5 Tips For Decorating An Outdoor Wedding Venue


There are many wedding venue options. While some prefer to hold the wedding reception indoors, some like it outdoors. Celebrating your wedding party out under the sun comes with benefits too. They’re intimate, versatile to decorate, and you can achieve any wedding theme or outdoor garden wedding design you’ve always dreamt of. From rustic vibes to beachy and country chic, having an outdoor wedding party isn’t as complex to decorate as you expect it to be.

Fortunately, there are endless wedding ideas to transform your backyard or any outdoor venue into a place to commemorate your special day with your loved ones and friends. Whether you’re holding the party in your backyard, in a garden, or by the beach, the key is to decorate the place accordingly. After all, having suitable decorations will help elevate the venue more. 

You can stand out with these ideas, so consider the following tips when decorating your outdoor wedding venue:

Create A Lounge Area For Cocktail 

One of the essential elements of holding a wedding party outdoors is to designate an area for chilling and cocktail. Before the ceremony or program starts, a lounge area can be the perfect place for your guests to share some chit chats, meet new people, and munch on some light snacks and drinks.

Cocktail hours and receptions can be elevated with the outdoor furniture you already own. Arrange the area beautifully, and you can add in more indoor furniture to accommodate all guests who arrive early.

Utilize Flowers In Essential Areas 

With oversized floral arrangements with glass vases centerpieces at your ceremony, you can bring the beauty of the outdoors indoors. Discuss with your wedding florist how to accentuate your wedding venue using different floral arrangements. From your ceremonial venue to your wedding reception, floral pieces can serve a purpose in many ways. Here are some ways to use them: 

Welcome Signs

Floral welcome signs are one way to commemorate the outdoors. Choose more elaborate flowers that match your theme, or keep it simple with plain greenery. These are the first things your guest will see, so pay attention to their details.


Set the stage for an elegant reception by draping curtains beautifully and displaying flowers at the entrance of your venue. Tents can easily be draped to create a welcoming entryway if you opt for a tent for your reception.

Hang Some String Lights 

Celebrating outdoors in the later afternoon until the evening will require you to use outdoor lights. Hang string lights from your reception space’s ceiling to create a romantic ambiance. You may incorporate these string and fairy lights into trees, plants, and other outdoor elements so you’ll have additional lighting for the party. One of the biggest wedding trends for 2021 is creative lighting, so it’s a vital wedding decoration idea to keep in mind. Having beautiful outdoor lights is also essential in your wedding photography.

You can create a welcoming aesthetic with string lights, and they never fail to transform your venue into a calm and cozy place for everyone to enjoy. Fairy lights are cost-effective, and you may even rent them out from someone or simply buy them from hardware stores. One of the best wedding decor ideas is lighting, a critical detail that’ll complement your reception venue. 

While you may have chosen chandeliers, pendant lights, or hanging lights as your primary outdoor lighting source, try to incorporate string lights, and you won’t be disappointed with the outcome. A few overhead bistro lights can illuminate an alfresco dining setting, or you can wrap them around the tent beams to accentuate the splendor of the structure.

Night wedding ceremony with arch, orchid flowers, chairs and bul
Night wedding ceremony with arch, orchid flowers, chairs and bulb lights in forest outdoors, copy space. Wedding decorations

Choose Unique And Elegant Centerpieces 

The key to a successful wedding decoration idea is to keep it simple. The context of simple doesn’t necessarily mean plain and dull. Simplicity is beauty, and you can still achieve an elegant and luxurious look despite going for simple table centerpieces. The trendy collage floral centerpieces can still be achieved without spending too much on expensive flowers.

The centerpieces on your tables are an essential component of your reception, but if they’re too large, they can be overpowering. Not to mention, they can also be expensive. Go for simple but beautiful wedding table decorations instead. There are some floral clusters, candle pieces, and vases that are enough to make the table look well-put and luxurious. Consider your space and how your centerpieces will complement it when planning your wedding reception decorations. 

Anticipate Changes In Weather

As much as you pray and hope for sunny weather for your outdoor wedding party, this might not always be the case. There will be chances for a rain downpour at any time of the day. Therefore, it’s best to have a plan B to allow you to go through the wedding party despite the rain. In the event of bad weather on the day of the celebration, this will allow you to mentally prepare so you won’t feel devastated by the change in weather.

Also, you’ll come prepared in serving your guests and making them comfortable continuously even with the light or heavy rain. Consider preparing tents or an alternative space that comes with roofing so your guests can transfer to easily in case of a downpour.


Having the wedding of your dream is achievable as long as you prepare ahead and anticipate anything that can happen. With the tips mentioned in this article, you can maximize your outdoor wedding reception and allow everyone to remember it as a beautiful memory.

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