31 Cool Neck Tattoos Design for Guys

Best Holy Neck Tattoos For Guys

Neck Tattoo Design may not be as popular as tattoos on arm, legs, chest, or back of the body, but they are growing in popularity. Most people choose to use both sides of the neck as the canvas for the graphics or writings (parallel to the jawbone) and back (nape). One of the main reasons is that those areas are easier to work with and easier to heal than the tattoos on the front of the neck.

Regardless of the neck tattoos design, they will draw public’s attention to you. Even a small tattoo on the neck is going to be a strong focal point, second only to face. Having tattoos on the neck is considered a little bit extreme and it will change your presentation to the public. Having a long hair can be either benefit or drawback depending on your perspectives. If you want to show the tattoo, short haircut will be ideal, yet long hair can be helpful in times when you need to conceal it from public’s attention. It is safe to say that people choose or dare enough to use graphically strong neck tattoos design because of the following reasons:

  • They are in the entertainment industry, especially revolving around arts theme, in which tattoos are the norms and even expected.
  • They work in body modification industry, so they lead by examples.
  • They have very strong opinions about something and want to say it to all people in the most obvious way possible.

Instead of thinking about the neck tattoos design you like, it is probably good to think if this is what you really want to do in the first place. Once you’ve made up your mind, don’t be in a hurry to get it done. Choose the most appropriate neck tattoos design that delivers your messages. It does not matter if the selection process takes longer than you expect. Tattoos are a piece of fashion accessory that you can never take off unless you undergo the surgical procedures or another more painful way. Here are some things to consider:

  • Stay away from something called “flash” neck tattoos design. They are generic, and not likely to represent any of your personal ideas or desire. Flash designs are mass produced, and there is no sense of personalization. They are created by professional artists indeed, but you will want the tattoos to be custom-made for you.
  • Only work with professional artists. They can give you high-quality graphics and even design specific tattoos only for you. It is also safer and worth the cost.

The following neck tattoos design is merely examples of what you can expect from professionals. It is not a good idea to copy someone else’s tattoos, but you can use these as inspirations. Bellow, we share 31 neck tattoos ideas for men but you can check more Neck Tattoo Design Ideas for Female.

{ 1 } Flying Sparrow

suits and tattoos
Peek-a-boo tattoo looks amazing and when carried while suited up is next to a perfect rough look. Usually, I see many corporate people opting for an eagle eye or something like sharp features or an object as a neck or sleeve tattoo.

{ 2 } Color Tattoo

Ricki Hall tattoos
Maybe not a choice for many of us looking for a tattoo because of the colors. Not every time we want to wear some sort of color combination. Vague thoughts all poured into your body and the one which reveals your inner random thoughts of piousness.

{ 3 } Peace Tattoo

tattoo lust beards Styles For Men
For those who have no fear or shame in confronting their negative or black side to people? A broken line, some fresh leaves but withered ends, and symbols which leads to nowhere. A complete justification of life- maybe or may not be.

{ 4 } Owl on Side Neck

neck tattoos for men
The neck is that part where you should not give any chance to experiments. Keep it real with either sharp ones or lovey-dovey ones. All depends on you. It could be a flower at the back or eye at the corner but not both.

{ 5 } Simple Signature

small neck tattoos for men
Smaller ones like one-liner or one word in a different language or your mother tongue. It is trendy nowadays but makes sure of the correct placement. It should be fully visible most of the times. That’s how it makes a lasting impression.

{ 6 } Colorful Jaguar

panther neck tattoos for men
Another neck tattoo and this time again an animal. Men always are eager to show off and that’s why it is in fashion. Every man will be having a different perspective for this, however, carving a beast is like boosting confidence in you.

{ 7 } Flying Bird

Tattoos for men
An independent soul, ready to fly always in dreams or reality no matter what, this is like I want to carve my freedom. So, here it is. It is so different to look t this world from above sky and that is what I want.

{ 8 } Small Anchor

anchor tattoos for men
You can have it on the neck, back, under your ear or any other visible area. I like it on my wrist particularly for the reason of being on the safer side. After few days I would be getting a bigger carving around it. That’s how moody most of the people are.

{ 9 } Full Neck Tattoo

Cool Neck Tattoo Ideas
Sometimes you got to answer some vague answers to people asking about these fuller pictures n your body. It is not always my thoughts or something close to my heart. You like it because it attracts to you and yes it has logic but answering it to everybody is a nuisance.

{ 10 } Nature With Color

neck Full Tattoo Design
At one point in time in my life, I met an artist who can actually read my mind and carve it on the paper. Do you have any tattoo artist like this? Go to him and it will be the best tattoo of your life.

{ 11 } Spider on Neck

Neck Spider tattoo design
Another dangerous creature carved on the neck. I somehow know why people want to have a superpower like that of spider and be brave like a tiger. So, they depict the same via tattoo designs and it gave them the same feeling from inside.

{ 12 } Black Rose

Rose Tattoos on Neck
Black rose is a symbol of hope and grief as well. Some people do research before getting a tattoo and some just get it when they like it. Latter ones sound logical enough when it comes to carving an art.

{ 13 } Red Heart

Heart Red Neck Tattoos
That seems like biology cheat code for others. Why would anybody want a biological heart inked on their body? Only those people could explain this. Not even in my wild thoughts, I can get any reason because that’s not perpetual.

{ 14 } Anchor Below Ear

Anchor Neck Tattoos
Symbols are a way of life and give us a meaningful journey. In an uncertain situation where you do not know what to do and where to go and then suddenly you look up in the mirror and see yourself with confidence. It is not the tattoo but the vibe it gives to you.

{ 15 } Survival Ship

Ship healed Tattoo on neck
Ship depicts any human and sea is its life. All the ups and downs and disasters which may be life-threatening at times give us courage. And, courage that is necessary to continue the survival of the fittest.

{ 16 } Chris Browns Neck Tattoo

That’s too much for someone and less for others. Whatever it is, loved at one time and later wanted someone to just vanish it. Yet, I will take it on the other side and get a feminine tattoo is a good way to keep your spirit high always.

{ 17 } Aggressive Wolf

Creative Design of Neck Tattoos
Yes, every ink is not creative and neither has it depicted something out of your life. Some are just vague, wild and maybe what kinky! When he says creative, I say no more creatures. Why is everyone into drawing fire and saying that’s creative enough?

{ 18 } Red Rose Lip

That’s how we used pencils colors in our school time. Very basic colors, shades, and outline – a complete picture. We are always in love with these drawings from our childhood days. So why not have it permanent on us?
Rose tattoos on the neck for men

{ 19 } Wings Tattoo

necklace neck wings man with tattoos in a suit
The line art looks epic and should be worn with a clean look. That’s how I feel about it and maybe it’s a cliché. Lines means there are fewer chances of any mistake and so are your personality should be while wearing it.

{ 20 } Stargate Jason Momoa Tattoo

Ronon guys of stargate Jason Momoa tattoo
If you are a big fan of Jason Momoa, I want to say me too. And I think he gets a tattoo of every important affair of his life. That’s like a public-private diary always with him. He just gave me some confident thoughts always.

{ 21 } Black Rose

grey rose tattoo on man side neck
Side neck tattoos are appealing and sensitive. You may want to adore them your whole life by looking at the mirror again and again and feeling awesome every time it gives you a positive vibe. Get your best though here.

{ 22 } Cross Tattoo Design

1970s Mens Haircuts With Cross Tattoos on Neck
Cross tattoo is earthy in nature and will eventually give you life goals for sure. It is subtle, powerful, and yet soothing and satisfying. Side neck could be the best placement of cross design carvings that you may experiment thinking of different colours.

{ 23 } Colorful Butterflies

neck and face tattoo design
A tattoo covering half of your face should start from somewhere because starting from the face itself will be so vague like without being grounded. I think that’s legitimate. Get only the thought but getting butterflies around your face would be or maybe a different idea.

{ 24 } Cool Neck Tattoo

cool neck tattoos design for guys
Cool for me is something that is acceptable and not rebel in nature. That’s how I define it whether you sow it to a kid, adult or a mature person, one thing they say is cool. It could be out of the league but not rebel.

{ 25 } Flowers & Birds

Creative Designs of Neck Tattoos
Why does everybody want to be creative around the neck? Because that’s visible and imparts that first look. Nobody sees your arms first but the neck surely gives a hint of your personality. That is why being different around the neck is the rage.

{ 26 } Abstract Tattoo

tattoo boys
A full-length Art of the Abstract Tattoo Design will make it look more lively and dynamic. Everywhere inked like it’s an obsession and not passion. For me, getting a design is pouring my endless life thoughts that are never going to change. Or something I am attracted towards but never something I hate.

{ 27 } Finger Crossed

hand tattoo design on neck for men
Somewhere inside me is a fire which can burn everything down if lit. Or I am grounded to the level that I can confront every fire and still stand up straight. Holding a fire could have different meanings but deep enough.

{ 28 } Skull Tattoo

Skull, hidden girl, wings, rose and venom spilled like anything. It gives me negative thoughts and somehow never wants a tattoo like that. Something that is purposeless to me. Though, I like the wings and colors inked into it.
Cool Tattoo Designs For Guys

{ 29 } Colorful Flower

Lotus Back Neck Tattoos
Boys love to decorate their body with tattoos. Get this wonderful lotus back neck tattoo done by professionals to get a charming trendy look. Try out this tattoo design if you really like lotuses.

{ 30 } OM Tattoo On Neck

Best Holy Neck Tattoos For Guys
That is a symbol of Om and a symbol of Hindu God Shiva, so, that’s a kind of holy tattoo many people in India inked. Meanwhile, I like holy tattoos to be shorter in size because it looks more authentic than in any other size.

{ 31 } Justin Timberlake Neck tattoos

Justin Timberlake neck tattoos
Celebrity tattoos are the rage at once and so is this one. It is not always for the trending idea or some other random thing. I like the simplicity of it, the size and the placement, both are good. Now, he is setting a goal for us for sure.

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