Omega Watches: The Colourful History & Selection Tips


Omega SA is a Swiss luxury watchmaker based in Biel/Bienne; founded in 1848 by Louis Brandt and after a few name changes over the years, it is now known as Omega SA. Is there a watch enthusiast alive that doesn’t know the name Omega? We think not; this amazing brand has been the official timekeeper for the Olympic Games since 1932, while NASA has used Omega timepieces on their Apollo missions and for the vintage watch collector, this brand is a firm favourite.

Early History

As mentioned already, Louis Brandt founded the company, La Generale Watch Co; Louis assembled watch components made by local craftsmen and he sold the finished timepieces to Scandinavia via England. His two sons furthered the business interests in Great Britain and in 1894, they created a watch making system that was interchangeable. 

Paul Emile

The Omega Watch Co was born in 1903, mainly as a spin-off from the main company and when the two sons died, Paul Emile came along and he was the real creator of the Omega brand that we all love. His influence spanned 5 decades and due to the economic downturn in post-WW1 Europe, Emile engineered a merger with Tissot in 1930, which led to the creation of SSIH, Geneva.


A Symbol Of Micro-Engineering Excellence

Omega timepieces are globally recognised as being among the very best there is! The company’s motto, ‘Exact time for life,’ was introduced in 1931, when Omega took part in the Observatory trials. The company grew over the years, managing to maintain that extremely high degree of excellence in all their timepieces and with some great marketing, they cornered markets. Many major sporting events use Omega as their official timekeeper and the brand continues to shine alongside Rolex as the world’s premier luxury watchmaker.

Choosing The Right Omega Timepiece

The list of Omega models is indeed long. Lovers of these beautiful pieces go for antique Omega watches for sale Sydney online dealers as well as reputable sellers around the world have on offer. Collectors have trusted dealers who have the best selection of luxury vintage certified watches. Whether a formal event or a casual timepiece to wear on a daily basis, there’s a reputable online antique dealer who has an extensive catalogue of Rolex and Omega timepieces. Browse at your leisure until you find the perfect watch and a secure online payment is all it takes to have the chronometer packaged, along with certification, and courier delivered to your home address. If requested, you can always arrange a private viewing at the dealer’s business premises.

Free Online Resources

If you want to learn more about Omega watches, Google can find all the info you need, while Omega’s official website is full of interesting articles that go into some detail about various models and how they came into existence. Find out which the most sought-after models are and how much they are worth. When you are ready to make a purchase, visit the online antique dealer’s website and take your time, online shopping is at your pace.

Omega watches make for the perfect gift to a partner and if you are thinking of starting a collection, the online antique dealer is the person to contact.

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