18 Sweet Things Girls Do That Guys Really Love

18 Sweet Things Girls Do That Guys Really Love

From stealing your man’s sweatshirt to being bashful, here are some cute things girls do that guy’s love!

1. Playing With Hair

Playing With Hair

One of the cutest things girls can do to their man is playing with their hair. Twirling a little lock around your finger while thinking about something is pretty adorable.

If you do this while making eye contact with a man well, that adds a bit of tension to the air. Flipping your hair and messing it up are turn-ons too. There’s something about that messy-hair look that a girl’s male counterpart just loves… and he’ll probably want to mess your hair up even more later on!

2. Shimmy


It’s no surprise that a little shake and shimmy is something guys love. But, it’s even cuter when a girl isn’t doing it intentionally.

Let’s say – you and your boyfriend just got back from a night out, and you’re dying to get that tight, uncomfortable dress off. Well, when you’re shimmying yourself out of it, you’d better believe that he’s watching you. Of course, he loves when you’re taking the clothes off, that’s a no-brainer. Plus, looking at you wiggle your sensual parts out of them is more of a turn on. But, even being a little awkward while you strip down is adorable to most men. Don’t be afraid to ask for a hand either!

3. Can’t Reach

cant reach

Another thing women do that guys love is standing on their tiptoes. This might sound strange at first but think about it. If a man’s girlfriend is having a hard time reaching something on the top shelf, it’s pretty cute seeing her stand up on her little toes struggling to get it. Not only is it kind of funny to the guy, but the view isn’t so bad either. When you’re in that position, your calves are flexed, your legs look great, and your rear-end is pretty visually appealing as well. So, it’s no wonder that men fall head over heels for this stance!

4. Dressed Up

Dressed Up

Another thing men find really cute is when women get all dolled up for date night. Of course, he loves you without all the added stuff, but, he still thinks it’s super attractive when you put forth the extra effort on special occasions. Opposed to what many ladies out there think, men truly appreciate the time and work you put into that perfect dress, makeup, and shoe combo. Plus, they think you look stunning in a nice outfit. Dressing up for a guy also makes him feel special, and he’ll know that you did it all for him.

5. Wearing His Clothes

Wearing His Clothes

This one is a win-win for both parties involved. One of the most adorable things girls do in the eyes of a guy is to wear his clothes.

When you’re just lounging around the house and put on one of his t-shirts, he’ll be sure to look you up and down in no time.

Since his clothes are probably far too big for you, they make you look small, and something about wearing only that baggy shirt and some cute underwear really gets a guy going. This is also nice for the girl because she gets to be comfortable while looking cute for her man.

6. Honest Laugh

Honest Laugh

Humor is one of the best things in any relationship, and nobody likes someone who forces laughter. But, when a girl lets out an honest, full-hearted laugh, men love it!

One reason for this is that it makes your face light up. When you’re sincerely expressing yourself, your eyes smile as well, which can cause a guy to fall in love even more.

Another reason he loves to see you laugh is that he’ll know that you enjoy his humor. When you truly find one of his jokes funny, he’ll feel more confident, and you’ll be that much more charming to him.

7. No Makeup

No Makeup

Although men love it when their ladies dress up for date nights, they also like it when they’re in their everyday loungewear.

A guy loves his girlfriend’s makeup-free look as well. In fact, sometimes he probably even finds it more attractive than when his girl is all dolled up.

When you’re in an oversized sweater or t-shirt and shorts, have your hair up in a messy bun, and just relaxing around the house, men find this really cute. It shows that you’re comfortable around them, lets them know that they can chill out around you, and it proves that you don’t have to jazz yourself up all the time to feel confident.

8. By Name

By Name

You probably don’t want to call a guy by his full name because that might make you sound like his mother, and he could think he’s in trouble. However, referring to him by his first name is something that most men find cute, especially in the bedroom. If you say his name while you guys are getting intimate, it’s definitely going to make his jaw drop. But, using his name instead of “babe” or other nicknames is an excellent way to help him feel happy on a regular basis.

9. Cuddling Up

Cuddling Up

Something else girls do that guys find charming is when they cuddle up on a cold night. Although it might scare your boyfriend a little bit when you put your cold feet on him, he likes it when you curl up close to his chest and use him as your personal heater. He’ll get to hold you tight and make you nice and warm at the same time.

Laying with him like this also makes him feel special and like your protector, which is great for his self-esteem and will make you both feel closer mentally and physically.

10. Stretching


This is something else that guys find attractive. It includes all kinds of stretching.

One example is when a girl just gets up in the morning and lengthens out her arms above her head, letting out a big yawn. Men find this adorable because you look a little dazed and confused after waking up, your hair is a bit messy, and your pajamas are probably slightly askew.

Guys also think it’s attractive when you’re doing things like yoga… it’s no surprise that those tight pants and uplifting sports bras are enough to get a guy going.

Another type that men like is when ladies lean forward to readjust how they’re sitting or trying to focus on something.

11. Blushing


Guys also find it cute when girls get embarrassed. Not really embarrassed, but just over small things. Like if a man points out that your shirt is inside out and you blush, then he’ll think it’s pretty cute. Why? Well, he’ll know right off the bat that you care about what he thinks, and that will make him feel special. It also lets him know that you want to look good for him. Plus, it’s just a fact that rosy-red cheeks are cute, and being bashful about certain things leaves some mystery, which is attractive for both guys and girls.

12. Eyes


In general, people are almost always attracted to somebody’s eyes. Your eyes are one of the things that guys find really cute. This is especially true when you’re making eye contact with them.

Looking at a man can convey several different ideas depending on the manner you’re doing it in. If you’re staring right into his eyes when the two of you are being intimate, then you’ll probably drive him crazy, in a good way.

Men also love it when a woman is looking at them from across the room. Let’s say you’re in a place full of people and you’re still only looking at your man; this will make him feel special because you only have eyes for him.

It also makes men happy when you look them up and down because it shows that you’re attracted to them. A lot of the time, guys don’t feel like they’re being checked out by women, probably because we tend to hide it. But, they definitely don’t mind.

13. Excitement


Being really excited is something that both women and men find cute. Let’s say that your boyfriend surprises you with tickets to a concert, and you become enthusiastic really quickly. He’s going to think it’s adorable because he knows you’re happy about the gift and that he did a wonderful job picking it out.

Guys also think it’s cute when you’re excited because your face lights up, just like when you’re genuinely laughing. Your eyes get wide, you smile, and you look like a kid in a candy shop.

He’ll also find it attractive when your excitement is caused by your passion for something. This can include hobbies, events, and pretty much anything else in life.

When your face is openly expressing your enthusiasm about something, your man loves it.

14. Hiding Notes

Hiding Notes

There’s not much else more attractive to a guy than knowing you care about him. Making small gestures to let him know he means a lot to you is one of the cutest things you can do, one of which is hiding love notes for him to find at random times. Depending on what you write in said-notes, he could find it cute and maybe even a bit seductive. But, no matter what, this is sure to make him feel important. Plus, hiding notes is charming because it’s very playful. When he gets home from a long day at work and stumbles upon one of your little letters, it’s almost like a game, and you can even hide more than one.

15. Bite Your Lip

Bite Your Lip

Another small thing that guys find irresistible is when girls bite their lips. There are several different times a woman might do this, but a man will almost always think it’s cute.

One example is if you’re concentrating really hard on something. When we’re focused, we usually make slight mannerisms that we hardly even notice ourselves, like furrowing our eyebrows, squinting, twirling our hair, or biting our bottom lip. Although you probably wouldn’t recognize that you’re doing this, a man most certainly would because he thinks it’s charming.

Another time ladies bite their lip is on purpose when they’re trying to draw a guy in. Men find it quite seductive when a woman lightly bites her lip and looks him in the eyes.

Other instances where girls do this is when they’re shy; bashfulness, a little red in the cheeks, and a lip bite are more than enough to get a guy’s blood flowing.

16. Glasses


Many girls might think men don’t like this… but, quite blatantly, they’re wrong. Guys love when women put on those spectacles and look a little “nerdy” now and then. Just think of “Velma Dinkley” from Scooby-Doo; her big glasses, librarian-Esque haircut, oversized sweater, and short skirt got every man’s attention, more in the movie version than the show. But, either way, there’s no denying that this semi-geeky style is something a lot of guys like and even fantasize about. So, don’t feel the need to pop in your contacts all the time. Plus, pairing the glasses with your man’s shirt is a great way to get his attention.

17. Potty Mouth

Potty Mouth

Guys definitely love the nerdy look, but they’re also fans of girls that can be a little bad now and then. This time we’re talking about swearing.

A man doesn’t always want his girl to be a perfect “Sandra Dee,” as Rizzo made pretty apparent in Grease. However, there are limits to how much a lady should cuss. Throwing out a curse-word once in a while to spice up a conversation is great, especially if it just comes naturally. It shows that you can be carefree. It lets a man know that you aren’t uptight and aren’t afraid to let loose sometimes. Plus, if you’re smart to boot, then the combination of being intelligent and occasionally swearing is a big turn on for men. However, people that aren’t very educated mixed with cursing can tend to make them sound a bit ignorant. Nevertheless, a witty, bad-girl is enough to make any guy fall head over heels.

18. Being Yourself

Being Yourself

Perhaps the most significant thing girls do that guys love is simply being themselves. This one might sound cliche, but it’s the truth. People can usually tell when someone is being fake. When you force a smile, laugh, try too hard during a conversation, or aren’t genuinely enjoying yourself, it’s pretty obvious.

Guys don’t want to think they’re boring you or that you’re not excited to be around them. So, if you are honestly enjoying his company, just be yourself.

Don’t put on a show; instead, let your personality come naturally. Just like a man likes a full-hearted laugh and real excitement, he also loves someone who isn’t afraid to be themselves.

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