11 Of The Best Wedding Photography Ideas

Wedding Family Photos

Your wedding photography is a really important element of the day; it will capture the moments, the emotions and the personality of the day. It is also a very personal decision; people have very set ideas on whether they are looking for reportage or posed shots – or in fact a combination of the two. And your choice of the photographer will be influenced by this.

With this in mind, when choosing your photographer it is important that you consider your must-have shot list because this can be a huge indicator of the style you are looking for. I would definitely recommend that you spend some time looking at different shots and deciding what fits with your own particular style. You can then share this with your own photographer and see what unique and personal shots you can come up with together.

I have spent some time scouring the internet for some must have shot inspiration so I wanted to share 11 Of The Best Wedding Photography Ideas with you, feast your eyes on this. See More Ideas For Wedding Flowers Bouquets & Wedding Kiss Photography.

{ 1 } Make Like Cinderella & Kick Off Your Heels (Via)
When you are going to tie knots with your loved one and be one forever, this time of wedding is most memorable and capturing it in a wonderful way is everyone’s wish. Wedding photography inspirations can help you to get some beautiful moments clicked in a unique manner.
Wedding Photography Inspiration

{ 2 } Whether By Accident Or On Purpose (Via)
Every girl’s dream is to have a handsome guy as her life partner. When a girl’s marriage is fixed, the night before the marriage; a bachelorette party is conducted to enjoy the last night of freedom. Girls enjoy, make merry, have fun along with some snacks and wine. See this image of girls enjoying this party in a unique manner. Lots of fun, isn’t it?
Mandatory Wedding Photos

{ 3 } Most Romantic Picnic Blanket Ever (Via)
Capture the best moments of your life so that you can remember them at some special occasions of life like as anniversary, completion of silver and golden jubilee etc. Get some impossibly fun wedding photo ideas such as the one seen in this image and make your wedding shoot the unforgettable moment of your life.
Impossibly Fun Wedding Photo Ideas

{ 4 } With a Little Help From Your Friends (Via)
Look at this image, it seems to be really funny; isn’t it? See how the bride’s friends are enjoying the way groom is longing to meet her. Such things add glamour to the event. Get fun wedding party photos to make your wedding photography the best time ever.
fun wedding party photos

{ 5 } If You Don’t Mind The Groom Having His Head Up Your Skirt (Via)
Fun Wedding Photo Ideas

{ 6 } Don’t Forget About Dad (Via)
Wedding photography not only includes the bride and groom but also captures the emotions of all near and dear ones. This image perfectly depicts the love of a daughter for her father and how the emotions display the feeling of separation with a sensitive touch.
Dad Daughter First Look Wedding Photography

{ 7 } Super Casual Pic Of You & Your Family (Via)
Wedding is the knot tied between two families rather just between the bride and groom. A wedding family photo is what connects the entire family together. Get some beautiful wedding family photos clicked to see the presence of your loved ones in your auspicious occasion.
Wedding Family Photos

{ 8 } First Kiss Wedding (Via)
A couple kissing each other on a wedding day; wedding kiss photography is what every couple likes. Ask your photographer to click such beautiful wedding kiss photographs that can give you a superb life long experience to live with.
wedding kiss photography ideas

{ 9 } Here Comes Your Wife (Via)
This beautiful image shows the fun that bridesmaids are having. See how they have taken the picture by hiding bride’s face and they have also mentioned their names on the board with sticks. It is an amazing wedding photo idea for bridesmaids.
Wedding Photo Ideas and Poses Bridesmaids

{ 10 } Before The Dress (Via)
Flowers are meant to be the perfect gift for every occasion. How beautiful it would be if you give a bouquet of white flowers to a bride who is going to get ready for the wedding. This bride bouquet serves to be a perfect photo idea to click the snaps of a bride getting ready for the wedding. For some ideas mermaid styles of wedding dresses & empire waist style wedding dresses.
getting ready photo ideas bride bouquet

{ 11 } Ready To Be Surprised For First Look (Via)
First look is one of the best ways to capture creative wedding photos as this is the time when the bride’s hairstyles & make up is excellent and the excitement on both the ends is at peak. This image shows one of the best first look wedding photo ideas.
First Look Wedding Photo Ideas

{ Last One } No More Bachelor (Via)
There are various ways for decorating the wedding venue. One of the best things is to keep a “Just Married Banner” . Different ways of photographs can be clicked with this banner like as couple holding it and kissing each other; as the one mentioned in this image.
just married banner

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