How to Fix Window Hardware? – Mechanism Repair or Replacement


Modern double-pane windows, installed according to all rules and requirements, will serve for years. However, everything may happen, and repair works are requested earlier, than expected. If you are already thinking on how to repair window hardware – this article is exactly what you need. We will summarize widely met regulator problems and offer the solutions. Any problem can be solved. Necessary to mention, that replacement of any parts is rarely needed. Apex technicians solve most issues by performing repair works only.

Frequently occurred breakdowns of window hardware:

  • window handle is loose or broken;
  • mechanism is stuck in either position;
  • sash is at hard contact with frame.

What’s a window hardware?

This is a mechanism made of metal elements of a swing-out or swing type, which allow movable sashes to be opened completely wide, or in fixed closed position – to be pulled out from above, keeping the lower part of the sash leaned to the frame. The depth of such swing-out is regulated by special “scissors” with limited move.

Handle cases

Loose and broken problem issues occur if:

handle is manufactured from cheap materials;

improper usage, which means sharp and with force open/close operations.

In most cases, repair mechanism can be done by DIY methods. A screwdriver is required for repair works. It is necessary to remove the cover in the handle area to reach the screws, that hold a window handle. The problems should go away once screws are tightened. If the handle is broken and you need to replace it, then the same cover removal is requested, and screws should be taken out to remove an old handle.

It is so pleasant to use newly installed glazing unit. The handle move is really smooth. However, it starts to work hard over time. Some people think that the malfunction is solved by replacing the handle, but this does not solve the case. A lot of moisture, dust and dirt penetrates into hardware mechanism. As a result, the lubricant turns into abrasive. To avoid it, you should clean fittings and lubricate them well. It is better not to delay this procedure, because the abrasive created over time can destroy the metal elements easily.


Mechanism is stuck

The problem of stuck handle results in proper maintenance absence and incorrect usage. If it happened when the sash was opened, it could be because of: worn out fittings, skew of sash or incorrect installation.

If the problem is experienced while the sash is swung-out for ventilation purpose, then it could happen because of “scissor” mechanism breakage. This is a kind of problem, which you can try to fix yourself. You should open a window sash to see a blocker and, by slightly pushing it, turn the handle into ventilation position. The sash will go into ordered position and you will face a folding mechanism. Adjustment is carried out using a hex key, by doing small turns in needed direction.

However, we you can always save your time and let professionals do the repair work. In this case you may need to call Bristol Windows to assist you with repair works of folding mechanism.

Sash is in hard contact with frame

The problem is revealed when sash experiences a hard move in contact with frame, in most cases its lower part does. The reasons are: sagged sash, geometry of window is violated or incorrect adjustment was performed previously.

Proper horizontal and vertical adjustments are needed here. You need to adjust the window vertically using a hex key. This is done using the adjusting screw located in the lower hinge. The sash should be slightly raised up and screws tightened. If sash is back to its normal function, then the work can be considered as completed. If not, then you need to adjust the upper hinge, which is located at the upper part of the sash. The sash should be opened on 90 degrees and pulled towards yourself to check if there is any move. If yes – tight up the screws of the upper hinge.

We have checked these cases to answer the question “how to fix window regulator” and to make you understand that your window is a complex mechanism, which should be maintained regularly. You can try to perform repair works yourself, but it is always better to call experienced professionals. Call Apex Window Werks now and ask “how much to fix window regulator”. We will gladly perform all needed works for you at least time and cost.

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