5 Most Feasible Home Organization Hacks with Lifewit That You Can Try

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Most people spend so much of their time and resources in buying things they love for their homes. But how often do they spend time to keep your home sorted? Usually people start cleaning only when their drawers start looking like an avalanche hit them! But that’s mostly because you don’t have the right kind of organization to keep things tidy. Of all the life hacks to know, learning home organization hacks is very important. A clean and tidy home is not just attractive and inviting, but also easier and more enjoyable to live in. And also, finding things effortlessly without having to dig through a like of stuff is always a plus. So, if you’re one of those people who like to wait till everything’s a mess before you start cleaning, here are a few declutter tips that will help you stay more organized without putting extra effort. 

Get Lifewit Storage Bags

Messy closets and cupboards are a part of our lives. No matter how tidy and clean you try to be, your drawers are going to get cluttered at some point of time in life. Even if you try to declutter and tidy up as often as possible, things are going to get messy of you don’t have a system of organization. A good way to organize a cupboard or closet of to use organizers like Lifewit’s storage bags. These bags are easy to stack and store in the cupboard. They help you keep the clothes in an orderly manner and sort them as you want.


Sort Your Laundry Easily

One of the most hated tasks of house keeping is the laundry. Time always seems to go slow on laundry days while the work keeps on piling. While you can’t avoid laundry, you can avoid spending long hours in the laundry room with some simple and timely sorting. With Lifewit’s double laundry hamper, sorting laundry is so much easier. You can sort your clothes right when you put them in the laundry bin. Whether you want to sort dry and wet clothes, white and coloured clothes, or in any other manner, you can put them in separate laundry bins so that when you do laundry, you can save time on sorting.


Organize Your Undergarments

Another simple way to keep your clothes more organized is to keep your undergarments sorted. Fold them properly and stack them in a way that you can easily remove them. Alternatively, you can also use lingerie organizers to keep your lingerie sorted and organized. No more chaos in the closet with your undergarments falling everywhere. Just use separate bags for your undergarments and keep them organized and in one place so that you have a lot more space in your closet. 


Utilize the Area Under the Bed

Most homeowners face this issue of having too much stuff and too little space to keep it. While decluttering is always an option, some stuff you cannot throw away. If you’re having problems finding space for storage in your home, one option is to start looking at more creative ways to store things. One good idea is to use empty unutilized spaces for small storage. Like an unused window sill or the empty space under the bed can be utilised to store small stuff. You can use storage cubes or small containers and put them under the bed to give you some extra storage space that is away from the eyes too! 


Keep Your Shoes Sorted

If you enter a house and the first thing you see are a bunch of shoes lying there in a chaotic mess, what impression will it give you? While it’s not possible for everyone to have a shoe cabinet, keeping your shoes organized is still important. You can use other creative ways to organize your shoes instead of simply dumping them wherever you have space. Try shoe organizers to keep your shoes sorted as well as properly organized. You can also use old storage bags or big cardboard boxes for the same. However, having a shoe organiser with separate spaces for keeping each shoe is a more elegant and systematic solution. 


We all tidy up out homes regularly and yet we find ourselves with cluttered drawers and disorganized homes more often than not. What we need is some organization in the way we organize our homes. Bring a little change in the way you store stuff or set your cupboards and you can keep them organized for a longer time! 

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