61 Extraordinary Tattoo Design Ideas You Will Definitely Love

Tattoo Design

We are now living in an age, in which tattoos are fashion statements, a way to express oneself to the world. This type of body art is more prevalent among youth who are independent, free-spirited and want to create their own trademark in their lives. There are tons of tattoo design to choose from, that match your thematic requirements.

{ 1 } Minimalist Triangle Couple Tattoo

Minimalist Triangle Couple Tattoo
This Triangle Couple Tattoo with one fully shaded and other plain is one of the great looking designs having a lot of meaning to it. It could mean two persons with different nature being together. This design will take just a few minutes to get tattooed and can be a great choice for both minimalists and those who are getting tattooed for the first time. It can also be a funny design with no meaning attached at all. The design looks simple, elegant and looks attractive when inked on both the wrists. One more advantage is that you can add more details to this design if you intend to change later.

{ 2 } Tree-Themed Deer Tattoo

Tree-Themed Deer Tattoo
This Tree-Themed Deer Tattoo with a moon at the top bears a true and positive meaning. It symbolizes beauty, strength, positivity and the remarkable life led by Deers in the wild forests. Deer and trees represent vitality and fertility and can also relate to a renewal of the human spirit. It suits for persons who are a symbol of passion, solitude, and courage. It also has a religious meaning and is treated as a God sign. An ink of this design will look good on the arms. Deers are also a symbol of the triumph of good over evil because of its grace and beauty.

{ 3 } Infinity Music Tattoo On Girl Side Wrist

Infinity Music Tattoo On Girl Side Wrist
Infinity Music Tattoos are the Combination of Two Concepts Music and Infinity. This is one of the minimalistic designs adding more beauty to the wearer. The tattoo features an infinity symbol, but it also looks similar to that of a music sign. This tattoo can be surrounded by other minute things like a love heart, birds, a flower or anything of interest to the person. This tattoo represents the intellectual nature and their affiliation towards music and this is one of the popular designs among young girls.

{ 4 } Snake Tattoo On Left Inner Forearm

Snake Tattoo On Left Inner Forearm
Full wrist tattoos Look Good on any Person and Having a Snake Tattoo on the left inner forearm is a good choice. The design run through the entire length of the forearm and the slithery design is ideal for men. This design is an abstract piece of artwork that truly expresses the essence of this creature. It has a 3D feel to it which increases its visual appeal. Get this venomous bite of design idea to add more boldness to your expressions.

{ 5 } Geometric Heart Tattoo on Hand

Geometric Heart Tattoo on Hand
A Heart design with precise lines and symmetry on the hand looks stylish and great for both men and women. Geometric Heart Tattoo Designs are considered to be the pinnacle of artistry in tattooing industry. The heart placed at the hand represents a perfect balance between the body and the mind. It also portrays the importance of the heart in our life. Inked with different colors inside the cells of the heart, it takes the tattoo to a wholly different level. Hearts are also a symbol to represent purity, love, and spirituality. Thus are preferred by people who relate themselves to such traits.

{ 6 } Dream Catcher Tattoo on Side Rib

Dream Catcher Tattoo on Side Rib
This Dreamcatcher design represents a hoop with a woven mesh, beads, and feathers hanging from the mesh. The feather and the web like design not only has more meaning to it but also looks more beautiful when inked on any part of the body especially the side ribs. A lot of customization can be added to the hoop, the pendants, and the feathers and it is one of the most popular designs amongst women. Because of its ornamental pattern and the multitude of colors, it catches a lot of attention at first sight.

{ 7 } Wave and Mountains Tattoo on Wrist

Wave and Mountains Tattoo on Wrist
This is yet another minimalistic design which people love to ink. People who are into skiing, mountaineering or trekking used to ink this design to remember the amazing trip they had. Nevertheless, it suits anyone who has an admiration of the worldly nature. The tattoo can be done in few minutes on your wrists and looks like a real piece of art. Moreover, this design can be a good start to add more things on the tattoo like birds, clouds, trees and so on.

{ 8 } Small Tattoo On Finger

Small Tattoo On Finger
Simple and smaller designs like arrows are preferred by both first-timers and tattoo enthusiasts. These minimalist tattoos on fingers have lots of advantages: less time to get tattooed, less cost can be covered with a ring if needed, looks attractive, can be painted again if it gets faded and also conveys special meaning. Though finger tattoos were reserved for gangsters and bikers, nowadays it’s socially acceptable to have a small tattoo on a finger.

{ 9 } Black and Gray Tiger Tattoo

Black and Gray Tiger Tattoo
Tiger tattoos inked on the forearms are a great sign to represent strength, dominance, protection, and confidence. This black and gray tiger design is simple yet delivers a powerful meaning and looks good on men with a protective nature. A 3D art of the tiger will make it look more lively and dynamic and is one of the popular tattoos among men because of the attention it gets.

{ 10 } Skull Tattoo On Hand Over Face

Skull Tattoo On Hand Over Face
This is one of the unique skull designs you will ever find. The nose and the teeth of the skull are inked on the hand and you will get an interesting and complete look when the hand is kept over the face. It needs a lot of hard work to design this, to make all the teeth look the same with proper shape and size. Otherwise, it will spoil the entire look. The skull covers the entire portion of the hand and looks very fierce even from longer distances. This tattoo features a ghastly look yet looks strikingly beautiful.

{ 11 } Beautiful Floral Tattoo For Women

Beautiful Floral Tattoo For Women
This pink rose design is one of the popular designs for women and can convey a lot of meanings with the obvious ones like beauty and delicate love. The flowers’ openness and the color make it more vibrant, energetic and spread happiness instantly among the viewers. It is designed to cover one side of the back and looks good on party wear dresses. Because of its minor details, it can take a long time to finish, but it is guaranteed to look fantastic after its done.

{ 12 } Small Girly Flowers Tattoo

Small Girly Flowers Tattoo
Each flower conveys a special message ranging from the nature of a person, birth month, perseverance and so on. Girls ink flower tattoo design, to relate their life to the way in which that flower grows. Different colors convey different messages and stories. This tattoo design could also symbolize a cultural significance for the person. Multiple flowers of the same kind can be ink to make it more attractive and make it more meaningful. A combination of colors like red and yellow, blue and black usually gives a unique look to it.

{ 13 } Back Vine Half Body Tattoo

Back Vine Half Body Tattoo
The tattoo design symbolizes that someone has found their own path through the nooks for their survival. This relates to a person’s drive to live and the will to survive despite their hardships. Vines seek the sun to have photosynthesis. This tattoo design could mean that someone is striving hard to seek the ultimate truth or the sun or could be friendships, spirituality and many more.

{ 14 } Holding Hands Tattoo For Lovers

Holding Hands Tattoo For Lovers
Intertwining fingers shows love, either in reality or in a tattoo design. This tattoo design tells your loved ones that you will never let them go. It is simple and proclaims that your love is forever. It expresses the love you feel when you hold your lover’s hands and captures the moment for eternity in your wrist. You can give this as a Valentine’s Day gift or anniversary gift and your loved ones will surely fall in love with this tattoo.

{ 15 } Small Diamond Tattoo Design

Small Diamond Tattoo Design
These diamond tattoos cost much cheaper than the real diamonds. This simple black diamond outline design is one of the most common and preferred tattoos. It looks excellent when worn on the wrist or near the thumb. Girls prefer this design and the tattoo brings the message to other people without looking extra ornate or gaudy. A lighter shade of black inside the diamond makes it look more stylish and graceful.

{ 16 } Hummingbird Colorful Tattoo

Hummingbird Colorful Tattoo
Hummingbirds tattoos are popular amongst women more as compared to men. This design with 2 hummingbirds with vibrant colors, flying in opposite directions resemble a flash of harmless lightning and the bright sunbeams that touches the whole universe in a gentle way. Just like the real hummingbirds getting a lot of attention, these tattoos are also a great head turner and surely grab a lot of attention. A person who has been through a lot of hardship will consider this design.

{ 17 } Arrow Tattoo on Behind Neck

Arrow Tattoo on Behind Neck
A single arrow represents protection from harm and can also stand for the defense. The plus point of these designs is that they are simple and easy to make and costs very less money. Hence, this arrow design is an ideal choice for beginners as well as tattoo enthusiasts. This can be worn by both men and women and looks attractive even from a farther distance.

{ 18 } Back Side Simple Cross Tattoo

Back Side Simple Cross Tattoo
Simple Cross can be used to express any particular idea or a deeper significance of it in their life. It could also signify feelings of rebellion, reverence and other range of feelings & suits mostly for girls who have a deeper religious belief. Looks unique and attractive when worn on the back side of the body with a dress that reveals the tattoo portion. It could also be used to showcase one’s interest in Christ or to commemorate the life of a close friend or a family member to let them live on with you and through you. Dark colors like green or black are also a perfect way to express with pride the Celtic roots and heritage of someone.

{ 19 } Cute Graphic Penguin Tattoo

Cute Graphic Penguin Tattoo
Penguin is a symbol of cuteness and this graphic penguin is abstract and unique in its design. Since penguins are monogamous creatures who choose to live with only one partner for the rest of their lives, this tattoo can symbolize your commitment to your soul mate in a relationship. It is a unique way of expressing your love for your partner. This tattoo is perfect for wrists and the abstract art is simple enough to be finished in one sitting.

{ 20 } God Symbol OM Tattoo on Wrist

God Symbol OM Tattoo on Wrist
Om is the most sacred mantra in Buddhism and Hinduism. With the recent upsurge in Eastern spirituality, having an Om tattoo design on a wrist is a fashion statement itself proclaiming your spiritual orientation. The word itself has profound meaning for life and represents the unity of the human soul with divinity. If you are the one who is spiritually connected to this world, this tattoo design is the simple yet elegant way to express your faith in God without trying too much.

{ 21 } Artistic Sleeve Tattoo For Men

Artistic Sleeve Tattoo For Men
With some talent and creativity, Sleeve tattoo design is guaranteed to look great and catch a lot of attention. The image contains a lot of patterns repeating itself in continuous ways. People prefer to have a shape that means special to them and also makes the whole tattoo looks beautiful and attractive. It might take a lot of time and can be a bit expensive but if you want it, go for it.

{ 22 } Black Full Sleeve Flower Tattoo

Black Full Sleeve Flower Tattoo
This black and white full sleeve design covering from shoulder to wrist is one of the most popular designs among women. One can choose appropriate sized flowers at different portions of the sleeve to symbolize and relate to the meaning. One can also consider coloring them up at a later stage to make it look even more vibrant. Though, this does not have minute details, covering up an entire sleeve takes up a lot of time to complete. But, it’s worth the time when you get to look better after the tattoo being done.

{ 23 } Vintage Inspired Pink Rose Tattoo

Vintage Inspired Pink Rose Tattoo
This is one of the most colorful and rich looking tattoos. If you want to ink something classic and one which stands the test of time, then this Vintage Pink Rose tattoo is for you. The bright colors and the smooth lines make this design stand out and also look pretty. This design of multiple pink roses and leaves look pretty on any part of the body. Women might want to consider wearing it on arms or the back or the chest area so that it is easily visible. The patterns of the roses give a softer look and also portray a person with a positive outlook towards life. It takes more time to ink this, because of the different colors and all the other minute details.

{ 24 } Asian Culture Tattoo For Men

Asian Culture Tattoo For Men
This tattoo is mostly preferred by the Asian people, but can also be inked by people who like the Asian culture. One gets a lot of options to choose from, because of the rich diversity of the Asian tradition. Following are a few of them: inking their name in the regional language, popular quotes, tigers which are considered as Gods, a design to remember a particular event and the worship symbol which is a common trait among Asians. Based on the person’s liking one can cover the entire back or the front with these different designs. The interesting part is that you don’t have to reveal the true meaning of the symbol to anyone and thus you can keep your privacy.

{ 25 } Theatre Mask Tattoo

Theatre Mask Tattoo
Mask tattoo design is a symbolic way to portray the union of two different or opposing personalities- a comic and a tragic person hiding the inner invisible qualities. People or artists who think that they are just actors in this whole game of life, changing their mood or expressions depending on the situation relate well to this theatre mask tattoo design. It also signifies that with a mask, one can express their emotions without being criticized or judged.

{ 26 } Tree Tattoo Ideas For Nature Lovers

Tree Tattoo Ideas For Nature Lovers
This tattoo of a whole tree with many branches and roots can be worn on one side of the torso which makes it more visible. For nature lovers and environmental advocates, this tree tattoo could always remind them of their advocacy. Trees are inked for either fashion purposes or to spread awareness. In any case, it would look really attractive and is guaranteed to start interesting conversations.

{ 27 } Back Side Vintage Rose Tattoo

Back Side Vintage Rose Tattoo
A vintage rose tattoo on the back side symbolizes love. This design has a natural color palette and the simplicity works very well with the meaning of hope, promise, new beginnings etc. The rose is one of the complex flowers to draw, but looks remarkably well and beautiful after the entire coloring is complete. The black stem and the leaves are eye-catching and the entire piece of art carries more meaningful messages. It is ink at the center portion of the back which makes it look more realistic and attractive.

{ 28 } Sun Tattoo on Back of Neck

Sun Tattoo on Back of Neck
It is one of the mainstream female neck tattoo preferred by both men and women. A smaller sun at the back of the neck looks much attractive and visible to anyone and different colors make it more stylish. Sun also represents fertility and vitality, thus it is the highest regarded symbol of life in all the ancient cultures. A sun could also mean a symbol of the mind and intellect. The other main interpretations include light and truth and are preferred by people who have survived any sort of difficulty or could also make them remember the darkest periods of their life before a ray of hope/light came into their life.

{ 29 } Half Sleeve Antebrazo Tattoo Hombre

Half Sleeve Antebrazo Tattoo Hombre
A half sleeve tattoo looks good when a T-shirt or a half-hand shirt is worn. The blue and black colors tend to increase the visibility and suits for any dress. Because of its classic and attractive pattern, it has become one of the common and popular designs among youngsters.

{ 30 } 3D Deer Sleeve Tattoo

3D Deer Sleeve Tattoo
Deer Tattoos invoke and reveal the deep inner personalities of kindness and gentleness rather than strength or protection. It is one of the popular designs loved and preferred by both men and women because of the animal’s soft and humble nature. This 3D deer tattoo with single or multiple colors on the sleeves will always make it a center of attraction when a sleeveless t-shirt is worn. The other birds and wolf in the tattoo depict the everyday battle or the struggle the deer go through and thus it gets easily related to people who have gone through similar experiences.

{ 31 } Sleeve Love Quote Tattoo

Sleeve Love Quote Tattoo
This is one of the coolest tattoos for girls. This tattoo with a love quote surrounded by flowers makes the sleeve look attractive and people choose the quotes that are dear to them. It could be a general quote or the ones told by their loved ones and thus this tattoo helps them remember those beautiful memories any time of the day. The dark shades surrounding the flowers add more dynamics to the design.

{ 32 } Howling Wolf Tattoo Forearm

Howling Wolf Tattoo Forearm
This painting depicts a howling wolf which is known as a symbol of loneliness and solitude. A small dark silhouette is presented below its neck which describes a piece of nature. A small wave or disturbance in the air is also painted to make it look more realistic. The entire design looks beautiful and will be liked by everyone.

{ 33 } Beautiful Rose Tattoo Design

Beautiful Rose Tattoo Designs
The dark red colored rose surrounded by light yellow and blue colors adds more stylishness and beauty to the design. This red rose denotes a universal symbol of love and beauty and also represents the human sentiment as well. A rose inked under the neck and above the chest look wonderful and will get a lot of attention for sure. Moreover, different colors can be given to the rose to include novelty and beauty.

{ 34 } Arm Tattoos For Men

arm tattoos for men
The image depicts a quote tattooed in the form of a curved sheet of paper, with a bird resting on a branch at the top of it. This is one of the impressive ways to spread goodness among people and at the same time looking fantastic. These quotes can be anything representing love, peace, moral verse, spiritual quote and so on.

{ 35 } Full Hand Colorful Tattoo For Women

Full Hand Colorful Tattoo For Women
Women who have fair skin are the perfect candidate for a full hand tattoo design with vibrant colors. The total length of the hand allows for a mash-up concept in which you can add different elements or ideology together and express them in bright colors. You can have bird tattoo design which symbolizes freedom and flight mixed with a skull or other imagery which can signify boldness. Flowers are best represented in a multicolor palette. This design is highly attractive and captures the attention of people walking nearby. It makes you more of a walking art compared to a simple tattoo design.

{ 36 } 3D Bear Tattoo on Head

3D Bear Tattoo on Head
A bear on a man’s head also represents his desire for strength and freedom and at the same time depicting his fearlessness and dangerous personality. It looks good on men with bear-like bodies and it gives an impression that you are a half-bear and half-human when seen from a longer distance. Try not to scare anyone with this awesome design. And it can initiate a good conversation as well. One can also represent that like the bear he is gentle and noble but will become fierce if a threat comes nearby.

{ 37 } Clock Tattoo On Hand

Clock Tattoo On Hand
This clock tattoo with a girl’s face on the hand is a great example of abstract style design. It could mean a lot of things like that girl is a timeless art or time does not move when she is nearby or I want to live with her all the time and so on. The design looks very attractive because it shows only half of the clock and one side of the girl’s face and thus has good visual aspect even from long distances. The tattoo is done in 3D and it makes it more unique, modern and pretty on a guy’s hands. A bigger hand will be ideal to fit all the parts of this tattoo.

{ 38 } Molecular Tattoo For Physics Students

Molecular Tattoo For Physics Students
This tattoo can be worn by science students to get a cool looking attitude. A single molecule which has got the interest of the student because of its varied uses and powers is usually inked on the forearms at a normal size. A much bigger size will look abnormal and will spoil the entire feel, look and attraction of the design. On a lighter note, please don’t consider this to be a trick to cheat in exams.

{ 39 } Simple Moon Back of Neck Tattoo

Simple Moon Back of Neck Tattoo
This simple tattoo of the moon with rays coming out not only looks rich and beautiful but also conveys deeper symbolic meanings. Moon represents magic, eternity, mystery, fertility, influence, dreams, feminine power and subtle strength. This tattoo with the light black shade looks pleasant and attractive and when the ink on the back of the neck tattoo, grabs immediate attention from people. If required, it can be covered with some clothing or with the hair.

{ 40 } Abstract Lines Inspired Tattoo

Abstract Lines Inspired Tattoo
Abstract Tattoo Designs represent a minimalist style compared to traditional ones with heavy ink. This art is open to interpretation and has a certain mystical aura to it. Its hexagonal design can be viewed as a fundamental chemical molecular structure, a kind of rising sun radiating its rays or biological cellular structure etc. Discussions around this design can trigger fun metaphysical conversations. It is a great way to add art to your hands and show off your new style.

{ 41 } Traditional Chain Link Tattoo Design

Traditional Chain Link Tattoo Design
Chain Link Tattoo design is usually worn by men and women who find an association with any of the following things: Unity, Prisoner, Protection, Strength, Freedom, Authority, Incarceration, Being grounded, Control, Unity. These are usually inked around the wrist, neck, ankles, and shoulders. It could also mean someone protecting themselves from love or something that is being held back by them. Some people relate it to getting protection against evil forces. This tattoo design is simple, yet can take back to a deeper story one can talk about and is liked by people of all ages.

{ 42 } Infinity Arrow Tattoo For Girls

Infinity Arrow Tattoo For Girls
Arrows are classic designs for a tattoo. It shows that if you want to move forward in life, you have to overcome backward pulling obstacles. If you decide to sport one, an infinity arrow tattoo is a great choice. Infinity arrow is a tribal symbol and the arrows in both directions with crisscrossing patterns give it an elegant design value. The location can be on the upper back center for girls and gives a sexy look when you flaunt your back with strapless dresses.

{ 43 } Sleeve Tribal Tattoo

Sleeve Tribal Tattoo
Tribal tattoos usually have geometric patterns which mean courage, dynamic, expressiveness and audacity. The arrows represent the weapons being used and the round part near the arms represents sun which was considered as a god in the ancient times. The elements in the tattoo also symbolize balance, eternal life, hope, and continuance. This tattoo was used by the tribal people to remember a special event or something of a deeper connection.

{ 44 } Fox Tattoo Neo Traditional

Fox Tattoo Neo-Traditional
A traditional version of the fox with orange and brown colors makes it look vivid and represents a symbol of wisdom, seductiveness, craftiness, and deceit. This tattoo depicts a sly creature eating a rabbit looks terrifying and the ink denotes a philosophical denotation. Also, this tattoo reveals a strong male energy. It could mean a person with deceitful nature.

{ 45 } Halved Mandala Tattoo Back Shoulder

Halved Mandala Tattoo Back Shoulder
Mandala represents a circle and this tattoo is painted on both sides of the shoulder with each half of them forming a circle. This circular design is believed to tell the idea that life has no end. This mandala design having repeated hexagons and triangle peaks has spiritual significance and other deeper meanings of perfection. A moderately sized mandala will look attractive on both sides of the shoulder.

{ 46 } 3D Butterfly Tattoo Chest For Girls

3D Butterfly Tattoo Chest For Girls
Butterfly designs rank at the top of the list of popular lady tattoos. It symbolizes or has a good reason that represents the transformation of a girl into a woman. This 3D design looks beautiful and attractive. It could also mean her passion to fly and explore the world independently. This design is so famous since one can choose from: multiple colors for butterflies, different sizes and different types of butterflies. When seen from a long distance, it looks like a real butterfly resting on your chest and looks very cool. This tattoo goes well for girls of softer nature and who has lots of dreams about their life.

{ 47 } Unique Tattoo Design on Hand

Unique Tattoo Design on Hand
This is a unique kind of tattoo design with triangles as the theme. Triangles have played a major role in ancient mathematics and philosophers like Pythagoras, Socrates etc. have had excellent treatises on a triangle. This design with interlinked and nested triangles is quirky and creates excitement for people who see it. They would even ask you what the meaning of this tattoo is and can strike a good conversation even with a complete stranger. It can be even enhanced as the new tribal design with interlocking patterns.

{ 48 } Sexy Double Bow Shadow Tattoo

Sexy Double Bow Shadow Tattoo
A bow tattoo is a more feminine one. The black laces and the bow fold gives this tattoo a very realistic and a cute look. It is one of the modern and most inventive tattoos which symbolize a combination of romance and edgy. Varied shading techniques have been used which creates a very good texture starting dark in the center and fading in the middle and again becoming dark at the edges. It is also a symbol of fun, playful style and gives a graceful look to the wearer. When inked on the thighs with a moderate to a bigger size, it adds more beauty and attractiveness.

{ 49 } Old Compass With Rose Tattoo

Old Compass With Rose Tattoo
This compass with a rose tattoo is popular among sailors and is also loved by other people because of its symbolic meaning, Which is seeking guidance in the right direction with a good peace of mind. The different colors make it look more attractive and a text like “Homeward Bound” or “wherever you will go” adds more meaning to the design. These words make the sailor or any person to remember his homeland and family and cherish the lovely moments he/she had with them.

{ 50 } Mandala Watercolor Tattoo

Mandala Watercolor Tattoo
The geometric dot work on Mandalas with watercolors are perfect contemporary designs and are becoming popular because of their beautiful and ornate quality. Mandala designs are versatile in nature and suits a different number of styles. The intricate mandala design sits beautifully against the watercolors and pops up the design. The pink and blue colors take the spiritual meaning of the mandalas to a wholly different level.

{ 51 } Balloon Calf Color Tattoo

Balloon Calf Color Tattoo
This balloon tattoo could represent a variety of different things and it can be worn by both genders. Balloons and elephant symbolize cuteness, fun, and simplicity and thus can be a right choice for men who have daughters or niece and for women which portrays that they are fun to hang around with. The balloon possesses meanings like freedom, flight, boundlessness, achievement, uplifting, celebration, love, happiness, wanderlust, inspiration, acceptance, peace and much more. The contrasting colors of the elephant and the balloon make it look elegant and attractive. Moreover, balloon tattoo is a great way to represent a child in you.

{ 52 } Powerful Chinese Dragon Tattoo Design

Powerful Chinese Dragon Tattoo Design
This fierce looking dragon face looks daunting and can cause nightmares to the light and feeble-hearted people. It suits for men who want to have a daring edge. It is believed that dragons give courage and self-confidence and lets you stand taller in times of difficult situations.

{ 53 } Pennywise IT Movie Tattoo

Pennywise IT Movie Tattoo
If you are a fan of the “IT” movie or the pennywise clown or just like to have the most trending tattoo design, then this one’s for you. This realistic looking pennywise with an evil smile and creepiness will surely get a lot of attention. It looks good when inked on the back arm and the hand which is more visible than any other part of the body. It can be seen that this design will take a lot of time to get the desired realistic and scary look. But, it will surely creep out a lot of people, especially kids.

{ 54 } Arm Mandala Lotus Women Tattoo

Arm Mandala Lotus Women Tattoo
Mandala tattoos fall into the category of spiritual tattoos. This tattoo can include flowers, circles with minute web designs and these flowers are extended to link with other patterns and hence it looks really different and eye-catching from the rest of the designs. The Mandala meaning circle resembles wholeness, perfection, balance and eternity and hence is widely appreciated by the western people. The lotus mandala with added design can be worn in the hand from arms to wrists. Because of its complexity, it’s best to go to an expert tattooist for this design for better results.

{ 55 } Cool Bee Tattoo on Wrist

Cool Bee Tattoo on Wrist
Bee Tattoos look pretty when inked on wrists or even arms. These tattoos are less common among girls compared to birds and flowers. Bees are considered to be noble and very hard working creatures. This tattoo suits well for people with the ideology that ‘an idle mind is devil’s workshop’ and one has to be active always irrespective of how much wealth or fame has been accumulated. A single bee of medium size is visible at even farther distance and looks real and is guaranteed to catch a lot of attention.

{ 56 } Alice in Wonderland Leg Sleeve Tattoo

Alice in Wonderland Leg Sleeve Tattoo
Who does not like the fantasy adventure story ‘Alice in Wonderland’? This leg sleeve tattoo picturing Alice, the garden, the recurring dream and much finer details is a good choice for all the female lovers of Alice in Wonderland. If inked with vibrant colors for different parts of a tattoo, one will get lots of compliments on the design and the novelty. Two different scenarios can be tattooed on both the leg sleeves which will add more beauty to it. It looks good when the entire leg sleeve from thighs to ankles is inked.

{ 57 } Shoulder Guitar Tattoo

Shoulder Guitar Tattoo
Guitar tattoos are usually ink to represent someone’s undying love for music or even to pay homage to a famous guitarist. This purple and black shaded guitar with some music coming out of it looks more attractive and catchy. A guitar of medium size at the shoulder makes it more visible which makes this a popular design among both men and women. Based on the type of guitar- electric or acoustic, the wearer looks classic or modern. This tattoo portrays a symbol of fashion as well as the person’s deeper connection with the music.

{ 58 } Men Tribal Tattoos On Shoulder

Men Tribal Tattoos On Shoulder
Tribal tattoos have a deeper meaning and have its origination from the ancient times. This tattoo design also shows the individual’s artistic expression and their religious beliefs. Modern art can also be featured with the tribal designs to make it more colorful and vibrant. It could also mean the passion one has for the ancient culture. In ancient periods, each tribal race had their own pattern which they used to identify their community members and also any invaders. They also express the bearer’s feelings and character. Only one half or both parts of the shoulder can be ink depending on how one relates to the design.

{ 59 } Heart and Veins Creative Tattoo Design

Heart and Veins Creative Tattoo Design for Men
A heart tattoo design is one of the most popular designs. This heart design with veins exposed and the nerves connecting to hands look fantastic and also portray a masculine nature. This design is much more detailed and intricate than a simple love heart or a heart with just the outlines. This tattoo with the internal parts of the heart looks more unique, original and creative.

{ 60 } Warrior Eagle Fight Tattoo

Warrior Eagle Fight Tattoo
This tattoo design with two warriors fighting against eagles tell stories of vigor, bravery, courage, aggressiveness or their nature to fight against anything eagle or powerful. A lot of minute things like armors, weapons, horses add a lot more meaning to it. Depending on the size of the tattoo, it can be ink either on the shoulders or arms or in the chest too. A 3D tattoo makes it more lively and attractive and makes it a topic to talk about.

{ 61 } Angel Wing Tattoos on Back and Arms

Angel Wing Tattoos on Back and Arms
This design when inked on the back and the arms have a good visual aspect which could overrule the symbolic aspect. This could also relate to femininity, strength, divine and perseverance and much more. Even if one does not relate with any of these meanings, simple tattooing this will add more beauty to the person since it stretches over the entire arms and back. Moreover, it can also highlight one’s desire to fly and the other good aspects of them.

Go for any of the above tattoo design and look more beautiful with it. Express yourself with the help of these tattoo designs.

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