10 Useful Techs You Should Incorporate In Your Kitchen

Useful Techs In Your Kitchen

The recent advances in technology have vastly infiltrated the way we function in our home. Particularly, the kitchen area has now gained from some clever ideas and tech innovations that can certainly make our daily lives easier.

Browse through these useful techs solutions that take kitchen design creation to a whole new level:

{ 1 } Opt For Drawers; Not Doors

Opt for drawers not doors
Modern Kitchen Cabinet Design Via Glam Shelf
Finding the perfect fit for a simple and easy to access storage is pretty easy. Go for a functional drawer rather than your typical cabinets with doors. Nowadays, homeowners design their kitchens entirely with deep drawers because of its capacity to fit heavy cutlery and even bulky pans. It’s easier to access everything than scrabbling at the very back of a traditional cupboard.

{ 2 } Create a Charging Drawer

Create a charging drawer
Electrical Outlets in Drawers Via My Design Chic
The kitchen is the place where families tend to gather around and spend time together. This casual gathering comes with most our gadgets, too. Though the kitchen is not always the safest environment to place these costly gadgets, still, we place them lying around the kitchen even with the presence of hot plates, sinks, steam and heavy pots. The wise solution would be to integrate a charging cupboard or drawer into your kitchen. It’s easy and safe to do!

{ 3 } The Self-Cleaning Model

The self-cleaning model
Small Kitchen Breakfast Nook Via Archi Lovers
Trying to scrub away some baked-on grease in your oven has got to be one of the toughest tasks there is. So the next time you upgrade your appliances, why not opt for a self-cleaning model. One of the most impressive technologies to achieve this is the pyrolytic cleaning function. This type of oven heats to an extremely high temperature, enabling it to burn away any spills and grease. You simply have to wipe away the ash with a damp cloth.

{ 4 } Hide the Sockets

Hide the sockets
Pop up Plug Socket Via This Is Why Im Broke
As we add more appliances to our kitchen area, we certainly add the need for plug points in handy places. The conventional way of addressing this dilemma was to line up numerous double sockets on the wall. Now, these can be really difficult to tile around and a lot expensive if you want to obtain a bespoke splashback just to fit those wall sockets. With today’s technology, a few of these pop-up power points in your kitchen island and worktop is the best way to go. It’s convenient and safe to use as well.

{ 5 } Keeping the Air Clean

Keeping the air clean
Pop up Extractor Hood Via MinimaListi
Extractor fans ducting away grease and odors when cooking are now a normal feature in the most kitchen setting. However, there’s a huge variety of these appliances. Some may opt for a chimney hood standing over the hob, down-draft while others work best with discreet vents hidden behind cabinet doors or in the ceiling. With this particular downdraft extractor is hidden in the worktop and only pops up when it’s needed by the cook.

{ 6 } The Hidden Workstation

The hidden workstation
Compact Kitchen Cabinets Via Contemporist
Coffee maker, toaster, microwaves, and other kitchen appliances can be a bit bulky, so they would definitely take up a lot of worktop space. Why not give yours their own home by creating a hidden workstation that’s meant to keep things organized? Just be sure to keep the doors open while the appliances are being used for maximum ventilation. After that, feel free to hide it away when you’re done.

{ 7 } Upgrade Your Tap

Upgrade your tap
Kitchen Boiling Water Tap Via The Kbzine
This is perhaps the most sought-after kitchen innovation of all. It means no more waiting around for the kettle to boil water for you. A boiling water tap is not the low-priced investment, but once you’ve got one, you surely don’t want to go back. Additionally, the prices for this useful kitchen tech is definitely coming down so be sure to shop around and compare prices to get the best deal.

{ 8 } Go For a Warming Drawer

Go for a warming drawer
Use The Warming Drawer Via Monogram
Warming drawers are similarly helpful for kitchens without a range cooker. If your home has a built-in oven, the warming drawer can be installed just underneath to provide easy access. Not only are they great for heating up your dishware, they can also be used for defrosting food and making bread.

{ 9 } Installing a Central Command Unit

Installing a central command unit
High Tech Home Security Via HGTV
If you’re currently planning out a new kitchen or thinking of renovating your current one, look into the usefulness of installing an automation system to control lighting, heating, sound (or music streaming) and even the window coverings. This ultimate tech innovation can control all your utilities from one place. Now that’s smart.

{ 10 } The Modern Waste Disposal

The modern waste disposal
Blanco Solon Compost System Via Dig This Design
These units have already been around for years, but the modern-day innovations are unbelievably quiet, efficient, and environmental-friendly. By simply placing your food waste (even the bones) into the drain and pressing the switch, your trash will instantly be pulverized into tiny pieces. You can even get rid of that food waste in that takes up too much space on the worktop!

Let these innovative techs boost the functionality of your Modern Kitchen Designs!

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