Helpful Pointers If You Are Travelling on a Budget


Many people today dream of being able to travel to see and experience the sights and wonders they see on TV and read about in travel blogs. The worry for many, however, is the budget as many people make just enough for their needs. Some people don’t make enough, students spend a lot to buy assignments online, some people just can’t plan their budget or lost savings at the last minute.

If you can relate, know that there are ways to travel on a budget.

Read on to pick up some pointers that may allow you to schedule a trip soon.

#1 Don’t travel during the peak seasons

Similar to many commercial things in life, traveling also becomes more expensive during the peak seasons as people are more willing to spend despite higher costs. Airlines, hotels, tourist attractions, and even restaurants will charge significantly higher compared to other times of the year. As the peak seasons per country may differ, take note of the busiest travel times of the year before making any plans.

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#2 Book in advance

In the tourism industry, generally, the earlier you book, the cheaper the cost. So if you have a specific travel date, it makes sense to book early to avail of discounts. You’ll be surprised to see you can get up to 50% off sometimes on hotels, flights, trains, or attraction fees if you book in advance.

#3 Consider public transport

In nearly every city, grabbing a taxi to reach each of your destinations will be very costly. If the country is safe enough for you to travel alone or with a small group, it is better to use public transportation. Aside from saving on costs, you will also get to experience a bit of daily local life by just commuting the way everybody else does. So research ahead about the average costs of each mode of public transport and any local customs required so that you can easily get around.

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#4 Find ways to save on food costs

Although a big part of traveling is to taste the local delicacies, eating out all the time will cost you a fortune, especially if you are traveling as a family. It pays to be smart about how you will eat. One way to save is to get accommodations that have free breakfast. And if you are allowed to cook in your room, then even better as you can save on another meal like lunch or dinner. Other travelers visit the local grocery so they can buy cheaper, ready-to-eat snacks or even make their meals (sandwiches) as the food at tourist attractions are often two or three times the cost of something outside. And if you want to sample local food at a low price, try eating at canteens or cafeterias where students or regular employees eat. The food at such places will be much cheaper than what is sold at coffee shops, restaurants, or even fast food joints.


Traveling is not cheap, but it can still be affordable if you know what you are doing. So take note of the pointers above so that you can travel soon while on a budget.

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