Pink Diamonds: Famous Stones From Around The World

Pink Diamonds

If you are planning to pop the question in 2021 and you have a thing about pink diamonds, the best solution is to commission a custom jeweller to design and handcraft the ring to your specs. As much as 80% of all the pink diamonds came from the famous Argyle Mine, which closed down in 2019. While you might not have the budget for these, here are some of the famous pink diamonds around the world.

  • The Noor-Ul-Ain Diamond Tiara – This 60-carat stone was presented to Empress Fara Diba as a diamond tiara with the pink stone centrally placed when she wed Iran’s last Shah. 
  • The Pink Sunrise – This alluring 29.78-carat diamond has intense pink colour, which has a very special heart-shaped cut carried out by Gabi Topolski, who cut the stone in Belgium. We only discovered its existence in the 21st century and it is said to be one of the very few internally flawless pink diamonds.
  • The Star of the South – A light pinkish brown best describes the colour of this unique stone. Acquired by Cartier in 2002, it was found at the Star of the South, a mine in Brazil, hence the name. The diamond weighs a huge 128.48 carats and was over 250 carats before the cut. While you might not be in the market for such a diamond, you can acquire loose pink stones and have them cut and put into a ring for your engagement.
  • The Martian Pink – An extremely rare stone, the Martian Pink was acquired by a man named Harry Winston, known as ‘The king of diamonds.’ He sold the stone to a private collector for an undisclosed amount. The diamond was then sold at a Hong Kong auction for a staggering $17.4 million, for a stone that weighs 12.04 carats. If you want to buy pink Argyle diamonds wholesale, you can talk to a custom jeweller who can acquire loose pink diamonds at trade prices.
  • The Unique Pink – A pear-shaped, 15.8-carat pink diamond on a simple ring, it was sold through the 2016 Sotheby’s auction in Geneva. It got the highest auction price for a vivid pink diamond, which is $31.6 million. You too, can have a pink diamond engagement ring by talking to a custom jeweller, who can work to the client’s budget and deliver a truly unique piece that exceeds even your expectations.
The Unique Pink
Image Source: YAYIMAGES

If your special day is coming this year, why not have a customised pink diamond ring handcrafted by an expert? Of course, prices are nowhere near any of the above. In fact, having the ring made is no more expensive than the traditional process of acquiring an existing ring. Using the Internet, you and the custom jeweller can communicate and eventually, a ring design that ticks all the boxes will be on the table and in no time, you will be opening the ring box with eager eyes, as your pink diamond engagement ring is complete and waiting for that special day.

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