14 Long Hairstyles For Men That Will Make You Look More Handsome

Long Hairstyles For Men

Keeping the hair long is a style statement in itself for the men. It needs a special aura and charisma to carry off the hair that reaches your shoulders or even below that. It is not easy to have such long hair as it needs a lot of maintenance and commitment to take care of a long mane. The best part about long hair is that it gives you plenty of options when it comes to hairstyles. You can leave it open and free, put it in a Man-bun, or make a half up-do and so much more. You can brush it well or leave it messy- it will garner attention both ways.

The Long Hairstyles for Men are plenty, and you just need to pick and choose the one that matches your outfit of the day and your mood for the day. The versatility of styles is a major plus point of long hair. It just adds an X-factor to the look of any man. You do not need to have a particular facial shape or hair texture to carry off hair like this. You can try these fourteen hairstyles to look even more handsome than you already are. Try upcoming latest haircuts for men 2018.

{ 1 } Beard With Gold Hair

Beard With Gold Hair
When you create a style as bold as this one, you ensure that all eyes are fixed on you. The hair is kept really long with this look. The hair should reach up to at least your shoulders. Take it a notch further by decking up your hair in golden color or golden highlights. Then the option is in your hands about whether you want to leave the hair open or tie it up in half up-do fashion. It will look nothing short of supremely attractive no matter which one you choose to do.

{ 2 } Bradley Cooper Middle Part Long Hair

Bradley Cooper Middle Part Long Hairstyle
This hairstyle deserves a try considering the fact that the holy heartthrob Bradley Cooper vouches for this one. The length of the hair must be long enough to bring out the style well. It is really simple to make as all you need to begin with is a good middle parting. Then the hair on both sides of the parting needs to be brushed in such a manner that it retains a bit of a messy look. The messiness will add texture and volume to your hair making it look thick.

{ 3 } Chris Hemsworth Long Hair Short Ponytail

Chris Hemsworth Long Hair Short Ponytail
This hairstyle is one of the most popular ones among men who like to keep their hair long and their style game strong. The long hair is pulled back to make a short ponytail at the back. You do not need to use a brush to pull it back too cleanly. You can just pull it back using your fingers to retain the casual look that this hairstyle demands. You can try this one on your natural hair too, but it is great if you can put some blonde or caramel highlights to your natural hair.

{ 4 } Half Slicked Back & Half Side Swept

Half Slicked Back and Half Side Swept
If you are too confused about whether to slick back or side-sweep your long hair, fret not as you can do it both with this hairstyle. Just keep half of it slicked back and swept some of it sideways, and you have a winner of a hairstyle in your hands. Make sure that there is no prominent parting made with this one. The hair is supposed to look voluminous with this hairstyle, so you can ask your stylist to help you add the necessary volume and texture to your hair.

{ 5 } Long Brown Hipster Hair

Long Brown Hipster Hair
The cool and edgy look is never out of fashion. This fact is evident with this hairstyle that is tailor-made for long hair. Try this one if you have long hair that reaches your shoulders or below your shoulders. It is a blessing if you have naturally brown hair that this look demands or you can always get the color done on your hair. Pull it back using your fingers into a tight bun and create the ultimate hipster look that goes perfectly with your casual tees and shirts.

{ 6 } Long Hair, Man Bun and Short Beard

Long hair, Man Bun and Short Beard
This look is the perfect amalgamation of three top looks, namely the long hair, the man bun and the short beard. You can get some blonde highlights done on your long hair. Pull it back neatly into the very trending style of man bun. The last but not the least in importance comes the beard. The beard must get kept short and well-trimmed to complete the look. This is the ultimate in the stylebook of the ruggedly handsome man of the world. Make heads turn with this one at your next party.

{ 7 } Long Wavy Undercut

Long Wavy Undercut
The contrast of undercut and long wavy hair is what makes this hairstyle stand out from all the rest. The undercut must get seen on both sides of your hair and the back. The hair that is left in the central portion is kept long and wavy. Let the waves of your hair stay messy and fall frontwards for this look. You can also get some nice highlights done on your wavy hair to take this look one step further in style quotient. It is one style that looks great on all facial shapes.

{ 8 } Mid Half-Bun Bohemian Look

Mid Half-Bun Bohemian Look
The hair is kept really messy in this style to achieve that bohemian look. Make a half bun with your long hair but make sure not to keep it too well made as the look is supposed to be messy. Let the locks of your hair fall loosely on your face and neck. This is the look to try for the dark or brunette-haired men. Make sure you also keep the right beard to go with it.

{ 9 } Natural Curly Hair

Natural Curly Hair
The naturally curly hair is a style in itself and there is hardly anything that you need to change it. You need not worry if you are not blessed with curls naturally as your hairstylist can always come to your rescue. He will ensure that your curls look absolutely natural. This style is for dark hair so you can get the hair color done too. Flaunt this style with any cloth and for any occasion, you are bound to look attractive and handsome.

{ 10 } New Modern Style Straight Long

New Modern Style Straight Long
This is the newest entry in the list of men’s hairstyles and is already quite popular. Keep your hair long and create a parting on the left side of your hair. Your hair needs to get some volume and then brushed nicely on both sides of the parting. The popularity of this hairstyle stems from the fact that it is really easy to maintain but is great for both party and work.

{ 11 } Rough Hippie Look For Thick Hair

Rough Long Hairstyle For Thick Hair
The look is perfect for men who like to keep it really long with their hair and are naturally blessed with a thick mass of hair. Make sure that the length of the hair is long enough to be below your shoulders. Just run in your fingers along your hair to brush it as it needs to have that messy and rough look of hipster’s hair. Try this one for your next vacation or solo trip.

{ 12 } Side Swept Long For Professional look

Side Swept Long For Professional look
If you are on the lookout for a hairstyle that works for both office and the after-office parties, then look no further than this one. Create a parting on the left side and side-sweep the hair on the right side of the parting. This look is the ultimate in an understated cool style statement. It looks perfect on brunette hair but the blondes and the red-heads can give this one a try too. This one looks amazing with suits and formal shirts.

{ 13 } Tom Cruise Messy Cool Style

Tom Cruise Messy Cool Style
The fact that this one has been sported by Tom Cruise for the longest time should be reason enough for you to give it a try. Your long hair will be kept completely messy with this hairstyle. If you have dark hair you can try getting some nice blonde highlights done to bring out the look ever more nicely. The best part is that this hairstyle adds so much volume to your hair that it automatically looks thick and stylish.

{ 14 } Wedding Hairstyles for Long Hair

Wedding Hairstyles for Long Hair
The right wedding hairstyle is not just important for women, the men with long locks need it too. Just pull back your hair into a nice man-bun. You do not need to carefully brush it before you pull it back, you can just keep it a bit messy and use your hands to pull back your hair. The hair is kept off your face during the ceremony and at the same time, you get a super fashionable look with this hairstyle. It is the ideal hairstyle to be tried for your big day.

If your hair still not long enough to try these hairstyles then no need to worry about it, Because we have some Awesome Short Haircuts For Men which you can definitely try with your current hair length.

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