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Advice For Dealing With Shoulder Pain

Shoulder pain is the most common joint problem that affects every adult at least once in a lifetime. You don’t necessarily need to have arthritis to experience shoulder pain – even playing the guitar or painting long hours may cause discomfort.

In case you have recently injured yourself, book an appointment with your physiotherapist or surgeon as soon as possible. If it’s nothing serious, you can also try some simple home remedies. That’s how you can manage shoulder pain on your own:

Cold compress

Apply a cold compress to reduce swelling. You can use an ice pack or a cold carton of milk. Make sure not to apply the compress directly to your skin. It’s recommended to wrap it in a towel before using it. Feel free to repeat this procedure three times per day (for about fifteen minutes each time).

If you have a stiff shoulder, apply something warm in order to relieve tension in muscles. For instance, you can use a heating pad or bottle with hot water.

Move the shoulder

If you have shoulder pain, it’s better to avoid yoga and gym sessions. However, make sure to move your shoulder gently from time to time. Also, nod your head and turn it completely to the left and the right.

See your doctor in case your hand gets weaker with time. If you want to learn more about shoulder pain and the ways to deal with it, check out the infographic provided by Kemper Medical:

Kemper Medical

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