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A Man’s Guide to Choosing a Fragrance

Many will agree that the right fragrance is an extension of a man’s personality – an invisible clue as to who you really are. Many also believe that a great fragrance is a powerful part of your individual style. In short, the fragrance that you select is far more important than you probably originally thought. So, how do you go about choosing the perfect perfume or cologne if you have never done so before? Here is a guide to help ensure you’re never dissatisfied with your fragrance choice again.

Test the fragrance directly on your skin

Test the fragrance directly on your skin

Countless people make the mistake of simply spraying the fragrance on a test strip or sniffing it directly from the bottle. While you might like the way that it smells at that particular moment and in that particular state, you will have no idea how it is going to smell when applied to your skin and mixed with your unique scent and hormonal chemistry. Due to this fact, it is essential that you always test a fragrance directly on your skin and leave it there for a few hours in order to get the full effect. Most quality fragrances evolve over time, so their scents are likely to change. Keep smelling each fragrance often so as to get a sense for which one is ‘the one’.

Never test more than four fragrances at a time

Never test more than four fragrances at a time
It is recommended that you test a maximum of four fragrances at any one time, otherwise you risk confusion and scent mixing. Spray a fragrance on each of your wrists and on both of your inner elbows for best results.

Do your best to take notice of all the notes

Do your best to take notice of all the notes
Every quality fragrance will have three distinct notes, all of which will add something special to the scent. They include top notes, heart notes, and base notes. The top notes will be the light, yet powerful scents that you will smell first. In men’s perfume and cologne, they tend to be fruity and aromatic, like lemongrass or bergamot. The heart notes will follow an hour or two thereafter and usually smell a bit more intense than the top notes. Heart notes are usually floral or spicy, such as jasmine or nutmeg. Finally, the base notes will appear last and tend to linger for the remainder of the day or night. They are subtle yet pleasant and are commonly wooded in nature, like cedar or moss.

Consider buying your fragrance online

Consider buying your fragrance online
Once you have completed the testing phase and you are pretty sure you know which fragrance you want to buy, consider purchasing it online as opposed to in the store. Many online retailers sell discount perfume and cologne that are exactly the same as the bottles sold in-store, but can be bought at much cheaper prices. Some online retailers can offer up to 70 percent off! So, it’s definitely worthwhile looking in to if you are hoping to save and still invest in a high quality fragrance.

Hopefully, these tips will aid you in finding the fragrance that is a perfect fit so that you can enjoy many months of fantastically fragrant experiences thereafter!

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