37 Arm Tattoo Ideas – The Best Place To Have Your First Tattoo

Small Arm Tattoo

Have you ever thought of getting a tattoo? This post shall help you with understanding where and which tattoo should you get yourself inked with. Mingling around with various patterns, colors and sizes we are here with a variety of arm tattoo ideas. As said by anonymous, ‘Tattoos have the power and magic of their own, they decorate the body but they also enhance the soul.’ In order to get a tattoo we tend to think about things that represent our true selves and it helps us to know ourselves better. It helps us in understanding our own strengths and forms an image of our personality in other people’s minds. People get many different tattoos inked like a quote, name of the person they love or some beautiful designs.

There are so many places on our body where we can get a tattoo but the most common and widely seen is the tattoo on arms. There are so many types of arm tattoos about which we will be telling you more about in this article.

{ 1 } Inner Arm Tattoo

Inner Arm Tattoo
Inner arm is one of the best places for getting a tattoo as it sometimes gives a bulge to your muscles if it is placed in the right place. It also brings out the colors of the ink. As the name suggests this tattoo is drawn on the inner side of the biceps. The best thing about this is that you can control when and whom to show the tattoo as most of the times it gets covered by the clothes. If you want a 3D tattoo then this would be the best place as it would make your tattoo look so much more realistic. It is the part of your arm where you can be bold while getting a tattoo and bring out your true self.

{ 2 } Upper Arm Tattoo

Upper Arm Tattoo
The tattoo which is drawn on the biceps or the outer and upper part of the arm is known as the upper arm tattoo. It also helps in giving a bulge to the tattoo and give it a 3D effect. This can be another best position for a 3D tattoo. People working in a corporate office usually get a tattoo on the upper arm as it is hidden by the sleeves and sometimes if the tattoo is big it is partly visible, which makes people curious to see the entire tattoo. This part of the arm provides greater space for large tattoos.

{ 3 } Full Arm Tattoo

Full Arm Tattoo
Just as the name says this tattoo is drawn on the full arm also known as a sleeve tattoo. As it covers the entire arm it provides more space and bigger tattoos can be drawn easily. It is very bold as it catches the attention of all the people. It covers your entire arm just like a sleeve. And helps to bring out the best of the creativity of you and your artist.

{ 4 } Forearm Tattoo

Forearm Tattoo
The tattoo on the inner as well as the outer side of the forearm is known as the forearm tattoo. When we see a person with forearm tattoo we usually assume them to be very wild and bold but sometimes it can just be the opposite. The forearm tattoo is usually made in the traditional black ink. To bring out the bolder vibe of the person more effectively. The forearm tattoo starts from the wrist and ends at the elbow.

{ 5 } Old School Forearm Tattoo

Old School Forearm Tattoo
Old school means the things which do not exist anymore or sometimes is used to refer vintage stuff. An old-school forearm tattoo is a tattoo drawn on the forearm representing old or vintage things which might not even exist now. But then the craze for vintage things never die. Vintage things always are the most demanded ones.

{ 6 } Geometric Arm Tattoo

Geometric Arm Tattoo
Geometric Tattoos are the Ones which are Drawn Using Natural and Geometrical Shapes. Repetitive use of geometric shapes helps in creating a pattern. All types of patterns can be formed using the geometrical shapes ranging from flowers to skull. A geometric arm tattoo is a tattoo drawn on any part of the arm using geometric shapes. Geometric arm tattoos can be drawn in color as well as the black ink.

{ 7 } Quotes Tattoo on Arm

Quotes Tattoo on Arm
The arm is a particularly great canvas for quotes tattoo because of its length and visibility. Usually, the quotes that people get are the personal mantras etched on their bodies, the ones they staunchly believe in. It is more like writing reminders to yourself that stay forever. The quotes can also be by great men or something you truly believe in. Quote on arms is more thoughtful and you might as well change your thoughts after some time so you should really think it through and then get the tattoo.

{ 8 } Back Of Arm Tattoo

Back Of Arm Tattoo
Unlike the other parts of the arm, this part is not visible when you meet a person for the first time and reduces the obviousness of the tattoo and adds a level of intrigue to the wearer. It is mostly a small tattoo on the back of the upper or lower arm. The tattoo can be small or a big one depending on your choice. The tattoo can be made colorful by using subtle colors. Mostly it is a tattoo with a black outline.

{ 9 } Lower Arm Tattoo

Lower Arm Tattoo
It is similar to forearm tattoo which is drawn on the forearm but only the outer part of the forearm. It starts from the back part of the wrist to the elbow. The tattoo on the lower arm is very much visible to everyone and hence is very obvious. The lower arm tattoo is usually drawn in black color because that part already catches a lot of attention and adding color would catch more attention. People who want to stand out usually add colors to the lower arm tattoo.

{ 10 } Small Arm Tattoo

Small Arm Tattoo
A tattoo drawn on the arm which is small in size is known as the small arm tattoo. It helps to get the dream of having a tattoo fulfilled without regretting over a bigger one. The pain from the tattoo is temporary but the tattoo is permanent. Small tattoos are really a good option. It helps in having a large variety of tattoo and having no regrets later on. It even covers lesser space so is easy to hide if not permitted at a workplace.

{ 11 } Armband Tattoo

Armband Tattoo
Armband tattoo is a tattoo which is in the form of a band. it can be drawn anywhere on the entire arm and is usually drawn and colored with black ink. The black armband tattoo carries the memories of a lost friend, relative or the loved ones. The thickness of the band tattoo can be decided by you. It can be a broad tattoo or a slim one however you like it. You also have a choice of adding colors to it if you wish to.

{ 12 } Wolf Arm Tattoo

Wolf Arm Tattoo
The forearm is one of the coolest parts of the body for a tattoo. It is a strong symbol for those who refuse to fit into society, which makes the tattoo quite rebellious. And on top of that, a tattoo of a wolf is very ferocious. A tattoo which is drawn on any part of the arm and consist of a wolf is a wolf arm tattoo. The part where you want to get the tattoo can be decided by you. Wolf on every part of the arm has a different meaning. An example of I is the wolf on the forearm. The upper arm is another good place for the wolf tattoo as it will not compromise the tattoo due to a body curve.

{ 13 } Flower Arm Tattoo

Flower Arm Tattoo
A flower tattoo on any part of the arm is known as the flower arm tattoo. A flower is a symbol to commemorate the fallen. Men might think of it as feminine but it also is masculine as it simply means new beginnings. Flowers can be drawn on any part of the arm. It can be one big flower or a bunch of small flowers. You can have any flower you like to be drawn in the tattoo. When we think about flowers colors are the first thing that comes to our minds so flower tattoos can be colorful as well as black and white.

{ 14 } Lion Arm Tattoo

Lion Arm Tattoo
A lion tattoo on the arms is known as the lion arm tattoo. Lion is always considered to be a symbol of power, royalty and you are the king of your own decisions and choices. The people with lion tattoo are sometimes the people who believe that fate does not control their life. The lion tattoo brings out the strong and courageous side of you and can be drawn on any part of the arm. It is usually drawn black in color to give the tattoo more effect. The size of the lion can be your choice wither big covering the entire arm or small covering only a small part of the arm.

{ 15 } Dragon Arm Tattoo

Dragon Arm Tattoo
A tattoo which drawn on any part of the arm and consists of a dragon is known as dragon arm tattoo. The dragon represents the most prestigious and successful men who achieve outstanding success in all things they endeavor. The size of the dragon can vary from person to person it can either cover a large part of the arm. It is usually drawn with a black color to make the dragon look realistic.it is a kind of tattoo which is not made to be hidden. It is for the people who have moved past the whole society thing.

{ 16 } Side Arm Tattoo

Side Arm Tattoo
The tattoo which is drawn on the outer side of the arm but not covering the entire outer side only covering the side part of the outer arm is known as sidearm tattoo. People usually get their names or quotes written on the sidearm. Sometimes people also prefer a small figure on the side arm which does not cover up much space. The quotes are like a daily reminder of what they believe in.

{ 17 } Words On Arm Tattoo

Words On Arm Tattoo
A tattoo was drawn on any part of the arm which has certain words written in it. The words are written can be a quote or a name. you can get your own name is written or the name of the person you love. The quote can be any of your favorite ones or it can be your own personal quote also something which you believe in. It is the most commonly seen type of tattoo as most of the people get something written in their tattoo. It can be drawn only with the black ink as it does not have a scope of coloring.

{ 18 } Simple Arm Tattoo

Simple Arm Tattoo
Simple Arm tattoos are a great way to express yourself. It is a perfect choice if you are getting your first tattoo as it can be easily hidden if you do not want people to see it. The tattoo can be anything words, drawings, quotes or names. It is usually made with black ink so it does not catch much attention But you can get a colored tattoo also if you want to get something unique and stand out from the crowd.

{ 19 } Black Arm Tattoo

Black Arm Tattoo
The tattoo which is drawn on any part of the arm and is drawn in black color. Black means bold. So the black tattoo is usually a very bold and a fierce one. It shows the bold side of you and brings out your true boldness. These type of tattoo do not have any other color. The tattoos drawn are usually big tattoos which cover up most of the parts of your arm.

{ 20 } Wrap Around Arm Tattoos

Wrap Around Arm Tattoos
The tattoo which is wrapped around a certain part of your arm is known as a wrap around arm tattoo. It is very similar to the band tattoo, the only difference is that band tattoo is like a band and it can be like a spiral around your arm covering bigger parts. It can be big or small depending on your personal choice. This type of tattoos are usually black and if colors are added then they are very subtle to enhance the effect of the black color.

{ 21 } Half Arm Tattoos

Half Arm Tattoos
Half arm tattoo is a collection of many small tattoos that covers at least half of your arm from shoulder to elbow. It can also be a one big tattoo covering half of your arm. It is usually colored black but you can have it colored depending on your choice.

{ 22 } Colorful Arm Tattoos

Colorful Arm Tattoos
A tattoo was drawn on any part of the arm and is colorful. The tattoo can be big or small depending on your choice. Mostly flowers are drawn to make it look soft and subtle. The outline is drawn with black color but the inner part of the tattoo is colorful.

{ 23 } Traditional Arm Tattoos

Traditional Arm Tattoos
The tattoos which can be drawn on any part of the arm and consist of old and traditional images. Traditional tattoos are like old school tattoos. The size of the tattoo is mostly big, covering up major space of the arm. The traditional tattoos are always colorful with black outline.

{ 24 } Skull Arm Tattoo

Skull Arm Tattoo
A tattoo drawn on any part of the arm consisting of images of a skull is known as the skull arm tattoo. Skull tattoos symbolize death but not in a negative way. It is an inevitable aspect of life that everyone has to die someday and a skull tattoo shows the acceptance of the same fact. The skull can be big or small based on your personal choice. It can also be black or colorful. The tattoo can consist either one big skull or few small skulls drawn together.

{ 25 } Tribal Arm Tattoo

Tribal Arm Tattoo
Tribal tattoos were originally designed to create symbolism for each individual family. Most tribal tattoos have deeper meanings attached to them but the modern tribal tattoos are chosen for their aesthetic appeal. The tribal tattoos are usually chosen by men and are always black in color. The tribal tattoos are generally big in size and cover up a lot of space on the arm.

{ 26 } Arm Lines Tattoo

Arm Lines Tattoo
A tattoo which is drawn using straight lines. The arm lines tattoo can be drawn in the form of a band, upper arm or lower arm tattoo depending on your choice. The arm lines tattoo is always black in the color the width of the lines may vary from one tattoo to another. The line tattoo can be made more creative by adding your personal creativity to it. The number of lines in the tattoo depends on what you prefer.

{ 27 } Script Arm Tattoo

27 Script Arm Tattoo
It is similar to words on arms tattoo as it consists of the names or quotes from the scripts. The tattoo is drawn using black ink. The font used to draw such tattoos are usually cursive or calligraphy. Words from the script are your personal choice. It can be a big or a small tattoo, again depending on your own choice.

{ 28 } Floral Arm Tattoo

Floral Arm Tattoo
Flowers are used to conveying some message to the loved ones. People get this tattoo when they want to give out a message to their loved ones. It can be drawn on any part of the arm. These tattoos are very common and are very small in size. Women prefer daisies. The tattoo can be colored or black depending on your choice.

{ 29 } Snake Arm Tattoo

Snake Arm Tattoo
A tattoo where a snake is drawn on any part of the arm is known as a snake arm tattoo. The snake can be drawn on the upper arm or lower arm. The snake can also be drawn like normal tattoos, wrap around arm tattoo or armband tattoo, depending on your choice. The snakes drawn are usually colored with black ink. The size of the snake can vary from person to person. Men usually prefer this tattoo.

{ 30 } Rose Arm Tattoo

Rose Arm Tattoo
A tattoo on any part of the arm having images of roses in it is known as rose arm tattoo. The rose can be of different sizes. The tattoo can have either one rose or a bunch of roses. The tattoo can be black or colorful as you wish. Rose is a symbol of love and affection so it is drawn to show love and affection towards someone.

{ 31 } Outer Arm Tattoo

Outer Arm Tattoo
A tattoo which is drawn on the outer part of the arm and is clearly visible to the people is known as outer arm tattoo. The tattoo can be of anything, a picture, floral, name or quotes. The outer arm tattoo is mostly colored with black or sometimes if it is colorful then very light and subtle colors are used. This type of tattoo can be difficult to hide so if you are not allowed to have a tattoo at your workplace you should not get it done, but otherwise, it is a very good option to consider.

{ 32 } Tree Arm Tattoo

Tree Arm Tattoo
A tattoo in which trees are drawn at any part of the arm. Trees represent the knowledge and life, so a tree tattoo conveys a story of your overall existence. The tree tattoo can consist of one big tree or many small trees. The trees are usually black colored but colors can be added to make it look more attractive. The forearm is the best part of the arm to get a tree tattoo so the roots and branches can be directed in any direction.

{ 33 } Arrow Arm Tattoo

Arrow Arm Tattoo
Arrow represents courage to move forward along with defense and protection from harm. It is a type of tattoo in which an arrow is drawn on any part of the arm. The arrow can be made creative by adding flowers around it. There can be one or more than one arrow depending upon your personal choice. The arrow tattoo is always black as the arrows are thin and do not have a scope of adding colors.

{ 34 } Name Arm Tattoo

Name Arm Tattoo
You must have seen many people with their name tattooed on their arm, it is known as name arm tattoo. The name can be written in cursive, calligraphy or italics any font you like. It can be decorated and made attractive by adding small images around like flowers, hearts or crown.

{ 35 } Bird Arm Tattoo

Bird Arm Tattoo
A tattoo with a bird on any part of your arm is known as a bird arm tattoo. Birds represent freedom. The bird tattoo is mostly colored using black ink. The size and number of birds can vary based on your choice. The most common part where people get a bird tattoo is the lower sidearm.

{ 36 } Faith Arm Tattoo

Faith Arm Tattoo
A tattoo in which the word “Faith” is written on any part of the arm is known as faith arm tattoo. Faith can be written in any type of handwriting ranging from cursive to calligraphy. The size of the tattoo can be different according to your choice. The faith tattoo is always black in color.

{ 37 } Clock Arm Tattoo

Clock Arm Tattoo
A tattoo in which a clock is drawn on various parts of the arm. There is always an enjoyable or memorable time in a person’s life. It is a good idea to get the time tattooed and lock the moment with you for all your life. The size and color of the clock can be personalized according to your choice.

So after going through the article have you figured out which tattoo do you want to get? What is your story that you want to tell the world? If not then do it. What are you waiting for? Isn’t it amazing as to how many varieties of tattoos are there to choose from?

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