20 Latest Eclectic Kitchen Design Ideas To Try This Year

eclectic kitchen

If you are a kind of person who likes to have your own rules in life, this eclectic kitchen design would be the right one to have. There is no regulation here that everything should be classic or modern, neither formal or cozy, not also dark or bright. Everything can go in one. You could have one wall with a natural brick wall and the shiny one on the other side. You could also put a formal table glass i with different rustic chair and color. No rules to be followed here that an exclusive rug should be put only in the bedroom or a glamour lamp should only be put in living room.

Eclectic kitchen design could have them both. Dark and bright are always the right combination, different chair design can always go together for one table. And all decoration that you usually have for other room can also be put here, such as blackboard for a kid or for you to stick all the menu and recipe, pictures and painting on the hanging shelves for dishes and so on. All of this unusual arrangement is the typical characteristic of eclectic kitchen design.

A lot of ideas you can find here and a lot of innovation you could also do with your kitchen now instead of having the common one that normally people have. It makes you enjoy your time more in the kitchen. Yes, it is nice to break the rules sometimes. It is actually a freedom of art.

{ 1 } Fresh White Kitchen Design

eclectic kitchen design ideas
Wooden Cabinets & Custom White Refrigerator Photo By Luca Tranquilli
Do not just stuck with fruit or flower pictures for your kitchen decoration. Sometimes you need to be a little bit brave to put something uncommon there such as these artistic painting and pictures. Also the glass front wooden cabinet and a custom refrigerator which combine with white dominating color.

{ 2 } Blue Brick Wall In Kitchen

Elegant And Peaceful Eclectic Kitchen Design
Elegant And Peaceful Dark Kitchen Interior Via Sommer Whites
Being natural does not mean you have to pick the natural color as it is. A brick wall can also be painted into unusual color. It is very rare that people would choose this blue color for their kitchen wall but what do you think after you look at the result here?

{ 3 } Eclectic Kitchen With Vintage Look

Farmhouse eclectic kitchen design
Chip and Joanna Gaines Farmhouse Kitchen Designs | Photo By Molly Winn
Not all kitchen should have a kitchen set with the door. Sometimes, you also need to put open shelves there. This will even good where all the kitchen stuff you put there can become a part of decoration itself. Besides, it is easier for you to put and take out anything you need.

{ 4 } Open Wood Shelves

eclectic kitchen
Wooden Shelves & Cabinet Doors Eclectic Kitchen Photo © By Rikki Snyder
A wooden kitchen design is useful to anyone desirous of either traditional or contemporary interior. This is also another sample of using shelves instead of hanging kitchen set. Some cabinets can still be used for keeping some stuff, however, all the dishes can be displayed as a part of the functional decoration. This simple eclectic kitchen with an old refrigerator is really a cute one, don’t you think so?

{ 5 } Small Kitchen With Balcony

brick wall kitchen soft industrial chic feel in apartment
Small Brick Wall Kitchen Via Maklarhuset
Who said that a kitchen lamp should always have a simple design? A glamor one that usually you put for living room can also be an eye-catching one when you put it in an eclectic kitchen style like this one. A little touch of the natural brick wall would even make them just perfect. There are so many Simple Small Kitchen Design Ideas, but if you are looking to have something unique and beautiful, then this Small kitchen with balcony can be a perfect idea for any home.

{ 6 } Marble With Wood Kitchen Style

Marble Island Wooden Stool Kitchen
Brooklyn Decker and Andy Roddick‘s Austin Home Via My Domaine | Photo By Casey Dunn
A little bar in the kitchen is always something that makes it looks extraordinary. With specific design would make them look cozy or even fancy. This cute little bar with hanging shelves make your kitchen, not just a working space but also become a spot to rest while enjoying your light drink.

{ 7 } Three Hanging Lamps

Gorgeous Kitchens with Brick Walls Ideas
Eclectic Stoke Newington Apartment Design By Avocado Sweets Photo By Fisher Hart
The three hanging lamps with cute different color here are really a dominant part of the whole kitchen design. No matter how bad the design is, it will always look good with the brown brick wall. A brick wall can be matched with any other ornament even though they are not coming from natural ones like wood or stone. When all the wall and table are covered with the same brown color, it is important to have just a few kinds of stuff with shocking color. It gives a different impression.

{ 8 } Natural Brick Wall

kitchens with exposed brick walls
Kitchens With Exposed Brick Walls Architect By Galeria
What do you think about this eclectic kitchen? You may not ever be thought to match this natural brick wall with blue and red chairs. But look what you have got here, isn’t an interesting one? So, never doubt the expert taste, cause they always know how to surprise you.

{ 9 } Minimalist Style Eclectic Kitchen Design

Kitchen with Stainless Steel Cabinets Design Ideas
Mid-sized Eclectic L-shaped Kitchen Project By Saveskul
This kind of eclectic kitchen is really suitable for those who like the simple design. It makes them look very neat. Perhaps it is a bit cold or flat but some people who love minimalist style would be fond of it. There is no plant or decoration even. Everybody has their own taste.

{ 10 } Rug On Spanish Tiles

cement tile kitchen backsplash
Backsplash of Pattern In a Kitchen With Open Shelving Style By Emily Henderson | Photo By Tessa Neustadt
Rug in the kitchen ? There is no harm at all. For some people who like it would be comfortable to have one. Especially it will keep the feet warm. This is also a new style that you may try in order to make your kitchen look different than usual.

{ 11 } White Kitchen With Stove Rug

White Kitchen Design
White Kitchen Inspiration Via A Beautiful Mess | Photo By Alyssa Rosenheck
A little rug in a little kitchen would make your kitchen have big in innovation. Not all people would ever think to put such a decoration. Sometimes a little touch would make a big different. What do you think if it is without that rug? It will only look very ordinary.

{ 12 } Distressed Wood Flooring

distressed hardwood flooring in kitchens
Hardwood Flooring In Kitchen Via Tumblr
Look at the combination with this wood and glass. Some part looks cozy, but some part also looks formal. The floor is another part that would make the whole design look contrast. So what is your impression about this? Ethnic? Cozy? I think is all come to just one word; nice!

{ 13 } Kitchen Bright Colors Ideas

studio apartment kitchen ideas
A Tiny Studio Apartment Kitchen By Scheer & Co. Interior Design | Photo By Buff Strickland
Not all kitchen should have a bright color, some can also go with dark kitchen designs. As you can see here, though almost all in black and gray, however, the kitchen stuff can have bright colors like blue or red. You will not miss the eclectic which always surprises you with something contrast.

{ 14 } Eclectic Open Kitchen

Kitchen With Small Dining Area
Kitchen With Small Dining Area By L’Atelier de Myrthille
What would you do in this big kitchen? Do not worry, though they are big they are easy to take care, easy to clean and to maintain. The simple design with almost no decoration except the big clock on the wall, would not give you a hard time to clean it up.

{ 15 } Plain Concrete Wall Small Kitchen

small galley kitchens
Eclectic Kitchen By Masfotogenica Fotografia
Small kitchen design planning is important since the kitchen can be the main focal point in most homes. The unique one that makes the eclectic kitchen look different is the wall. Not only the color but the way they painted it. It is just like when you paint the cloud in a gray color. It does not need too much cost to make something different when you are creative.

{ 16 } Bright, Airy Space And An Open Layout

Eclectic Kitchen with White Backsplash Design
Modern Farm Lake House By Ed Saloga Design Build
If you are planning to have a little cafe, perhaps this eclectic kitchen design can become your choice. It has a little bar, a dining table and also another table for a quick lunch. This is already perfect for kind of pizza house. Otherwise, you could have just made your kitchen as one.

{ 17 } Little Bar in White Kitchen

eclectic u-shaped kitchen design cabinets and white backsplash
Modern With Some Contemporary With Touch Of Industrial Kitchen By Anna Kolpakova Design
The little bar in the kitchen does not always have to be placed in the center. If you only have little space, it can also be put against the wall like this one. It is enough for you and your partner or friend to have a coffee with while preparing some food.

{ 18 } Natural Wood In The Center

Natural Wood Slab Kitchen Bar Counter
White & Wood Kitchen Design By SF Architecture
With all white color and clean, you can not imagine that this is actually a kitchen. It looks so hygiene and neat for doing a messy thing like cooking, but it is actually the one. With the big artistic and natural wood in the center, it made it the perfect balance.

{ 19 } Well Organized and Clean

Reverse Rolled Light Filtering Roller Blind For Kitchen
The White House By Green Apple Design
For those who like everything well organized and clean, this kitchen would be the perfect one. The identity of neat and hygiene person are really shown here. This eclectic design with all shiny white color would certainly appear what the owner concern about.
It is a time to have a healthy kitchen.

{ 20 } Chalkboard Kid’s Special Kitchen

Kitchen Wall Decor Ideas With Chalkboard
Great Big Chalkboard In The Kitchen Design By Daleet Spector Design
This eclectic kitchen might be the one you need especially if you have a kid. You can let them play in the kitchen while you are cooking so that you can still monitor their activities instead of letting them play alone in their room. They can also smell the nice food you make while doing their own work.

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