Best Destinations to Visit in Africa

Best Destinations to Visit in Africa

Africa is large as a continent. This gives you a lot of diversity in terms of places to visit. Africa is renowned for its unique and magical cultures and top tourists spots across the continent. Are you planning on visiting the African continent anytime soon? If yes, consider these best destinations:

{ 1 } Kenya

Best Destinations to Visit in Africa
Kenya houses over a million tourists each year across the globe. This magnificent and beautiful country is located in East Africa. Here, you should visit Maasai Mara National park. Maasai Mara National park is renowned for the great wild beast migration. That’s not all; a visit to this national park allows you to check out various wildlife animals. Some of these wildlife animals are only found in Africa.

You can also take a train ride from Nairobi to Mombasa. This train ride allows you to admire the beautiful scenery of this region. You can also visit the Kenya national Museum. Here, you will be privileged to learn about the rich Kenyan history before and after independent.

A visit to the coastal towns such as Mombasa, Malindi and lamu allows you to experience the renowned Swahili culture. You will also have the privilege of tasting some local delicacies.

{ 2 } Morocco

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Morocco is located in North Africa. Anyone who visits this country will be charmed by its beauty. This is one of the reasons it was selected among the Game of thrones filming spot. Each city across this country brings out a different mood. You can start your tour in Morocco by checking out the famous Sahara Desert. There are numerous fun activities you can engage yourself in while at Sahara Desert. This ranges from Carmel racing and motor racing, among others.

You can also visit the famous Essaouira city. This windy city was used to shoot a couple of Game of Thrones films. This coastal city has a lot to offer apart from its beautiful scenery. You can check out the ancient architectural look from some old structures. You can also engage yourself with some water sport activities. Lastly, you should check out Atlas Mountains and Mount Toubkal.

{ 3 } Egypt

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Are you planning on a vacation to Africa? If yes, make Egypt one of your destinations. Egypt is located in North Africa. This country is full of mystery. It is one of the Seven Wonders of the World. These are the beautiful Pyramids. Pyramids are surrounded by a lot of mystery. No one knows how they were built. A visit to these pyramids will make you appreciate this mysterious structure. You will also hear the various theories on how these pyramids came into existence.

The Pyramids are over 5, 000years old. Surprisingly, this structure remains intact and in good condition. Moving on, a visit to various museums across Egypt will help you understand their rich history. That’s not all; Egypt also house the renowned River Nile and the famous red sea.

{ 4 } Rwanda

Best Destinations to Visit in Africa
Rwanda is a very beautiful country. This country has something for everyone. It is located in the heart of East Africa. Here, you can visit the famous Virunga Mountains. These mountains stand tall at 14,787 feet above sea level. You can engage yourself and your friends in mountain climbing activities. A visit to Virunga Mountains allows you to enjoy the beautiful scenery this Country offers.

The endangered Gorillas Mountains is another top tourist attraction site in Rwanda worth checking out. Interestingly, some Gorilla Mountains are located in Volcanoes national park. This gives you in a position of checking out some wildlife animals. That’s not all; Rwanda also houses Lake Kivu and Lake Edward. People who love nature will enjoy every single moment when visiting these two lakes. The beautiful scenery and the fun activities will amaze you. Lastly, make an effort of visiting Kigali Genocide Memorial site.

{ 5 } Zimbabwe

Best Destinations to Visit in Africa
Zimbabwe cannot be omitted from this list when it comes to naming top tourist destinations in Africa. This country houses a lot of archaeological sites, Mountains and Rivers, among others. People travel across the globe to see the famous Victoria Falls. Victoria fall is appealing to the eye and also hosts numerous fan activities. These activities range from Bungee jumping and whitewater rafting.

You can also visit River Zambezi while in Zimbabwe. There are numerous activities you can engage yourself in while in River Zambezi. That’s not all; there are numerous national parks you can visit throughout Zimbabwe. These national parks range from Matobo, lake kariba and Hwange national parks. Make an effort of visiting any of the mentioned national parks. These parks house different types of wild animals, some of which are endangered. You will have an easy stay in Zimbabwe because of numerous hotels to choose from.

{ 6 } South Africa

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South Africa cannot be left out on this list. This is one of the most visited countries in Africa as far as tourism is concerned. The mixing of westernization and the local Culture makes this an interesting place to visit. South Africa has a lot of top tourist attraction sites worth checking out. You simply need to identify your needs. Ensure you visit the wine region of Stellebosch. Here, you will be able to see the vineyards and get the opportunity of sampling a couple of wine.

Kruger National park is another top tourist attraction site in South Africa worth trying out. Here, you might get lucky and see some penguins. Do you love nature and adventure? If yes, make an effort of visiting Drankensberg Mountains. South Africa houses one of the best beaches across the globe. Simply identify beaches near you and have plenty of fun.

{ 7 } Malawi

Best Destinations to Visit in Africa
Malawi is located in Southeastern part of this continent. Despite its small size, Malawi is one of the best destinations worth trying out. First, there are two famous wildlife parks on the southern part of this country worth visiting. They are Majete and Liwonde national parks. These two national parks are located in a serene environment that makes them accessible.

Apart from seeing a couple of wild animals, liwonde Wildlife Park offers a unique and memorable boat ride safari. Majete national park houses a couple of big five wild animals, some of which are visible only in Africa. Nyika is another wildlife park in Malawi. People who love nature will definitely have an amazing time here. Here, you will see different bird species, antelopes and Zebras. Lake Malawi is another top tourist attraction sites in this Country worth checking out.

{ 8 } Djibouti

Best Destinations to Visit in Africa
Djibouti is another top tourist destination in Africa worth visiting. Despite its small size, this country offers a lot of fun activities. You can either travel by land or sea. Most trips start in Djibouti City. This city offers a wide range of meals. You can easily find both local and international meals. Yemeni oven baked bread and fish are on eof the popular dishes worth trying out.

Make an effort of going on the famous two day jeep trip to Lake Abbe mars terrain. This trip also entails a night at a nomad camp. Here, you will be privileged to check out wildlife, real nomadic villages and oasis. Consider checking out Lake Assal while in Djibouti. Lake Assal is considered the second lowest lake on earth. It is also saltier than the renowned Dead Sea. The Gulf of Tadjoura offers a wide range of fun activities such as Snorkel and Scuba diving.

{ 9 } Madagascar

Best Destinations to Visit in Africa
The beautiful scenery of this Island attracts a lot of people each year. A couple of adventures and nature reserves bring out a splendid experience. There are three tourist attraction spots you should visit while in Africa, namely Isalo National Park, Ranomafana and Baobab Avenue.

Any outgaining person will definitely have fun on this Country. The unique natural scenery throughout the country brings out a unique look. This is the reason numerous movies and pictures have been captured in this country. That’s not all; there are numerous water sports and adventurous activities you can engage yourself with while in Madagascar. Also a couple of national parks you can visit to check out a couple of wild animals.

There are numerous top class hotels which strive towards making your stay as comfortable as possible.

{ 10 } Tanzania

Best Destinations to Visit in Africa
Tanzania cannot be omitted when it comes to naming best tourist destinations in Africa worth checking out. First, Tanzania houses the highest mountain in Africa. Mount Kilimanjaro is located on the northern part of this country. You can spice up your visit to Mount Kilimanjaro by climbing up to the top and back.

Secondly, consider the beautiful white sand beaches both in Dar es Salaam and Zanzibar. That’s not all; Serengeti national park gives you the opportunity of seeing the renowned wildebeest migration. You can also enjoy some hot air balloon ride on this national park. You should also make an effort of visiting Ngorongoro crater conservation area while in Tanzania.

Check out the weather pattern of your select country above. Always go to a country whose climate is a favorable and allows you to engage in various fun activities.

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