are you finding it difficult to control your appetite? If yes, consider ketogenic diet can assist you. Medical studies reveal that reducing carb and consuming plenty of fat and protein can help deal with uncontrolled appetite.

Low carb diet helps deal with metabolic syndrome

Metabolic syndrome is closely linked to heart disease and diabetes. This condition can be categorized as a combination of different symptoms such as increased blood pressure, obesity in the abdominal, low amounts of good cholesterol levels, high triglycerides and high sugar levels. Scientific tests have revealed that regularly consuming low carb meals can help curb and eventually treat some symptoms. Some people experience instant results, whereas others take some time. Be consistent with your low carb diet.

Ketogenic diet can lower your blood pressure

The kind of meals we consume and our lifestyle trigger blood pressure. People suffering from high blood pressure are prone to other conditions such as kidney failure, stroke and heart attack, among others. Long term adoption of ketogenic diet can efficiently lower blood pressure. This will automatically reduce the possibility of contracting other health conditions.

It can assist people suffering from diabetes

Ketogenic and low carb diets has for many years been used in managing diabetes. It also assists those with insulin resistance. As we all; diabetes affects over a million people from all over the globe. Medical studies have showcased that consuming meals with low carbs can drastically lower the insulin and blood sugar levels in the system. Some people with diabetes on ketogenic diet have testified that they have to reduce insulin intake by almost half the allocated dose.

Ketogenic diet can increase levels of good cholesterol

Our bodies contain both good and bad cholesterol in the body. The good cholesterol should supersede the bad cholesterol. This lowers the possibility of contracting some heart conditions such as heart disease. Therefore, we should increase the levels of good cholesterol in the body. This can be done through eating low carb diet and rich in fat. Anyone who strictly adheres to the selected ketogenic diet will swiftly increase the levels of good cholesterol in the body.

A drop in Triglycerides

Triglycerides are one of the leading causes of heart conditions. This condition is characterized by fat molecules present in your blood. Triglycerides are mostly increased by consumption of meals with high carb levels. It has been scientifically proven that consuming meals with low carb can reduce the amount of triglycerides in the blood stream. Instead take meals with high fat levels.

Ketogenic diet can deal with abdominal fat

Fat in the body reacts differently on your health. It also determines the kind of diseases you are prone to. Generally, there are two types of fat in the body, namely Visceral and subcutaneous fat. Visceral fat mostly forms around the abdominal region. It also accumulates around your organs. Subcutaneous fat is stored beneath the skin. Visceral fat is linked with insulin resistance and inflammation. Consuming ketogenic diet can help reduce the visceral fat around the abdominal region. In the long run, ketogenic can protect a person from diabetes and heart disease. You should strictly adhere to the selected ketogenic diet for positive results.

Weight Loss

A lot of people across the globe are struggling with weight loss. In fact, a large fraction of people are on the verge of giving up. Are you one of them? If yes, consider reducing the amounts of carb you consume. This is one ways you can shed off any unwanted weight within a short period. People who strictly adhere to a ketogenic diet are likely to attain their desired body when compared to those who consume low fat meals. Ketogenic diet helps eliminate excess water in the body and also lower insulin levels. This will automatically result into weight loss.

It is evident ketogenic and low carb diets pose numerous health benefits to us. Don’t be stressed about some health conditions. Simply adopt a ketogenic and low carb diet you can easily manage.


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