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15 French Bedroom Design Ideas For An Elegantly Refined Look

Refined luxury and effortless elegance is one way to define French interior design. The impeccable interiors of this design style have made it quite a popular style among many homeowners. There are still many who perceive French interiors as the definition of opulence and excess. This might have been true once in the past era. However, the French design style has evolved a lot since the unapologetic opulence in the decor during the regal era of Louis XIV. The French Revolution saw the people opting for a more minimalistic and sophisticated approach to design with a subtle nod here and there to the ornate decor of the past. Whether it is a French bedroom design or a French style living room, the French interiors mix finesse and flamboyance with effortless ease.

The key to French style is moderation, whether it is the way they dress themselves or their homes. French interiors seek a balance between the refined luxury of traditional style and modern minimalism. The French design is bold, sophisticated and chic. And yet, it also has a quirky and personal touch. A neutral color palette, natural materials, and an appreciation for antiques are the main characteristics of this style. Another feature of this style is the attention to architectural details and carefully curated accessories. In simple terms, French interiors aim for a deliberate design that looks unique but in a subtle, discreet way. Here are some ultimate French bedroom design ideas that can help you give your bedroom that elegantly refined look.

{ 1 } Rococo Ceilings Elegant French Decor

Rococo Ceilings Elegant French Decor

An Elegant Seamless Design In Classicism With a Twist By Regina Sturrock Design

This beautiful bedroom is a seamless marriage of architecture and millwork. The stunning rococo ceiling is a unique design that highlights the architecture of the room. Similarly, the antique dressers beside the bed, vintage chair and side table, and art deco coffee table give the room a regal charm. The plush bedding, stunning chandelier, and rich upholstery further add to this refined look. A cozy throw and hand-crafted area rug bring warmth to the rich decor. All in all, this room is a perfect example of classic French design interiors.

{ 2 } Traditional French Style Bedroom Design

Traditional French Style Bedroom Design
Master Bedroom In Rich Texture And Color By Cabell Design Studio | Photo By John Magor

The grandeur of this traditional bedroom is reminiscent of the opulence of the Louis XIV era with lush colors, rich fabrics, and ornate furnishings. The antique furniture and fireplace with wrought iron screen give the bedroom a regal and vintage look. Wall tapestry and curated accessories in the room further add to the refined style of the decor. The flat weave Aubusson area rug centers the decor. Plush draperies in rich green also add a sophisticated touch to the design. Finally, a stunning ornate chandelier adds a finishing touch to the bedroom design.

{ 3 } Classic French Pale Pastel Decor

Classic French Pale Pastel Decor
Pastel Colors In Classic French Style By Viola Interior Design LLC | Photo By John M. Lewis

Light Colors and simple decor is the key aspect of French design. This pretty pink bedroom is the perfect example of the softer feminine French design style. Light and soothing color palette of white, pink, and grey give the room a softer and feminine look. The vintage style drawer chest, mirror frame, and window treatment give the room a classic traditional touch. The vintage chair with linen slipcovers and satin pillows brings warmth and comfort to the decor. An ornate table lamp and a bunch of pink roses finish the look.

{ 4 } Neutral Colors Classic French Design

Neutral Colors Classic French Design
Subtle Elegance and Refinement In French Bedroom Design By C Weaks Interiors

A neutral-toned bedroom with luxurious decor, this bedroom is a study in contrasts. It goes beyond all notions of luxurious decor by using light and neutral tones with rich fabrics and regal decor. The vintage bed and headboard along with the antique daybed give the bedroom a regal Victorian look. Also, the striped wallpaper brings an old-world charm to the simple design. Rich fabrics for bedsheets, bed covers, pillows, curtains, and bench covers bring elegance to the bedroom. Animal prints and polka dots offer visual interest while plush carpets bring warmth to the decor. A stunning light fixture like this crystal chandelier is a must in French decor to give a finishing touch to any room.

{ 5 } French Country Bedroom Warm Colors

French Country Bedroom Warm Colors
Earthy Color Palette In Cozy French Country Bedroom By Douglas Vanderhorn Architects

Warm, earthy neutrals paired with dark wood tones give this bedroom a naturally cozy vibe. A framed four-poster bed and traditional style love seat set the tone of the decor. The layered rugs cover the hardwood floors and bring warmth to the decor. Similarly, wood tones highlight the earthy color palette and bring a natural feel. This amazing aesthetic is quite easy to recreate in your homes too. Keeping the fabric of the tufted headboard and the curtain valance same creates a harmonious and seamless look. For other furnishings, pick light colors that complement the color scheme. Finally, add an antique vase and vintage style table lamps for a finished look.

{ 6 } Rustic Yet Elegant Bedroom Decor

Rustic Yet Elegant Bedroom Decor
Classic French Design With Vintage Furniture By Cabell Design Studio | Photo By John Magor

The beautiful bed canopy and the vintage privacy screen is not the only thing French in this marvelous bedroom. Vintage furniture in the distressed finish gives the decor a French look and old-world charm. Light colored walls covered in floral wallpaper, Louis XV style armchair, and the Aubusson tug certainly adds to the look. However, it is certainly the satin slipcover, bed sheets, and canopy that become the center of attention in this bedroom. Emerald colored canopy and window treatment bring a pop of color in the otherwise staid decor.

{ 7 } Toile Wallpaper Blue And White Bedroom

Toile Wallpaper Blue And White Bedroom
Blue Toile In French Bedroom Decor By JMA Interior Design | Photo By Ron Rosenzweig

Toile fabric and serene aqua tones certainly rule in this stunning French bedroom in blue hues. The Toile fabric is a typical element of French designs. This bedroom fully utilizes the stunning effect of toile to fruition. Get the same toile design in wallpaper as well as bed canopy and window treatments to give the whole room a seamless look. Use a complimentary color fabric for the drapery behind the bed and in the bed covers. You can add accents with the same color in furnishings like in the armchair and ottomans. The bright white bed sheets and furnishings also nicely complement the light blue colors of the bedroom. Add a beautiful ceiling fan to draw the eye upwards. You can give finishing touches with stylish wall sconces and table lamps.

{ 8 } Soothing Colors Fresh Bedroom Decor

Soothing Colors Fresh Bedroom Decor
Fresh Colors And Elegant Design By Alan Mascord Design Associates | Photo By Bob Greenspan

It is a common misconception that French designs are all about pale white and light neutrals. French designs can also have bold colors as the color scheme or as accents. This beautiful bedroom is certainly a good example of the fact. Colorful palette of bright blue and fresh green give this bedroom a soothing appeal. Plush Furniture and rich upholstery in printed fabrics give the room an eclectic look. The vintage style chandeliers and area rug add an authentic old world charm to the decor. An ornate Venetian mirror and Roman blinds add a finishing touch to the decor.

{ 9 } Modern Minimalist French Bedroom

Modern Minimalist French Bedroom
Soothing Colors And Minimal Furnishings In Winchelsea Beach By Cabbages & Roses

The French are well-known for their flamboyance and style. This bedroom is simple in its decoration. However, it certainly displays the famous French flamboyance mixed with elegance with a classic French bedspread and neutral color palette. The shiplap walls and ceiling also add to the French country look of this shabby-chic bedroom design. All you need to do to get this look in your bedroom is keep a soothing, neutral color palette like the white and grey combination here. Now create romance with a classic French-style floral bedspread like the Paris Rose bedspread used here. To give the vintage floral design a contemporary feel, use an unusual color to keep it simple yet exciting.

{ 10 } French Touch In Contemporary Bedroom

French Touch In Contemporary Bedroom
Dramatic Walls With Minimal Decor By Ml-h design | Photo By Nicolas Matheus

A great french style bedroom does not necessarily have white walls, neutral colors, and vintage furniture. A simple accent piece or color that gives the decor a French touch is also enough. Take this beautiful contemporary bedroom for example. The charcoal walls look splendid with accents of plum, aubergine, and oatmeal. The use of natural materials like bamboo or lighter-toned wood for furniture like this rattan bed keep things light and fresh. Similarly, jute rugs layered with patterned area rugs like this Turkish Kilim rug keep the overall look from feeling too dark or heavy. A stylish floor lamp adds the finishing touch to this very contemporary French bedroom.

{ 11 } Warm Earthy French Bedroom Design

Warm Earthy French Bedroom Design
Simple Bedroom With French Influences By Bruce Kading Interior Design | Photo By Ken Gutmaker

Authentic French design is all about moderation and subtle refinement. This beautiful bedroom is the perfect example of refined luxury that is characteristic of French decor. A classic traditional wooden bedframe with moldings and trim becomes the center of the design. The wooden nightstands complement the bed and add warmth to the decor. The embroidered bedspread and silk curtains give the room a regal touch. Carpeted floors and accent lighting with stylish wall sconces and pendant lanterns add to the cozy feel. Arched doors are also typical of French decor. The neutral color palette and vintage furniture certainly give the room an authentic old-world charm.

{ 12 } Vaulted Ceiling Simple Bedroom Decor

Vaulted Ceiling Simple Bedroom Decor
Elegant French Design With Rustic Look By Scott Wilson Architects | Photo By Reed Brown

A beautifully tufted sleigh bed and stunning vaulted ceilings give this rustic bedroom a modern French look. All you need to do to get this look in your home is use soft colors, natural materials, and invest in a piece or two of vintage furniture. For example, the distressed finish on the nightstands and cabinets gives the room an authentic look. You can use an Aubusson rug to further complement the look and center the design. Silk curtains in light colors, modern chandelier, and stylish table lamps give a contemporary touch to the decor.

{ 13 } Rustic French Country Style Design

Rustic French Country Style Design
An Elegant Seamless Design In Classicism With a Twist By Regina Sturrock Design

This rustic bedroom is a perfect example of understated luxury. The beautiful bedspread in silk and damask gives the room a rich luxurious look. An ornate bed frame pushed against the window along with a valance for window treatment adds romance to the decor. It creates visual interest and gives a French touch to the decor. Wallpapered walls, floral carpets, and distressed furnishings like the grace table lamp and Stonebrook nightstand further enhance the traditional French look of the bedroom. Traditional window treatments and vintage furniture also give this rustic bedroom a country charm.

{ 14 } Bold Blue And White Bedroom Decor

Bold Blue And White Bedroom Decor
Traditional French Look In Dreamy Bedroom By Raw Design | Photo By Emphasis Photography

This bedroom is like something out of a fairy tale – luxurious, regal, and a little whimsical! The dreamy color palette of bright white and turquoise blue further enhances the traditional French touches in this bedroom. A vintage bed in rococo style design along with wall trim and period crown molding on the ceiling gives the decor a traditional French feel. The Victorian style crystal chandelier also adds to the same look. Similarly, vintage artistic table lamps and wall decor add Victorian charm to the decor. Contemporary nightstands and bedspread bring a modern touch to the design. The plush carpeted floor brings warmth and coziness to the decor.

{ 15 } Shabby Chic Style French Bedroom

Shabby Chic Style French Bedroom
French Provincial Style Shabby-chic Interiors By The French Mix Interior Design | Photo By Timothy Dunford

This shabby-chic bedroom design is as beautiful and soft as it is charming. The vintage furnishings like the four-poster iron bed, chests, hand-crafted area rug, and classic architecture give the room a French look. In contrast, the beautiful white bedspread, pillows, silk curtains, and window blinds add a modern touch to the decor. The ornate bedframe and frilly bedsheet and cover give the room a feminine touch. The stylish table lamps bring an elegant and sophisticated look to the bedroom.

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