25 Pictures of Colorful & Bohemian Bedroom Interior Design

Bohemian Bedroom Interior Design

A room is someone’s way of expressing themselves; their personality, likes, dislikes, choices, and thoughts. You can make your room fit your comfort level and appear attractive. Your room is your stress-free zone, where you can get rid of all of your worries and problems and just enjoy being by yourself. Having a Colorful, bohemian styled room can ease your soul and give you a feeling of being relaxed and warm. A few ideas for designing your room as a Colorful and bohemian bedroom are listed below.

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bohemian bedroom
Large Antique Mirror Soft Bohemian Style Bedroom Image © By Kristian Septimius Krogh
Lots of pillows and huge ethnic mirror liven up this beautiful space. The simple rustic styled décor speaks about modern yet classic taste, lifestyle, and identity. It is easy to achieve this type of fascinating bohemian styled bedroom with simple elements of décor.

Bohemian Bedroom Ideas
Magical Thinking Printed Woodblock Comforter Product By Urban Outfitters
Your bedroom is the place where you would love to relax after a long day’s tight schedule. These Bohemian Bedroom ideas always give wonderful touch to your bedroom making it a complete place for relaxation.

Bold Bohemian Bedroom
This bold look is perfect for creative and artistic people. The bohemian styled bedroom adorned with a huge bed, large mirror and a sturdy yet stylish side table look fantastic. Red colored walls and paintings in the bedroom accentuate the beauty of this space.

colorful eclectic bedroom
Colorful Eclectic Bedroom Via The Jungalow
Decorating the bedroom is an art. This colorful eclectic bedroom is an enchanting place to refresh your mind after your long hectic day. Try out such different ideas to decorate your bed room. Such wonderful ideas will fill your room with peace and beauty.

Bohemian Bedroom Beach Boho Chic
Magical Thinking Farah Medallion Duvet Cover By Urban Outfitters
Do you think this idea can ignite your minds? Do you think it gives you the place you want? A bedroom is a place to spend peaceful hours of the night with complete peace of mind. It is a place of love and romance and bohemian bedroom beach Boho Chic ideas make it a perfect place to spend your night in your cozy bed.

boho style bedroom
Make your bedroom creative and colorful by adding beautifully colored carpets or rugs. The white colored bed curtains balance the color palette of the room. The massive bed and the side trunk along with the matching table create a well-defined unique space.

Simple Boho Bedroom
Boho Style Chalkboard Headboard
This Simple Boho Bedroom style is also a wonderful way to decorate your room and make it a simple yet elegant place to live in. Such simple ideas give you creative ways to decorate your bedroom with these beautiful boho bed sheets.

Bohemian Dream eclectic bedroom
Bohemian Dream Via Up By Design
Interesting and beautiful isn’t it? This beautifully adorned bedroom with bohemian style is reflective and quirky. Each and every décor item in this room right room the colorful mandala hang fabric to behind bed to lamps is offbeat and impressive. All the décor elements together create beautiful space.

Colorful Bohemian bedroom
Hippie Bohemian Bedroom
Achieve a chic Bohemian bedroom without going over-board with simple elements like in this picture. The colorful frame behind the bed and the complementing rug adorns this small bedroom space beautifully. The white bedspread and loads of pillow add beauty to it.

Pictures of Colorful Bohemian Bedroom Interior Design
Carbondale River House By D K Architects
The soothing green colored bed in the corner covered in the colorful bedspread and the pillow reflects free mind and space. The artistic painting on the bedside table, the unique chandelier, and the colorful leg rest compliment the simple interior of this bedroom.

Bohemian beach style white bedroom
Lovely Ladies Behind The Boho Luxe Brand, Gem+Elli Via Franc & Eli Interior Design
This simple boho bedroom has a mixture of everything. The green plants add lively vibes to the beautiful white beachy space. The huge white bed with a purple pillow, artistic frame, and the wooden rustic décor creates a perfect beach-styled bohemian bedroom.

Boho Bedroom White Brick Wall
White Brick Wall Via Pinterest
The antique and vintage styled space in this beautiful bedroom is achieved through the white brick wall and the relic wooden table. Small pot plants add a hint of freshness in this beautiful white space. Blue and white colored pillows and bead spread creates a perfect boho white bedroom.

Bohemian Bedroom Interior Design
Plum & Bow Mia Medallion Comforter Snooze Set ByShop Cade
To add color in this white colored bedroom, the beautiful floor rugs and plants are used. Apart from this the bedside colored curtain and the creative hanging feather wall piece creates a perfect Bohemian bedroom and display creative little space.

rustic bohemian bedroom
Rustic Bohemian Bedroom Via Rom 123
Creatively, colors are added in this bohemian white bedroom which looks extremely classic and rustic. The roughly colored blue box and the antique wooden table give a rustic feature to this room. The beautiful painting, flowers, chandelier and the purple fabric adds details to this room.

Floral Bed Covers

Adding floral bed covers that go along with your curtains can give your room a very fresh and welcoming look. You can have your room Colored in a specific Color or even just white, but the floral look will give it such a boast that it will not appear dull at all, rather, look quite amazing.

Bohemian Floral Bed Covers
14 Beautiful Bedroom Design Ideas Via Stranger Than Vintage
This astonishing floral bed cover is full of charming colors that impart freshness to space. The floral bed cover hanging above the bed creates a Bohemian look with the rustic interior of the room. With a beautiful blend of colors and floral designs, the boho look is easy to achieve.

Floral Bed Covers Bohemian Bedroom
Bohemian Bliss Duvet Cover Set Via Pinterest
Impressive mandala design on the bed cover is smart and unique. The amiable color palette in shades of blue, purple and red pop up in the white room. Floral design on the bed cover is just ideal to showcase your creativity in such a beautiful bohemian bedroom.

Canopies And Fairy Lights

Canopies and fairy lights are the things that are always in fashion. You can never say that now is not the time for you to decorate your room with a canopy or some of those fairy lights. Although yellow is the most liked and used Color for room décor, you can use other Colors that are easily available in the market, like, purple, red, green, blue, and even multiple Colored fairy lights. The canopy can be made of thin white cloth, organza, or even silk. You can use fairy lights and the cloth according to the other things in your room, and of course, your choice.

Bohemian Bedroom Canopies And Fairy Lights
String Lights To Make Your Bedroom Look Dreamy ViaHomedit
Come to this dreamy world adorned with fairy lights and bohemian art. Right from the pillow to canopies and the artistic frames, everything is just creative and impressive in this beautiful bedroom. The tiny fair lights add to the beauty of this room.

bed canopy with lights
Decorating Gypsy Chic Style ViaPinterest
This majestic bed adorned with peacock feathers and lights gives a royal touch to space. It looks modern and unique with the artistic mandala hang fabric behind the huge bed. The stylish and majestic blend of the interior in this bedroom occupied with beautiful canopy creates boho space.

Polka Dots Bohemian Bedroom

Polka dots never go out of style, do they? You keep seeing them on clothes, curtains, bed covers, and even carpets. So, using polka dot designed curtains or bed covers for your bohemian style room could be a brilliant idea to give a makeover to your personal space- room.

Boho Chic Bedroom With Polka Dots Fabric
Rustic Houses Via Cupon
With cozy fluffy pillows, the huge wooden rustic bed is decorated that looks fascinating. The polka dot fabric in the red and white combination suits the overall chic theme of the modern bedroom. All the color combinations in the room create alluring boho-room for the creative people.

Bohemian Modern Bedroom Polka Dots Wall
Modern & Minimalist Decor Style Interior Design
Very classic golden colored polka dots in this bedroom are timeless. The white wall decorated with the polka dots looks wonderful and the combination is just right. Hues of blue on the bed cover with unique patterned design soothe eyes and blends perfectly with the chic bohemian bedroom.

Patched Bed Covers

Patches have always been one of the best ways to show your interest in the bohemian style of designing. By having a mix of designs on those patches, bringing them together as one-bed cover and making in contrast with the overall theme of your room, will give your room a relaxing look. You can add a vintage piece of furniture in your room and add to the style.

Colorful Bedroom Patched Bed Covers
Vintage Bedroom
Golden regal bed with the beautiful patched bed cover is a winsome combination. Unique design on the bedcovers matches with the comfy pillows, wall and the curtains. All the colors on the patched bed cover look amazingly beautiful and blend with the overall interior of the stunning bedroom.

Patched Bed Covers Bohemian Bedroom
Bohemian Stripe Bed Covers Via Pinterest
In this offbeat white colored bedroom, the patched bed covers are arresting. Each patch of the bed cover has a beautiful and intricate design. Different colors like black, blue, purple, etc on the bed cover complements the uniqueness of this bohemian room.

Attic And Colors

If you are thinking about turning your attic into a bedroom, then it is a wonderful idea and you should definitely work on the idea. You can fix your bed or mattress right next to the window of your attic and add fairy lights to the walls and the roof to give it a magical feeling. Colorful, fluffy, and soft cushions can be placed on the bed. Moreover, small carpets or rugs can also be used.

attic loft bedroom
Ultra Fabulous Attic Room Design Inspirations Via Amy Hopkins Designs
This small yet super appealing attic loft bedroom is full of colors and uniqueness. Colorful lights, pillows, and rugs are used to decorate and brighten up this space. The dark attic loft is made impressive with creative, bright and colorful simple elements.

barn attic Bohemian bedroom
Rural Stone House
Small space of the attic can be turned into colorful boho bedroom with few decorative elements just like in this image. The striped carpet, colorful designer rug and rustic furniture can do wonders in creating a creative place. The colorful bed backing blends beautifully in this barn attic bohemian bedroom.

Bohemian Attic Bedroom
Stunning Bohemian Homes Via Buzz Feed
Big floor pillows and the flowing fabric behind the bed are unique and breathtaking. The floral design on the fabric, curtain and bed covers looks amazing. The intricate design on the walls of the attic bedroom features artistic creativity and thus creates a beautiful bohemian bedroom.

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