Contemporary Kitchen Extensions in London By Berry Construction

Kitchen Extensions London By Berry Construction

The term “contemporary” is often described as modern and minimalist at the same time. Some of the most common characteristics include geometrical lines but with the lack of symmetry and unnecessary ornamentation. The overall design is dominated by man-made materials such as stainless steel and laminate rather than natural including woods. In its broad sense, contemporary represents design era from the 1940s to the present days. In-house design, contemporary can be combined with almost all styles without clashing each other. For example, an American Craftsman or California Bungalow house will blend seamlessly with an Contemporary Kitchen. In any case where the land or main architectural characteristics do not allow for the integral contemporary kitchen. You can always use a kitchen extensions.

Kitchen extensions are probably the easiest way to expand the house. You can convert or re-purpose the actual kitchen into clear floor space without heavily altering house design. Alterations are inevitable, but the newly added kitchen is worth the compromise. As long as the project is handled by professionals who know what they’re doing, the extension will become a constituent of the pre-existing building. Kitchen extensions offer the benefits of a simple upgrade, instant new space, and increased property value. Moreover, the end product can be designed exactly to your specifications and needs regardless of the established house design. There can be total flexibility as well, you can extend upward with loft conversion, outward, downward with basement conversion.

Some architectural features of the main building can be tricky, but you should not see them as barriers that hold you back from being creative. Pillars and supporting beams are real obstacles, but you can always make them integral parts of furniture pieces. With careful planning and smart colour choices, You can make them blend naturally with the extension. Although perfection in every square inch of the design is always desirable. There is nothing wrong with a little bit of oddity that adds characters. Instead of creating a boxy room filled with everything predictable. You can swerve to the anti-mainstream and build something quite surprising yet enjoyable in the long run.

Adding a new building to an existing house does seem simple. Especially if you don’t really care about design integrity and you have the disposable budget for any plan. In times when there are limitations both in terms of cost and obstacles in planning. kitchen extension is a job best left to experienced professionals.

Contemporary Kitchen Extensions

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In the U.K. where the weather also plays its factor to determine project schedule, completion time and eventually structural quality. Berry Construction is likely your best bet to handle your kitchen extensions home improvement project. Specializing in house extension, loft conversion, and renovations, Berry Construction is an internationally reputable company and well-exposed by The Daily Mail on few occasions discussing the contemporary idea on the home improvement project. Berry Construction focuses on providing budget-conscious services through careful planning, strategic approach, and well-executed jobs. You can find more about the company in the Daily Mail’s Interior Section (2014), Living Etc (2015), and 25 Beautiful Homes Magazine (2013).

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