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27 Classic Bob Haircuts – Style Your Hair Like Never Before

Did you know that a smart hairstyle could get your spirits lifted and not just that, it can actually make you stand out of the crowd? A right haircut talks about your style statement and takes you a long way in the path of self-love and confidence.

A Bob Haircut is a justly suitable and almost low-maintenance solution for women with fine hair. A chin-length, collarbone or cropped styles are fairly helpful for hair that requires volume. It can forever be added with simple styling procedures and possible hair products. Even if you have been clinging to this cut for ages, view them with impressions for a seasonal twist in mind.

Modern bob haircuts highlight a few of modifications which improve bob hairstyles to the level up. Classic bob haircuts are a timeless look that can be carried by everyone based on the cut. With weights of fresh and modern takes, your short bob hair can be given a new look to match your personality. Whether you are the girl next door, or a diva from within, a short bob can be a fabulous hairstyle for you to make heads turn around.

The following are some of the cutest patterns of Classic Bob Haircuts for Short and Fine Hair.

{ 1 } Classic Bob

Classic Bob Haircuts

This bob style is trending recently in the world of fashion. This hairstyle is one of the smartest hairstyles when it comes to the short hairdo. The front layer of this hairstyle is longer than the back portion, and this gives a contradictory style statement to the plain front short and long back structure. This hairstyle is just the opposite. The hairstyle gives a very refreshing and young look. The hairstyle is carefree and great to flaunt at all seasons and all events. Bobs are the new talk in town of hairdos, and this is definitely a hit.

{ 2 } Front Flare Bob

Classic Bob Haircuts
This hairstyle looks just gorgeous when it comes to flaunting short hair looks. A nice combing will set the hair at the right place, and no other such accessory is required to get this hairdo stylised. This haircut on its own is a style statement. The two corners of the hairdo are slightly cornered, and the long hair at the back remains short and crowned. This hairstyle makes a face look a lot slimmer and also provides a structure to the face.

{ 3 } Blond Bob

Classic Bob Haircuts
Classic hairstyles are an all-time hit, and the best part about this hairstyle is that requires no added accessory or styling. This hairstyle is a blond short and looks exceptionally chic and classy. This bob haircut is a timeless style that matches the smart personality. The cut and the color both give women the look she deserves. The blond short bob cut is the talk of the town.

{ 4 } Bob Highlights

Classic Bob Haircuts
This classic bob cut is all about showing the right amount of highlights. This hairstyle with such color imparts a brilliant and extremely stylish and fashionable outlook. The color is a rich brown or copper red tone on which blonde or gold highlights are done. These hairstyles indeed give the perfect balance of shine and flaunt you want. Since it is a colorful hairstyle, any unicolor style will look really glamorous.

{ 5 } Middle Part Bob Cut

Classic Bob Haircuts
This hairstyle is all about sporting a free-spirited look. A look that is all about bringing the inner self that is carefree and wild and knows no bound when portraying freedom. This hairstyle can be created by keeping a middle partition, and the ends are trimmed in such a way that a wave effect is created. This blond hairdo can be sported on a regular day out to an evening brunch party. This hairstyle is indeed a very versatile one.

{ 6 } The Stern Look Bob Cut

Classic Bob Haircuts
Jet black hair with mild waves on bob hair base is everything basic yet imparts a grave and intense look. The mild curves add to the style statement while the middle partition adds a sense of seriousness to the face. This haircut sets a style statement quite different from the other short bob haircuts. This hairstyle is easy to maintain.

{ 7 } Pixie Bob

Classic Bob Haircuts
This pixie bob haircut is super cute and has a gothic effect to it. This haircut suits round face and gives a definite structure to the face. This hairstyle is all about flaunting stern yet classy look. The bottom has a lined trim with every end aligned, and this adds to the beauty of this haircut.

{ 8 } Orange Bob

Classic Bob Haircuts
This haircut is bob and all about sporting a dash of energy by flaunting a pop of bright colors. This is a bright reddish orange color that can be made to a definite style statement. Also, the hair color adds a very cool appeal to the persona and brings out the spirit of fun in you. Be bold beautiful and stay in color.

{ 9 } Aligned in Style

Classic Bob Haircuts
This hairstyle is also a classic bob haircut with side layers all trimmed to the same alignment. Symmetry adds the actual volume and gives the face a very dense look and also makes a face looks longer. So women having short or round face can take this look if they want their face to have an oval shape.

{ 10 } Bold Bob

Classic Bob Haircuts
With a colorful look, this hairstyle gives a very classy yet bold look. The color adds the edge to this cut. This cut is not long, and the length is kept one or two inches below the ear. The color is a rich gold and orange and imparts a very royal look.

{ 11 } Bob Highlights

Classic Bob Haircuts
This hairstyle requires highlights. On this bob cut, the flares will have blond highlights, and these highlights are the USP of this entire look. The hair color will suit fair complexion to warm tropical tones and has a honeydew tone to it. It is classy and fashionable and does look trendy at all times.

{ 12 } Side Bob

Classic Bob Haircuts
Do you love styling your hair? This bob side partitioned hair is apt for all kind of meet and greets and gives you a very classy and cute look. The hairstyle can be achieved with straight cuts on the bottom that come along from slightly shorter ends of the back to the longer lengths at the front. This hairstyle always imparts a very smart look.

{ 13 } Sleek Bob Hairstyle

Classic Bob Haircuts
This is an excellent hairstyle that can get you a perfectly chic look. Also, this adds a certain amount of volume to the crown area of a head. This hairstyle gives a definite structure to the hair and also makes a face look slimmer. It does not take much effort to keep the hairstyle. It is effortless to maintain, and a nice comb along with hairspray will do the job. The honey color adds a rich vibe to the entire look.

{ 14 } Layer Short Bob

Classic Bob Haircuts
The swiping layer of this haircut gives a very refreshing look and adds a lot of depth to the face. This hairstyle can be accessorized with a small cute looking hairclip to give it that added feminine charm. However independently it does look equally gorgeous. The blond color adds a royal touch to the entire look as well.

{ 15 } Side Lock Bob

Classic Bob Haircuts
This haircut is all about putting a side partition and let the hair talk all about your persona. This burgundy hair color is all about imparting the perfect edge to the look. This hairstyle with the color will really make a complexion look bright. This arty look is appropriate for an evening event.

{ 16 } Front Angled Bob Cut

Classic Bob Haircuts
This hairstyle has the bob cut, and the forehead is covered with front fringe that adds to the cuteness of the entire look. Also if your forehead is very broad, this hairstyle will give you the perfect structure to space as it covers the forehead highlight ting the face shape. The color adds to the brightness of the complexion.

{ 17 } Versatile Bob

Classic Bob Haircuts
This hairstyle has a very modern outlook. This hairstyle is called the versatile bob because it can be paired for any given event be, it a formal meeting or a brunch date you can flaunt this style with ease and the best part it does justice to any look you sport. Light make up is all that you can add to this look and yes do not forget the smile on your face.

{ 18 } Shaded Flare Bob Cut

Classic Bob Haircuts
This hairstyle is all about the color. The beige golden shade is adding an elegant style statement to the entire look of the face. The highlights of the flares redone in minimal shaded keeping the hairdo from a dark color to lighter tones at the bottom. Light make up goes very well with this look as the highlight of the look is the hair.

{ 19 } Pixie Short Bob

Classic Bob Haircuts
This hairdo is very easy to maintain, and the best part is the same color. The hair color is a subdued gold color that adds an extra shine to the face and makes it more glowing. Also, this hair color is something that can be perfect for party wear or a royal outing. This is definitely a glamorous look that one can sport and the cut is rather short than the usual bob length.

{ 20 } Pointed Pixie

Classic Bob Haircuts
This hairdo is all about the ultra-modern glam loo. This hairstyle is much in the talk of the town. People with a round or oval face will suit in the hairstyle appropriately. The side locks are pointed, and the back is kept trimmed to the length of the shoulder. Sport a halter neck gown, flaunt your hair, and you are all ready and set rock the red carpet look.

{ 21 } Bright Red Pixie

Classic Bob Haircuts
This hairstyle is very bright. The Bob haircut sports a vibrant orange golden tone and the cut is kept very short till the length of the ears. This hairstyle will look good on bright to fair complexion and gives a very bold look. Also one can style it with bright clothes to add the dash of colors into this entire look. Bold and beautiful is what describes the look.

{ 22 } Free Flow Bob Cut

Classic Bob Haircuts
This haircut is slightly breezy and adds volume to the hair. There are very subtle curls going down on the locks and gives a very summery and refreshing look as if you are just out of a fresh sauna. The hairstyle is also about the nice and rich copper color that adds a lot of depth to the entire styling. Long hoops and a shade of bright lipstick will seal the gorgeous look.

{ 23 } Corporate Bob

Classic Bob Haircuts
This hairstyle especially the hair color on this bob cut is appropriate for formal meetings and everyday office, look. On the path of daily life work schedules often get women busy, and this kind of hairstyle adds to the advantage as it looks good but then not much effort is required. The cut is kept minimal with adding length to the front layer and going short on the back and adding volume on the center of the head. This gives a very smart look.

{ 24 } Pretty Blond Bob

Classic Bob Haircuts
This haircut is about the blond color and the short pixie cut. The amalgamation of both adds to the exact amount of oomph factor required to bring the extra appeal of one’s person. This hairstyle is all about sporting gorgeous petite look, and the hairdo is very easy to sport, and no spray or styles are required. A nice bounce is what this haircut adds to the crown area, and the entire look makes your face looks a lot slimmer and also adds height to your look.

{ 25 } Honey Color Bob

Classic Bob Haircuts
The color of this hairstyle is somewhere between honey, copper and brown. This hairstyle talks about style like no other. This hairstyle will look gorgeous when flaunted with solid color dresses or dresses that or of dark shades like solid red or black or purple. This hair color obviously will be the USP of the look. It adds edge and style to you and the best part if its summer time you have the entire breeze to yourself and bid the hair heat away. This hair color is also a very fashionable and trendy in contemporary fashion genre.

{ 26 } Soft Fringe Curls

Classic Bob Haircuts
Have you ever imagined those green fields, the fresh breeze that sweep on the soft curls giving you a pretty mess. This hairstyle is all about giving you a fresh and pretty look. The curls are soft and can be attained from styles. The waves add the right amount of summer touch to it. The look that is created through this hairstyle is all about a spirit of free will. This is indeed such a graceful and pretty look.

{ 27 } Golden Curl Bob Cut

Classic Bob Haircuts
This haircut is a lot more graceful and looks absolutely pretty. About any given look what is important is the hair color. The hair color is a golden flare, and the curls can be obtained from a firm comb and very soft heat iron curl. This hairstyle is all about sporting a look that can be easily maintained.

Hairstyles can make a person go from dull to glam. A right hairstyle can do all the talking and the best part about classic bobs. You can wear the hairstyle without any fuss. Sport the glamorous you and be in style. So what are you waiting for? Sport the new look of the season.

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