Home Refurbishment: Luxurious Art Apartment in Capital of France

designer black center table

The beautifully refurbished apartment featured in this post is a wonderful work of art. The interior designer of this apartment is Gerard Faivre, one of the most famous interior designers in the world. His goal is to meet the clients’ highest expectations. He offers fully refurbished, ready to live apartments with design furniture, artwork, full concierge service and state-of-the-art technology. He claims that the City of Light, Paris inspires him daily. This luxurious art apartment is located on the right bank of Seine, near Montaigne avenues and Champs Elysée, on Rue Lincoln. This renovation truly reflects the vibrant colors and pronounced opulence of Paris.

For the renovation of this luxurious apartment, Gerard Faivre took inspiration from the Parisian Haute Couture. The original Haussmann style layout with high ceilings, marble fireplace, and parquet flooring was a little outdated. Faivre created a new layout and changed the theme of the décor to give it a comparatively modern look.

The new design simulates a large fashion house with an elegant lobby that leads to several lounges and two suites arranged around the living room. The apartment flaunts a baroque decoration with oval ceilings and rococo style boiserie. The prominent use of colors like white, grey, black and beige adds a touch of sobriety and luxury to the place. The furnishing and artwork are all indeed state-of-the-art and complements the grandeur of the decor.

Two Door Entryway

single entry for all

second lounge entry
The apartment has three lounges or sitting areas, all designed to display a different setting. The lobby forms the entry to all the rooms. It has a big chandelier hanging from the ceiling which makes the whole lounge look regal and modern. It makes the small area look notably well lit and cheerful. The comfortable round center seat along with the checkered rug is a surprisingly good contrast.

The two mirrors beside the door give the place a modern look. A comfy seat and designer side table adorn the otherwise sparse furnishings. Separate innovative coat racks add glamour to the surroundings.

The Modern First Lounge

marble pattern coffee table
The Apartment with Amazing Art showing in the picture give a beautiful look. The painting of art hanging in living room wall along with a beautiful design on white celing making the perfect combination of design and art.

archibald armchair comfort
The first lounge area has a modern and comfortable look. The L-shaped sofa and an “Archibald” armchair by Jean Marie Massaud provide enough room to host a small gathering.

marble table pattern wall decor
The antique frame along the mirror together with the authentic fireplace give the place a rich feel.

sitting area classic black white
The painter Dupuis Gilles reproduced the marble veins of the coffee table on the walls surprisingly well. A large mirror cleverly hides the TV set. For the sofa, Gérard Faivre used the “Cherie” fabric, which resembles those worn by Coco Chanel.

checkered sofa stylish
Wall-mounted lights give an effect of understated opulence. An authentic painting further completes the look.

Classic White Themed Second Lounge

designer black center table

stunning original wooden parquet
Stunning original wooden parquet flooring complements the classic white theme of this lounge.  A stunning white chandelier beautifully complements the white walls and rococo styled ceilings.

lounge area beige
A Damien Langlois black Coffee Table takes the center stage while a contemporary chair and long sofa by Nika Zupanc surround it from both sides. Small stylish black side tables by Jaime Hayon complete the modern albeit contemporary look of this lounge.

long sofa lounge

contemporary chair and painting

drink collection

couple sculpture decoration
A Chen Ting-Hung bronze sculpture from Chuan Gallery – Taiwan, gives the room an antique look.

The Dining Room and Kitchen

dining table

dining table and kitchen
A set of stunning designer chairs complements the markedly large square dining table. A huge chandelier again graces the plain white ceiling. Two truly brilliant pieces of art adorn the walls. Sliding doors separate the kitchen from the dining area.

kitchen dark theme
While the dining room is all white, the kitchen sports a darker theme. Black sliding doors complement the also-black countertop of the kitchen. The place above the counter, as well as the ceiling, have lights to illuminate the room.

kitchen counter extra
The counter is big enough to hold an open cooking stove on one side as well as a sink on the other. There still remains space in between for storage and service area. The white cabinets bring a sort of lightness to the dark decor.

kitchen table setup

Classic Yet Modern Suites

bedroom suites entry
Both the suites in the apartment reflect a modern yet classic setting. The marble flooring goes well with the rococo ceilings. The contrast of the significantly old architecture with modern colors enhances the luxurious feel of the apartment.

bedroom suite classic black
The first suite has a dark theme with black, white and grey colors dominating the decor. The wallpaper behind the bed reproduces the leather pattern used in the closet. This significantly enhances the simple colors of the decor and emphasizes the bed. Grey tones of the bedroom walls complement the white flooring.

bedside lamp designer
The stylish bedside lamps and decorative wall-mounted lights certainly add a touch of grandeur to the simple setup. Additionally, the open shelves lining the wall on the right side of the bed can be used for display as well as storage.

bedroom classic cabinet

bedroom suite beige entry
A simple door leads to the bathroom which is similarly done in the same black and white theme.

wall lamps bedroom
The second suite is done in contemporary white and wood colors. The white and brown curtains accentuate the theme along with providing privacy. In this suite, Faivre has foregone bedside lamps in favor of wall-mounted lamps and ceiling lights which don’t just match the decor, but also enhance it.

bedroom suite beige
Wallpaper “Pied de Poule“, a tailor’s classic, worn by Chanel and Dior, is used behind the bed and in the bathroom. The bedroom and bathroom are essentially a single room separated only by a wall behind the bed.

Luxurious Art Apartment bathroom wallpaper
Two sinks with ample space for vanity and a plush seat beside a big bathtub with all the facilities gives the suite a rich and luxurious feel.

Luxurious Art Apartment Bathroom

bathtub big

bathroom classic wallpaper
Rich wallpaper “Burlesque” by Christian Benini for the wall converts the plain bathroom into a place of luxury. The paper was specifically chosen for remembering the income often used by Balenciaga.

The Backside Garden

backside apartment
The backside of the apartment has a small and beautifully maintained garden. It adds a spot of greenery to the surroundings.

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