Top 5 Benefits of Multicooker

benefits of a multicooker

Whatever delicious dish you want to cook in the kitchen, such as wonderfully fluffy steamed rice, melt-in-your-mouth lamb shanks, slow-cooked stews or even this Gammon recipe ,  a multi-cooker is sure to come in helpful. The steamer, pressure cooker, slow cooker, yoghurt maker, rice cooker, and other kitchen appliances may all be replaced by one all-purpose solution. It might free up space in the cupboard and save you time.

What Exactly Is a Multi-Cooker?

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Something-in-one is a multi-cooker. I mention this because there is much other food preparation equipment that one gadget can replace.

The following appliances may be replaced by and have their duties performed by these electric cooking pots. Rice cookers, steamers, fryers, electric pots, traditional ovens, stovetops, yoghurt makers, and bread makers are all examples of cooking appliances.

The cooker is pre-programmed with several features and settings. Choosing a recipe, purchasing the ingredients, prepping the items, placing them in the cooker as directed by the recipe, and selecting the appropriate programme are all it takes to operate one of these cookers.

Advantages Of Multi Cookers

  • 3-in-1.

We can quickly empty one of our kitchen equipment cabinets. This Christmas season, the pressure cooker, the crock pot, and the rice cooker were all included in the donation pile. With the touch of a button, the multi-cooker can produce everything from plain brown rice to perfectly cooked black beans to creamy risottos. That’s how easy it is.

  • Single-Button Cooking

The multi cooker provides 1-button cooking that is straightforward, quick to use, and can make everything from soups to yoghurt to risotto. You can’t go wrong with it. It is ideal for folks who are new to cooking or who are anxious about making a meal. Even better, you may prepare and sauté your meal in the multi cooker first, then leave the rest in the pot. Additionally, you’ve added a second cooking surface for when a large family gathering requires much food!

  • Fast & Healthy Cooking

We delight in cooking supper at home most evenings here at Focused on Fit, which is our passion. Even simply preparing our meals may become difficult with our hectic schedules. And if you get home after 5 o’clock without a plan, we often rush to cook dinner—which sometimes consists of scrambled eggs! The multi-cooker streamlines and expedites the cooking process. Last night, we cooked and served risotto in under 15 minutes. Sincerely, I spent more time making our salad. The multicooker is fantastic when it comes to healthy alternatives. There are no excuses for not eating well—brown rice, and steel-cut oats can be made in minutes. You may enjoy properly cooked veggies every night if you buy the steamer basket as an accessory.

  • Fewer Servings

This one is surprising. One of my major worries with the 8-quart Fagor Multi-Cooker my husband purchased for us was its size. Could we use this huge saucepan for cooking only a cup of brown rice? And yes, was the response. As a result, we use this gadget often in the kitchen, earning it a place on the counter. Except for the days I prepared chilli, my 10-year-old crock pot, which I constantly claim I’ll use to make meals simpler, was permanently residing in a cupboard. Why? I could only prepare enormous servings of food in it since it was too large. It was simply not a regular kitchen gadget for me.

  • Simple To Clean

Who has never bought a crock pot liner? Said such items are dirty and difficult to clean. Is the difficulty due to the ceramic pot? The unknown. The multi-cooker pot lifts out effortlessly, is considerably lighter than the crock pot, and can be cleaned in minutes with soapy water. The ability to clean is sometimes the deciding factor when selecting a kitchen item.

benefits of a multicooker


You can prepare thousands of different dishes with a multi-cooker. This device will be able to prepare everything that can be prepared for you. Since they use less fat or oil while cooking, you already win by eating fewer calories.

The steaming racks for the multi-cookers stack within the cooking pot. You may use this function to make the main course and any side dishes, like vegetables, that you might desire with the dinner. Once you master utilising your device, you will soon reap the rewards of wholesome meals made with fresh ingredients.

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