Picking The Best Upholstery Fabric for Your Furniture


The first thing to consider while choosing the fabric for your upholstery is the colour. But usually, colour isn’t the only thing to keep in mind while selecting materials for your furniture. Other factors are equally important too. Hold on, before you shop online for these fabrics, check out online shopping reviews of an upholstery furniture fabric from review sites like ReviewsBird to know what people who already bought that type say.

Otherwise, the following are qualities of fabrics you should be looking out for when choosing a desirable material for your furniture:


Aside from colour, another desirable property of a fabric is the durability. Durability again varies depending on certain aspects. For example, which room is the furniture meant for, are children living with you, are you a pet parent and would you share the room with them? When selecting the type of fabric for your furniture, such aspects should reflect in your selection.


Let’s look at it this way:

Woven patterns in fabrics hold up better than printed ones, so do higher thread counts or tight weaves. The denser the fabric, the likely it is to last. If you share your sofas with cats or dogs, consider leathered or microfiber fabric to withstand wear and tear from claw scratches. If you anticipate your furniture to be in use daily, or in a room where it is seldom used, choose the fabrics for that furniture accordingly.


When choosing fabric for your furniture, keep in mind the interior décor and how those fabrics complement the furniture. Your choice for fabrics should come in harmony with the style and character of furniture it is covering. For example; for traditional style frame furniture, choose a conventional fabric covering it. However, if you decide to go adventurous and have the know-how to merge two different colours and styles, bring it on!

Some fabrics may look casual while others appear formal, so choose fabrics that echo your style and the mood of your interior décor. Choose the appropriate scale for the patterns on your fabrics. If your space is large, go for larger patterns otherwise fabric with smaller patterns might be suitable for smaller spaces.


The colour of the fabric you want for your furniture is the first thing to strike your mind. It will significantly impact your décor, especially when you are buying larger pieces like couches and sofas. You might want to choose neutral colours on the safe side because it tends to stand the taste over time. If you live amongst children and pets, it is safe to avoid delicate and bright colours. It is also essential to strike the mood and consider the colour temperature, i.e. warm and cool colours that might have a massive impact on the room’s mood.


Special considerations

Other special considerations come into play when selecting upholstery for your furniture. These are; fade resistance, mildew resistance, allergies and pets. Choose pet-friendly upholstery if you are sharing a room with pets.

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