12 Best Ways to Use Green Tea for Skin Care

Green Tea for Skin Care

Green tea is one of the ancient products that were used to enhance human’s health. Currently, green tea is being used in the beauty industry. It helps people efficiently take care of their skin. Green tea contains folate, antioxidants, magnesium, potassium and vitamins. These elements help develop a healthy and shiny skin. That’s not all; green tea can be prepared from the comfort of your house. Green tea can be used for skin care in the following ways:

{ 1 } It is a Remedy for Acne

Remedy for Acne
Acne is one of the commonly experienced skin conditions. This skin condition has made numerous people lose their confidence. Generally, acne affects the appearance of your skin and mostly on the skin. Green tea can be both drunk and applied on the skin. There are numerous testimonials on the internet praising green tea for helping them get rid of acne. The green tea bag and place it on some warm water. Afterwards, tea a part the tea bag and apply it directly on your skin. Leave it for roughly thirty minutes before washing it off. Repeat this procedure daily until you get rid of acne. Lastly, feel free to use a moisturizer.

{ 2 } Green Tea Reduces Dark Spots

Green Tea Reduces Dark Spots
You no longer have to spend a large amount of money purchasing beauty products to get rid of dark spots. Simply consider using green tea. The antioxidants found in this traditional tea can give you a clear skin after continuous use. In addition to these, green tea will also give you a glowing skin. So, how will green tea eliminate dark spots from your skin? This process commences by placing some green tea leaves in a bowl. Proceed and add milk powder or fresh milk, turmeric and some flour inside the bowl containing green tea. Stir these ingredients until you attain a paste. Apply this paste on your skin and give it sometime before washing it off.

{ 3 } It is Good for People with Sensitive Skin

Green Tea Good for People with Sensitive Skin
Do you have irritated or sensitive skin? Green tea can completely get rid of your condition. Green tea helps people with sensitive skin when combined with yogurt and lemon juice. Lemon juice is well known for cleansing people’s skin. On the other hand, yogurt is rich in protein, Vitamin D and antioxidants that help fight acne. Yogurt also contains some elements that eliminate blemishes and sunburn, among others. Start off by boiling some green tea. Let it cool before mixing it with yogurt and lemon juice. Stir these three ingredients until you attain a mask. Apply this mask on your face and give it for a few minutes before washing it away.

{ 4 } Green Tea Helps Reduce Pores on the Skin

Green Tea Helps Reduce Pores on the Skin
People with oily skin mostly have large pores. This is the reason they age up faster when compared to people with different types of skin. You no longer have to spend numerous amount of money on expensive products to reduce the number of pores on your skin. Simply consider green tea. Start off by boiling some water before adding green tea. Completely remove the green tea from the bags while brewing it. Add some lavender oil before cooling the water with green tea. Place the water in ice tray and place it in a refrigerator. Afterwards, apply the ice cube on the skin to reduce the pores on your skin.

{ 5 } To Exfoliate your Skin

Green Tea Help to Exfoliate your Skin
Green tea contains some anti-aging antioxidants. As a result, it can be used to exfoliate your skin. You are advised to use green tea as scrub at least twice a week. Simply brew some green tea in some hot water. Cool the water before adding some more green tea. Apply the green tea on your face and gently rub it. This procedure will naturally remove dirt on your skin and enhance its general look. Repeat this procedure at least thrice a week. Some people will experience direct results on their skin, whereas others take time.

{ 6 } Green Tea can be used to remove Toxins

Green Tea can be used to remove Toxins
Green tea steam has for centuries been used to remove toxins from the skin and also acne. As we all know, our skin should get rid of toxins for a healthy skin. So, what is the process of removing toxins from the skin? Start off by boiling some water in a bowl. Move on and place a green tea bag on the hot water. Take a towel and lean on the bowl. Use the towel to direct the steam towards your face. Hold still for five minutes for this remedy to be effective. Ensure you repeat this procedure at least weekly.

{ 7 } In Moisturizing Skin

Green Tea Help in Moisturizing Skin
You can also use green tea to moisturize your skin. Take some green tea bags and place them in a bowl. Proceed and add some sugar and sea salt on the mixture. Add a couple of egg yolks on your mixture to create a thick mask. A thick mask is recommended for your skin as it will stay for a long period. Use your fingers to apply the mask on your face. Wash it off after a few minutes. Rinse your water again with some fresh water before using a natural moisturizer.

{ 8 } For Scrubbing your Face

Use Green Tea For Scrubbing your Face
Are you spending a lot of money purchasing scrubs? If yes, consider using green tea combined with sugar. This combination will give you amazing results within a short period. Place some green tea on hot water and let it cool down. Stir your tea while adding a couple of tablespoons. Add natural essentials such as natural honey to your tea. This will help you come up with an effective scrub. Go on and apply the scrub throughout the body. Gently rub the scrub on your body. Give it sometime before washing it off. Repeat this procedure until you start attaining a glowing skin.

{ 9 } Green Tea can give you a Glowing Skin

Green Tea can give you a Glowing Skin
Everyone desires a healthy and glowing skin, isn’t it? Take advantage of some home remedies to attain a glowing skin within a short period. Green tea contains antioxidants that help eliminate wrinkles and dark spots on your skin. It also gives you a fine and smooth skin. Take some honey and mix it with some green tea leaves before adding them in some boiling water. Make a paste using these two ingredients. Apply the paste throughout the body and leave it for roughly twenty minutes. Use some warm water to wash off the paste. Your skin will start changing a week after using green tea. So, what are you waiting for?

{ 10 } It can Protect you from Sunlight

Green Tea can Protect you from Sunlight
Our skin should be protected from direct sun or we risk numerous damages use as dehydration, dry skin and reddening, among others. Green tea can efficiently protect you from the UV rays. It contains minerals, which when mixed with lemon can boost your collagen. Vitamin c found in lemon tightens the skin while preventing the sun rays from directly reaching your skin. Take some turmeric powder, lemon juice and some cool green tea. Use these ingredients to come up with a thick paste. Turmeric contains some antioxidants that remove sun spots, dark spots and acne. This paste should be left for a few minutes to perform its magic before washing it off.

{ 11 } Green Tea Treats Dry Skin

Green Tea Treats Dry Skin
Dry skin is a skin condition attributed by dry and cracked skin. Some people with dry skin experience some discomfort due to irritation. In most circumstances skin dehydration is the number one cause of dry skin. Green tea has for ages been used to treat dry skin. There are two methods you can use to get rid of dry skin. First, add some green tea on your cup full of hot water. Let it cool before adding some brown sugar and cream. Systematically, add some green tea on your skin to form a thick mask for your skin. Apply the mask on your face and give it a couple of minutes before washing it off.

Alternatively, you can add plain yogurt and some mashed banana on some water containing green tea. Apply it on your face and let it perform its wonders before washing it off.

{ 12 } Green Tea Slows the Aging process

Green Tea Slows the Aging process
Everyone and especially women are afraid of aging process. This process is inevitable but it can be slowed. Green tea can help reduce wrinkles, spots and dryness on your skin. These factors are used in determining the aging process, isn’t it? Furthermore, green tea performs its functions naturally without exhibiting any side effects. Therefore, try your best and take a cup of green tea every morning. Alternatively, you can combine natural honey with green tea and apply it directly on your face. Both honey and green tea contain vital antioxidants that will slow down the aging process.

Please note that people exhibit results differently. Some people get instant results, whereas others take time. Be patient and follow the above procedures. Results will eventually become visible. There is no doubt green tea poses numerous benefits on our skin.

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