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25 Beautiful Hairstyles for Little Girls

Every girl, be her of any age group, she just loves to look gorgeous and be fashionable all the time. You must have heard the quote “Like mommy like daughter” So it is evident that every mom loves to adorn her daughter up like a princess and make them look simply adorable and fashionista. These cute little girls, when dressed up like sweethearts, left everybody gazing at them and adore their heavenly goddess-like beauty and innocence. Beautiful Hairstyles adds grace, cuteness, and elegance to their beautiful face and make them look their best. Now a day, in the world of fashion, the number of hairstyles for little girls has increased up manifold as compared to early times.

If you want something easy, quick and trendy to try out to make your daughter get ready for a party look in no time. Here are top 25 hairstyles for little girls that can help your princess look like an angel and adorable beauty. These styles are perfect for bringing out the best in your young princess.

{ 1 } Horizontal French Braids with Sky Blue Ribbons

Little Girl Haircuts

The beautiful golden brown hair with horizontal French braids followed by open, wavy hair makes the style look super cute. The sky blue ribbons tied adequately on each of the braids so perfectly that it put four stars on the beauty of this pretty baby girl. The soft feathery shallow bangs make the style amazing overall. This hairstyle is easy to make with less time and very comfortable to carry as the front hair is tied up properly. It’s apt for birthday parties or social get together.

{ 2 } Brown Blonde Blended Hair with a Cute Royal Blue Bow

Little Girl Haircuts
An effortless hairstyle with unevenly parted smooth two-toned balayage colored hair. Straight haircut looks neat and maintains the simple and sober beauty of young kids. The left side partition knotted with wide striped royal blue satin ribbon so nicely. It perfectly goes with the blue outfit and compliments it gracefully. It’s an easy, stylish look for baby girls to look even cuter and spread their goodness all over. The style is apt for parties and family functions.

{ 3 } The Golden Curls with the Feathery Finish

Little Girl Haircuts
Some things in life are god gifted. Blessed are those, who are blessed with such soft golden curly gorgeous hair. It is a natural looking hairstyle to carry. The curls starting from top till the end looks heavenly and makes this cute girl look angelic. As it seems natural, it can be worn any place anywhere. The gold radiance looks flawless and brings even more spark to the kiddos smile. Though the hair is thin, the style makes it look voluminous.

{ 4 } The Asymmetric Cut in Brunette Hair Beautified With Hair Accessory

Little Girl Haircuts
The adolescent hair with that natural blonde shaded hue at the ends brings out the perfect angel looking appearance. The right side parted uneven haircut with medium length hair is stealing our hearts with the delightful stare. The baby pink colored bow like clip pinned up the hair so nicely that it is holding the front hair to fall as well as accessorizing the style too. Simplest adorable look that can be worn anywhere.

{ 5 } The Wavy Bounce with Hazelnut Brown Luster

Little Girl Haircuts
If you want to see your child with bouncy, dense and wavy gorgeous hair, then it is the style for you. Thick and wavy hair with luster and radiance are the most suitable hair to maintain this look. The loose bun of curly wavy hair at the back with tangles coming out from both sides gives the baby look adorable with a touch of elegance and maturity. The angel-like look can be best paired with light makeup and an innocent smile.

{ 6 } Long Hair Mermaid Look with Glossy Chestnut Hair

Little Girl Haircuts
If the girl is having long, dense hair and likes to keep it long only, then this is the appropriate hairstyle. The gorgeous soft curl looks so fluffy and bouncy. The hair is combed simply to the back and managed well with the help of a hair band. The hair band gives a great look to style by adding a slight puff at the front and throwing all of the hair at the back. The style can be paired well with any dress by just using a matching hair band with any outfit.

{ 7 } Flowing Curls at One Side and Tied At the Other

Little Girl Haircuts
The style is lovely and creative. The soft curls are coming over in the front gracefully. The hair is partitioned in two parts where one part is left free with somewhere waves and somewhere curls, and at the other part, few strands are taken and twirled and pinned up properly. This style gives the stunning look to the girl with eye-catchy curls and waves spread all around beautifully. This style is undoubtedly a party look and is best for the kid’s fashion parade.

{ 8 } The Gorgeous Brown Hair with Blonde Hue and Floral Tiara

Little Girl Haircuts
The hair color is crucial to determine the result of the hairstyle. Here, the beautiful shade of blonde color at the ends is bouquets the feathery touch light brown hair. The hairdo is very simple and easy to make. The hair is partitioned in two parts and gracefully accessorized with a splendid floral tiara. The tiara look is apt for marriages, dance performance and even theme parties.

{ 9 } The Winsome Two Ponytails

Little Girl Haircuts
Kids are themselves a treasure of beauty and innocence. Beautifying them is like adding a cherry on top and treats your eyes to adore that cute and enchanting face. Here, the look is ultra cute with two tiny upside ponytails tied with sky blue rubber bands and long front bangs flowing on the forehead. The look is apt for everywhere, be it school, visit friends home or parties, it will make your little one look like a cute Barbie doll.

{ 10 } Winter Look Long Hair with Waves and Curls

Little Girl Haircuts
The hairstyle consists waves till mid length followed by curls to the ends. This is a pure winter look, though it can be worn in any season. Girls with beautiful long brown hair can easily opt with this hairstyle. Thin hair is preferred for this style as thick hair with so much curl, and waves will become hard to manage for a young girl. The style is simple, easy and apt for all occasions and looks great when worn with one piece dresses.

{ 11 } The Asymmetric Golden Brown Bob with Edges

Little Girl Haircuts
The gorgeous hairstyle makes the girl look even more charming and bubbly. The style needs thick, glossy and straight hair to get that perfect look. The bob haircut with an uneven cut and long front edges gives the style a modern and funky look, and the neat straight cut makes the hair look even more dense and voluminous. This is a perfect casual look for baby girls to adore their hair and themselves.

{ 12 } Thoroughly Curly Noodly Permed Hair with Blonde Radiance

Little Girl Haircuts
There are two tones used in this style. Brown is complimented so well with blonde highlights. The style requires complete permed and curly hair that can be left open just like that and enhances the beauty of hair in any way or any move. The wisely placed blonde highlights are making the style even more attractive and trendy. Middle length hair is best suitable for this style, and it can be worn gracefully with casual wears and party wears.

{ 13 } Enchanting Curls with Top Front Straight Hair

Little Girl Haircuts
The hairstyle goes with straight hair at the top with completely curled rest of the hair. In this look, the hair is side parted from left and clipped up so nicely at the front right side hair. Hair accessories really enhance the look and compliment the hairstyle. The cute floral clip is managing the hair not to let them come over the face, and the cute bow makes the style look adorable. Just try it, your little bee will surely love it.

{ 14 } The Pretty-Pretty Bob Cut with Shiny, Glossy Hair

Little Girl Haircuts
Bob cut is evergreen and is a big hit among adults also. A neat and thoroughly groomed grown out haircut will give your girl a cutest princess-like look. This is a very priggish and proper style where the hair looks simply gorgeous with that smooth, lustrous and double hued adolescent. This style is apt for anywhere and everywhere. If your kiddo has that smooth straight textured hair, then try this charming look for her.

{ 15 } Front Swept French Braid for Medium to Long Straight Hair

Little Girl Haircuts
If you have a baby girl with medium to a long length of hair, here’s a creative look to do her hair beautifully. Side part the hair and sweep the soft hair to one side then make a French-braid at the very front top of the head horizontally, fasten it with a hair band and place the braid length behind the ear to give it a subtle neat look. This hairdo looks trendy and lets your child enjoy the mess-free open hair.

{ 16 } Long Hair with Wavy Ends

Little Girl Haircuts
This type of hairstyle is apt for the young little girls who like to keep their hair long and loves to cuddle and wave their hair here and there. The beautiful burgundy hair color will look so gorgeous with smooth, silky and radiant hair. The indirection wavy ends make the simple haircut seems so classy and breathtaking. It can be carried off well with all outfits and suitable for all occasions. It’s a perfect look for your bubbly cutie pie.

{ 17 } The Front Long Uneven Bob Cut

Little Girl Haircuts
This baby girl bob haircut is a bit of a long hair at the front then the hair at the back. This type of bob is ideal for those baby girls who like to have chin length hair and love to flaunt it with their cute moves. The hairstyle is simple and very easy to carry. Have this cut and just comb it to make her ready for a party look. This style is elegant and sophisticated with cuteness overload.

{ 18 } Cute Blonde Bob Cut with Bangs

Little Girl Haircuts
This is an appealing, unique and beautiful hairstyle that features pretty front bangs framing the face so nicely and a slight wavy look at the back. The hair color makes the look even more outstanding. If your baby girl has the glossy smooth blonde colored hair, then this style is best suitable for her. This hairstyle looks best with chin length hair and can be applied to any shape of the face. It is apt for daily routine life.

{ 19 } Two Permed Pony’s With Floral Rubber Bands

Little Girl Haircuts
If your baby girl has such permed curly hair, this is the best style to manage those hair and give her an enchanting hairstyle for her cute face. Two ponies tied up symmetrically on both up sides with beautiful floral rubber bands. This is the cutest baby girl hairstyle that looks amazing. The style is best paired with casual wear with different cute, funky rubber bands as a matching accessory with dresses to be worn.

{ 20 } Short Curly Hair Tied With a Floral Clip

Little Girl Haircuts
For feathery soft curly hair, this is the best hairstyle that looks stylish and cute at the same time. The gorgeous hair color is like a cherry on top. Beautiful chin length curly hair is side parted to the right and tied up neatly with a pretty white floral clip and enhances the beauty of this hairstyle. It gives a princess like-look to the baby and makes her steal everybody’s heart with just a glance. The style is best paired with one pieces, frocks and gowns.

{ 21 } Short And Sweet Bob Haircut with Bangs

Little Girl Haircuts
This is a simple yet incredibly pretty hairstyle for your little one. It is very easy to carry and pull off, what required is, is a simple bob haircut with bangs. The bangs frames out the cute kiddos face so nicely with short shiny hair. This summer hairdo is perfect for a day out and casual outings. This hairstyle does not need any accessory to decorate it. In fact, this style is complete as it is and brings out the ultimate cuteness of kids.

{ 22 } Creative Soft French Braids with Strands

Little Girl Haircuts
A creatively done work is what I call this hairstyle. The style is the outcome of a blend of two pony’s into one French braid with leaving on both sides beautiful hair strands to give the braids a decorative and unique look. If your daughter has this much long hair, she will love this loose, lacy and soft braided hairstyle and will become the center of attraction for her gorgeous hair updo.

{ 23 } Colored Streaks with a Feathery Bob Cut

Little Girl Haircuts
Those mommies who are very fond of beautiful hairdo for their girls, this style can fulfill your desires. You can give her this look and make her the fashion queen of her circle. The highlighted colored streaks can be done with any length of hair. In this graceful layered haircut, the thin pink streak gives the style ultra-modern look and very eye-catchy. This style is best for parties, hangouts and social gatherings and goes well with all types of dresses.

{ 24 } A Twisted Road like Braids

Little Girl Haircuts
A very unique style of braiding, very stylish yet easy to make. It is a fabulous French braid that is moving in a criss-cross direction from the head to the end. The braided hair is slightly pulled to give a puffed and voluminous appearance to the hair. The style covers all the head portion with this beautiful braids and gives your little girl the most adorable nautical look. This style can be perfectly achieved with mid-length or long hair.

{ 25 } Brunette Curly Long Layered Hairstyle

Little Girl Haircuts
If your little princess is blessed with such glossy, straight and smooth hair, this style will really look fabulous and girly on her. The style can be kept well with middle long hair to long hair. The girls, who like to keep their hair open and flaunt their enchanting look, should go for this styling. Here, the styling is simple and easy to maintain. Just comb your hair and part it from middle and give the layers round inverted curls and you are all set with a great look for your daughter.

So these are some of the best hairstyles I have sorted for your little munchkins that are easy, simple yet very trendy and cool to make your girl look stylish and stand out in the crowd. You can add your own creativity in all the style and can also use a variety of beautiful hair accessories available in the market for little girls to make the style compliment and match with her outfit. So all mommies get ready to deck up your little ones like a diva and make them look stupendous. It is a creative and fun task that you will also enjoy with your daughter. So, try them now!

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