21 Quick & Easy DIY Hairstyles Tutorials For Medium & Long Hair

Quick Easy DIY Hairstyles Tutorials

Dear Fashionistas, it’s time to give up on the ever-taking impossible hairdos and go for some quickies. Yes, leave the time-consuming braids and buns behind you and opt for easy DIY Hairstyles. These 21 Quick and Easy DIY Hairstyles Tutorials for Medium and Long Hair help you stay elegant when you don’t have time to stand in front of a mirror. Just pick from the following hairstyles and prepare yourself to be amazed. Just be creative and brief when making your hairstyle and you will be the center of everyone’s attention.

Get your perfect look with the following DIY hairstyles that will just take 10 minutes. All of these DIY hairstyles are usable for medium to long hair. What makes your day extra awesome, it’s when you are having a good hair day. Don’t worry, you are not alone, we all have a bad hair day every once in a while. So, instead of crying over spilled milk, it’s better to stand up and fix it. Fix it with the following Hairdos.

{ 1 } DIY Waterfall Braided Bun By Bun Hair Romance (Via)

Step by step instructions to recreate this waterfall braided bun. Tutorial and image by Hair Romance shared on Oh The Lovely Things. See the way this hairstyle is done, a salute to the one who created it; a lovely hairstyle that is easy to do with a certain amount of practice. Give yourself a romantic look and you’re beloved a chance to Romance with this waterfall braided bun by bun hairstyle.
DIY Waterfall Braided Bun By Bun Hair Romance

{ 2 } Hair DIY – Drape French Braid (Via)

Learn how to do a simple and beautiful Draped French Braid! Braids give an organized look to the hair. When done in a proper manner, this drape French braid won’t take much of your time. This tutorial will show you how to do it yourself. In case, you feel it little complicated then takes assistance from your hairdresser.
Hair DIY Drape French Braid

{ 3 } Hair DIY – Chinese Staircase Braid (Via)

Learn this beautiful Chinese staircase braid with these simple step-by-step instructions! Do you love Chinese food? I am sure then you will definitely love this hairstyle called Chinese Staircase Braid. This will give you a college girl look. Who doesn’t want to feel younger? Check out this DIY tutorial to get hold of the style. You can also do a full fishtail braid hairstyles quite easily.
Hair DIY Chinese Staircase Braid

{ 4 } How To – Trim Split Ends At Home (Via)

Save some cash and trim your split ends at home! Quick DIY tutorial. Split ends can spoil the beauty of your hair and what will you do to restore it? You will find many more hairstyle ideas to make your hair smooth and silky but how can you get rid of those split ends? Get tutorials that teach you how to trim split ends at home and you can quickly solve the problem.
How to trim split ends at home

{ 5 } 3 Ways Of Styling A Bow (Via)

Some ways of styling your bow in different ways!
Styling a bow in your hair will give it a unique look. There are different ways in which you can tie a bow. This image shows you three different bow styling ways. Learn and practice them to get that wonderful look. Try something different today.
3 ways of styling a bow

{ 6 } DIY Upside Down French Braid Pony (Via)

How to do this great ponytail/bun updo, perfect for example for the gym.
Are you confused about what new you can do with your medium length hair? Then this upside down French braid pony is a wonderful hairstyle for you. Do it at your home and see how marvelous it looks on you.
DIY Upside Down French braid Pony

{ 7 } Holiday Hair – Foam Curls (Via)

Use this holiday hair tutorial to learn how to create the perfect loose curls with foam rollers! Do you love curls? This holiday hair foam curls will be the best hairstyle for you. Check out its tutorial and see how can do it yourself. Try different hairstyles every day and give yourself a different look.
Holiday Hair Foam Curls

{ 8 } Twisted Braid DIY Hairstyles (Via)

Twisted Braid Hair DIY… so simple and beautiful. Planning to spend your weekend in a different manner? Try out doing different hairstyles such as Twisted Braid hair that makes your long hair adorable and attractive. This hairstyle suits all outfits. Check them one by one and see which one makes a perfect combo.
Twisted Braid Hair DIY

{ 9 } Boho Chic Pony (Via)

Sometimes we just have to throw our hair up in a ponytail. Why not make it cute? This tutorial shows you how to create a boho-chic ponytail! A completely different hairstyle but looks good when done in a proper manner. Get the tutorial to learn it and try it to give yourself an amazing look. Looks best when worn with jeans and tees.
Boho Chic Pony

{ 10 } Braided Top Knot With Plaits (Via)

Super easy braided top knot tutorial, with braided plaits to jazz it up! Whether its summer or you are willing to tie your hair in such a way that they must not bother you, this braided top knot with plaits is a unique hairstyle that you can do once mastered.
Braided Top Knot with Plaits

To be honest, the internet is full of gorgeous hairstyle tutorials but they are not as feasible as the following ones. If you want to achieve the perfect look, then you need to have an eye for the following hairs styles. They can replenish you in just 10 minutes.

If your style skills are not, let’s say exemplary, and you don’t have time to try on the sophisticated styles then save yourself from the frustration and try on these hairstyles instead. We searched the internet over and over again to bring the casual and fancy styles which will cover you from playdate to work days with ease. So put your cool on with the following DIY Hairstyles while you carry on with your style sense.

{ 11 } Double Twisted Ponytail Tutorial (Via)

Here’s a cute variation for your everyday ponytail! This double twisted ponytail is a gorgeous hair style. Watch this tutorial to learn and do it yourself. Check how you can tie your short hair in a different manner.
Double twisted Ponytail Tutorial

{ 12 } Half Up Criss-Cross Hair Tutorial (Via)

This is an easy half-up style that is simple but so cute! Complete with a video tutorial, you’ll be wearing this look in no time!
Another beautiful hairstyle to do in medium length hair is half up criss-cross and this will give you a really charming look. It looks really cute. Whether you are casuals, formals or informal; this will suit you. Try it out and see how it goes.
Half Up Criss Cross Hair Tutorial

{ 13 } Quick Ways To Style Long & Short Hair (Via)

How many times do you wake up in the morning and want to do something different with your hair? short series of 10 different hairstyles. If your hair is short and you want them to tie in a different style every day then these quick ways to style long short hair will show you how to do so. Watch this tutorial to learn them.
Quick Ways to Style Long & Short Hair

{ 14 } Braided Ballerina Bun Side (Via)

This is a super easy top knot with a braid. Anyone can do it and it works on all types of hair. Perfect for a night out or just around town! When you wear that ballerina, remember to do this unique hairstyle. This tutorial will teach you how to do braided ballerina bun side so that you can do it when going to a function or a party.
Braided ballerina bun side

{ 15 } Romantic Hairstyle DIY (Via)

You only need 2 minutes to get this romantic hairdo done! Which girl doesn’t want to look gorgeous on a date? Along with outfits, hairstyles too play an important role in giving you that romantic look. This Romantic Hairstyle DIY tutorial will fulfill these dreams for you. Do it once and then it will be easy.
Romantic hairstyle DIY

{ 16 } Tutorial – Pin & Curl Updo (Via)

A simple updo that looks slightly messy and effortless. Check out this tutorial to learn a completely new hair style – Pin and Curl Updo. This is best during summer when in scorching heat, it’s difficult to manage long hair and this hairstyle will make it easy for you. Learn now.
Tutorial Pin and Curl Updo

{ 17 } Gibson Tuck DIY (Via)

A simple DIY hairstyle that is beautiful and can be worn for any occasion. Do you love short hair? This quick and easy DIY hairstyle Gibson Tuck will help you to make your long/medium hair. Short. Amazing right? But its true. Get it done from well-known hairdresser or do it yourself.
Gibson Tuck DIY

{ 18 } DIY Double Braid Boho Side Bun (Via)

DIY easy braided boho style. Plus it’s a great way to capture bangs and layers in a chic up-do. This double braid boho side bun looks good when done with different outfits such as tulle skirts. Hairstyles can also enhance the beauty of the clothing. Both are interrelated. Do this and experience that charming look.
DIY Double Braid Boho Side Bun

{ 19 } Perfect Heatless Curls With A French Twist (Via)

How to curl your hair AND keep it healthy with this heatless French twist technique! Check out the super simple tutorial + video! Different hairstyles give different look. These perfect heatless curls with a French twist serves to be the best hairstyle when you want to go for a party or any function. Try it out and see how good looking you will be.
Perfect Heatless Curls With A French Twist

{ 20 } How To Use Hot Rollers (Via)

Looking for an easy way to wear your hair without a lot of hassle? Hot rollers are the answer! Let them set, do your make-up & you’re done! Styling the hair with different styles can give you completely different look. You look so beautiful and charming that you have ever thought of. This tutorial will show you how to use hot rollers. Check how these rollers make your hair beautiful.
How to use Hot Rollers

{ 21 } 10 Fun Ponytail Tutorials (Via)

10 fantastic ponytail tutorials! Pull back your hair with style. Love to do ponytails? These 10 fun ponytail tutorials will teach some unique ways. Learn and start doing; check how you look in Ponytail. Life’s every experience is different. So, enjoy every fashion experience.
10 Fun Ponytail Tutorials

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