Polarized Sunglasses: Why You Should Wear Them Year Round

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Have you ever wondered what people did before we invented sunglasses?

Squinting was the only way to combat glare, and in the late 1920s, a scientist called Edwin H. Land discovered a method of producing a thin film that cut out unwanted glare, and the name Polaroid was born. While the process sounds complex, certain crystals are stretched across a polymer film and they align together. This blocks out what we call glare.

If you are one of those who thinks that sunglasses are strictly for the summer, we would like to point out that wearing polarized sunglasses at any time of the year, will protect the wearer’s eyes and block out dangerous glare.


We all drive cars and we all know what glare can do – a wet early evening and the oncoming car’s headlights are glaring up your view – and by wearing polarized sunglasses, you are eliminating glare, giving you a clear view of the road ahead. Even direct sunlight in the middle of winter can cause a drive to lose sight. With cheap sunglasses at Humps Optics, you can order a few pairs of polarized sunglasses and keep one in the car for driving on sunny days and at night. The majority of long-haul truck drivers wear polarized sunglasses, as they really do make a difference, not only during the day, as they reduce the glare from night driving.

Year-Round Accessory

Your polarized sunglasses are more than just eye protection, and a few pairs of designer ‘sunnies’ will help you to accessorize. Whether you leave it hanging on your polo shirt or on your head, your tried and tested sunglasses are ready for any direct sunlight, allowing your eyes to rest. The name ‘Polaroid’ is now in the form of Polaroid Eyewear.

Sunny Australia

We all know how much sunshine we have in Australia, and whatever you’re doing, you should have one pair of polarized sunnies at hand. Keep a pair in the car, solely for driving, plus you should have one pair that you carry on your person, either on your head or around a string loop.

Styles For Seasons

Polarized Sunglasses

If you search online, you will find designer sunnies from an established Australian supplier that are ideal for winter wear, or indeed any time of the year, and their prices are so low, you can afford to order several pairs. If you are heading for a spring party, your polarized sunglasses are an essential accessory. Even autumn fishing trips wouldn’t be the same without your polarized sunglass that you use for finding the fish.

We all know how expensive designer sunglasses can be, but if you search online, there are Australian companies that design and create top-notch polarized sunglasses at a very affordable price, and what’s more, they are practically indestructible. For the cost of a single pair from a trendy store, you can buy 3 pairs from the online supplier, giving you styles to suit every occasion.

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