How to Decorate a Nativity Scene?

Decorate a Nativity Scene1

A Nativity scene is a great addition to the Christmas decorations in your home to remind your family of this reason for the season. No matter the size or style of the Nativity scene you have, here are a few ideas for how to decorate your Nativity scene. You can check Nativity scene figurines.


A Nativity scene is additionally known as a crèche or manger scene, which is a display of Baby Jesus along with his parents Mary and Joseph, representing the birth of Christ. Lots of people display Nativity scenes around Christmas time since Christmas time is the celebration of Jesus’s birth. Some Nativity scenes are little and humble depicting only Mary, Joseph, and Jesus, known as the Holy Family, while others are very elaborate with many additional characters such as; angels, shepherds, Wise Men, and animals.

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Barn or Cave

Jesus was born at a location that holds animals, which was most likely a barn or cave. It is recommended to decorate your nativity with items appropriate for that environment. Many people add simple structures to their nativity, mainly made of wood (perhaps a roof covered in moss or greenery) or you could use a decorated cardboard box. Also, think of using straw pieces on the lawn or flooring. Baby Jesus is placed in a manger, which is an animal feeding trough. Feel free to be as creative as you like, keeping in mind the time period and place! 


Some people add fabric clothing to their statues to make them look more lifelike.


Adding a comet or star over the nativity scene is quite popular. The star symbolizes the star of Bethlehem that led the Wise Men to Jesus.


To draw attention to your Nativity scene, think about adding lighting to highlight it.  It is possible to use string Christmas lights or add a spotlight to shine on it or the star.

Decorate a Nativity Scene2

Additional Figures

Many folks add additional figures to their Nativity scene, even though they didn’t originally come with the set. It’s possible to add animals, angels, the Wise Men, or shepherds, if you’d like.

Other Christmas Decorations

Feel free to add other Xmas decorations to your Nativity scene, even though they might not be historically accurate. You can include items such as; small Christmas trees, garlands, poinsettias, candles, artificial feathers, snow, a written inspirational message, the Wise Men’s gifts, a rosary, or whatever inspires you.

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