Explore the City of Burnaby: Activities, Attractions, and Experiences


Lush greenery, stunning arts, ethnic cultural traditions, history, abundant wildlife, and fascinating landscapes define the spirit of Burnaby. The place is nestled between the Fraser River and Burrard Inlet, with the Canadian Rockies on the horizon offering a breathtaking backdrop. Burnaby is the third-largest populous city of British Columbia, which has spurred a multitude of nightlife options, multi-cuisine dining, and outdoor activities.

Whenever you check the weather forecast for Burnaby, you will see that the season is never completely dry. It has a humid climate that is moist all year round and has a chilly summer. As a result, you can enjoy the pleasant atmosphere there. So, plan a leisure holiday to the city and bask in the cool summer days. Here is a list of things to do, experiences to have, and places to visit in Burnaby.

Burnaby Village Museum

Are you interested in cultural heritage and historical incidents? Then the Burnaby Village Museum is a must-visit for you. It recreates the tram stop settlement and brings history to life. Take a trip down to this open-air museum to connect with the city’s culture in its purest form and see performances by costumed townspeople. The museum also hosts Halloween and Christmas celebrations. Please stop by the Burnaby Village Museum if you are visiting the city between May and September. The exact address is 6501 Deer Lake Ave, Burnaby, BC V5G 3T6, Canada.

Anton’s Pasta Bar

The eatery is well renowned for its long queues and, of course, its Pasta. But what exactly is the specialty? Well, the restaurant provides a wide variety of Pasta in generous portions. If you eat it without having to parcel the leftovers or with the help of other people, the restaurant will award you a pen that says, “You ate your entire meal at Anton’s Pasta Bar.” Isn’t it cool? Also, this is Vancouver’s first authentic pasta restaurant. So, if you enjoy Pasta, pay this restaurant a visit when you’re in Burnaby.

Burnaby Heights

Burnaby Heights is the city’s cynosure, even though it’s a less popular tourist destination. However, if you are visiting Burnaby, stop by this location because it organizes various activities and events throughout the year. 

There are numerous such events: the Lunar New Year Parade, Halloween on the Heights, the Giro di Burnaby bicycle race, and Deck the Heights for Christmas. It also organizes Hats Off Day, a large street carnival for families, including games, a parade, and a real treat. To avoid missing out on all the fun, head to Burnaby, BC V5C 6B6, Canada.

Burnaby 1

Barnet Marine Park

Remember, I said earlier that if you look at the weather forecast for Burnaby, you’ll notice that it’s generally chilly? Thanks to such a pleasant climate, you can tour the Barnet Marine Park without fretting about the summer heat draining your energy. You can go for a morning walk or arrange a family picnic in the evening. Or, go for a swim on its sandy beach or a walk along the walking trail. Visit 8181 Barnet Rd, Burnaby, BC V5A 3G8, Canada, and lose yourself in the surrounding beauty.

Burnaby Mountain

There is something for everyone on Burnaby Mountain. The main attraction is the light firework festival on English Bay west of downtown Vancouver. The celebration is held yearly. You will also find superb dining facilities lined up in the area. While feasting, you can take in the stunning views of Vancouver to the west and the Indian Arm Mountains to the north.

Playground of the Gods is also located here, offering breathtaking views of Vancouver and North Vancouver. You will also find the Centennial Rose Garden and Horizons Restaurant here. In addition, there are 26 multi-use routes on Burnaby Mountain that are suitable for beginners, intermediate hikers, and bikers.

Metropolis at Metrotown

Metropolis at Metrotown, the largest shopping center in British Columbia and the third-largest in Canada, caters to everyone’s needs. That’s because it houses nearly all of the prominent brands, including Hudson’s Bay, Forever 21, Real Canadian Superstore, H&M, Winners, Old Navy, Chapters, Sport Chek, Uniqlo, and Zara, to mention a few. In all, this four-story shopping center contains approximately 450 businesses and services. 4700 Kingsway, Burnaby, BC V5H 4N2, Canada is the mall’s address, easily accessible from Vancouver.

Starlight Casino

If you want to experience the best of Burnaby’s nightlife, go to 350 Gifford St, New Westminster, BC, V3M 7A3, Canada. It is the location of Starlight Casino, where you can enjoy refreshments with friends while playing poker. You may also get a private room to organize your gaming nights. Starlight also has the best restaurants, a personal salon, and a selection of table games and slots. Even if you are new to casinos, visit here for the ultimate experience.


To conclude, Burnaby is an ideal travel destination for individuals from all over the world. That’s because it has so much to offer. Moreover, it is a family-friendly place. Hence, it’s no surprise that it appeals to locals and tourists.

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