5 Easy Tips To Turn Your Bedroom Design From Drab To Fab

How to declutter your bedroom

A bedroom design is a peaceful haven to unwind and relax at the end of a tiring end. Therefore, it should be a calm and serene place where you can get rid of all the stress. However, it’s also your personal space and should be a reflection of your personality as well.
If your bedroom is dull and poorly decorated, you would hate spending time there, and it would affect your sleeping pattern too. Here are 5 fabulous ideas for you to turn your bedroom design from drab to fab.

{ 1 } Declutter

How To Declutter Your Home
Tiny Bedroom By Jen Chu Design
Clutter is the main cause of stress as it makes us feel distracted and anxious. This is exactly the opposite of what we want in our bedroom. Hence, first of all, eliminate all the mess from the bedroom. Remove everything that you don’t need or don’t use. This would not only clean up your surroundings but also make space for things you really require. Don’t forget to reorganize your wardrobe. Don’t let stuff lying around. Have a nice storage solution to store all your things.

{ 2 } Paint It

Bedroom Color Ideas
Neutral Color Bedroom Image By BHG
The easiest and cheapest way to freshen up your bedroom is through a fresh coat of paint. You simply need a paintbrush and the paint of your choice and do it yourself. Picking a different color would entirely transform the room and would have a deep impact on the energy of the place. Opt for a brighter hue if you want to cheer up the atmosphere or go for a neutral shade if you want rest of the things to be colorful.

{ 3 } Rearrange The Furniture

Dark Bedroom Design
Raffles Park Project-Photographed By Shamanth Patil J
Although there is often not much furniture in the bedroom to move around except your bed, dresser, and couch. However, rearranging them can jazz up the surroundings. Move your bed away from the window to let in the fresh air and the sunlight blocked by your bed’s headboard. If you have enough space, add a quirky furniture piece such as a vintage dresser or side table to create visual interest in the room.

{ 4 } Green It

bedroom flower plants decor ideas
White Bedroom With Plants Via The Design Files
Plants are not only beneficial for our health, but they also have a very soothing effect on us. They purify the air, provide us with more oxygen and of course look beautiful. Add a medium-sized plant in one of the nooks of your bedroom. Have a pretty crystal vase filled up with lovely colorful flowers to enhance the ambiance further. If you can’t maintain the natural plants, have some artificial ones, but they are a MUST!

{ 5 } Personalize Your Bedroom Design

Master Bedroom Black Design Inspiration
Tamara Magel Home, Holiday House Hamptons © 2014 To Rikki Snyder
Accessorize your bedroom to add some character to it. Avoid adding too many things. Instead, have few selected quality pieces. Add a vintage rug, colorful cushions, and beautiful lamps. Turn a blank wall into the wall of memories and hang pictures of yourself and your loved ones. Or you can add an interesting piece of wall art to spice up the room.

I hope you get inspired by these ideas. Give them a shot and turn your old drab bedroom into a fabulous new space.

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