Dream Beach House Design By The Style Innovators of JAC Interiors

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Talk about dream beach house! California is the birthplace of many modern style movements. Everything from fusion cuisine to beach house design has its roots right here. This innovative, free-thinking spirit is evident in the work done by Santa Monica interior designer JAC Interiors. This firm is home to some of the best interior designers in Los Angeles, which has made it one of the most sought-after sources for contemporary home and business style. The fresh look and strategic color use that distinguishes beach house have spawned many imitators but no one does it better than JAC.

Project Year: 2015
Project Cost: USD 150,001 – USD 200,000
Country: United States
PIN Code: 92651

{ Bright, Light Neutrals }

beach areas are distinguished by colorful scenery that is constantly shifting. Rolling waves, sunlit skies, and banks of clouds create a vista that needs no complementary colors. To highlight the appeal of natural beauty, light-colored neutrals dominate the beach house design. This includes:

  • White
  • Off-white
  • Warm grey
  • Cool grey
  • Eggshell
  • Beige
  • Sand
  • Camel

These colours also help create a lofty, clean feeling inside any room. White or eggshell can be used as the dominant colour while a darker sand or camel colour can draw attention to alcoves, half walls, and other architectural features.

{ Living Room }

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{ Cool, Soothing Colours }

Blues and greens dominate the secondary design choices of beach house interiors. Accessories, in particular, are chosen in these colors while furniture and other main pieces coordinate with the neutral color. Large paintings with blue, grey, and navy colors are excellent choices for filling up the visual space of large unbroken walls. In smaller spaces, little touches like colorful coasters, throw pillows, and area rugs add a vibrant touch to your newly decorated room.
Simple Materials Beautifully Displayed

An elusive quality of beach house is the integration of basic design materials in attractive ways. Choosing sleek lighting fixtures and pieces of furniture that have been elegantly made showcases materials like steel, aluminum, and wood to their best advantage. These simple materials make unapologetic statements of taste and style, so never hesitate to let them look good.

{ Bedroom }

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{ Kitchen & Dining }

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{ Home Office }

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{ Bathroom }

Small Space Bright Washroom Design

{ Outdoor & Swimming Pool }

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{ Bar }

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